Pink, black and white scarf and a Marck&Co bagToday a simple outfit for a woman still wearing flat shoes/boots (me). The pink, black and white scarf is new to you. The bag you have seen before here. In reality the pink colour of the bag is much more like the pink in the scarf. I was having lunch that day with Misja, a female photographer who you have seen on my blog before. Misja asked me to take pictures of her while at work for her blog, and … could she take some pictures of me? Hah could she? Of course!! Free photos by a pro… what a fluke. And at the same time doing blogging work with a friend. Always so nice.

Let me first re-acquaint you with Misja. (This photo is taken by her fellow Street Style photographer Gaston Wals. Credits where credits are due.) Below: this is her.Misja Beijers photographyShe is a striking woman who has a blog called MisjaB. Her blog is about Street Style, women ánd men over 40. Such fun to see how many stylish people there are in The Netherlands. Never knew that.

Anyway…. we had lunch at Stempels in Haarlem, a beautiful old building (built in 1703), now a small hotel with several lunch and dinner areas (open to everybody), a bar and a large terrace outside.

Below: one of the lunch rooms with a view on the big church. Stempels lunchroomBelow: the entrance. Stempels entrance You will see more pictures of Stempels and the church in a minute. But first let’s go back to what we were there for: taking pictures!!!

Below: Misja at work. Misja Beijers photographyBelow: coming down the steps.Pink, black and white scarf and a Marck&Co bagBelow: having fun with Misja. “Here… why not take a picture of my “tooshie?”tooshie in jeansBelow: this is my favourite. With the church of Haarlem in the background (bokeh).Pink, black and white scarf and a Marck&Co bagBelow: details, it is all in the details… You can now even see my new wedding ring, with little black pearls. I got that from Ron last year on our 20th anniversary (I had said the original was a bit small haha). Pink, black and white scarf and a Marck&Co bagBelow: the boots. I call them my Hairy Harries.Hairy Harry'sBelow: this is really me. Misja captured me beautifully. You can see how much I have laughed in my life. Life is a ball for me.Pink, black and white scarfBelow: Misja uploaded the pictures to her iPad to get a better look at the quality.Misja Beijers photographyBelow: yep… good picture.Misja at work (1)-32Below:  we walked a 100 meters to the canal called Spaarne. Wearing my blue peacock coat (brand Gant).Navy blue peacock coatThe rest of the pictures are perhaps only of interest to people who want to see more of Haarlem.

Below: the little shops attached to the big church in the centre, St. Bavo church.under the church St Bavo in Haarlem-4Below: a lady who likes to take risks: wearing very high heels in Haarlem.. not easy.Main church of Haarlem St Bavo (4)-6Below: part of the church and one of the squares surrounding it. In summer this is a very good place with all the trees being green.Centre of Haarlem near the St Bavo church (1)-8Below: further down is a building called the Vleeshallen (Meat Hall). Vleeshal (meat hall) in Haarlem (2)-3Below: Stempels, the main restaurant (a small part of it).Stempels restaurantBelow: I was rather proud of myself taking that picture of the stairs in the mirror. Bottom right is the bar of Stempels. Top right you see Greet, a very nice women who works there and who is the best hostess anyone can desire for his business.Stempels bar and GreetBelow: the terrace outside Stempels.Terrace of Stempels (3)-7As you can see, I live in a very old, well preserved little town. Hope you liked it.


No Fear of Fashion

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