Diane von Fürstenberg jacket blue pink and redLast week Ron wanted to shoot two outfits in one afternoon “so he wouldn’t have to go the following week”. Because, contrary to what you probably think, Ron doesn’t really like taking my pictures. He only does it out of love for me. Oohhh this is getting soppy.

Anyway, that is why I had to think fast. I bearly had the time to come up with one outfit, let alone two. Lightbulb moment. The Diane von Fürstenberg jacket!

This jacket isn’t mine. It belongs to Sylvia (40+Style). As it is a fall/winter jacket, Sylvia leaves it in The Netherlands. No use to her in Singapore. And I get to borrow it. A friend with benefits haha. Actually, after I wore it for this shoot, I noticed the jacket was a bit too small across the shoulders and didn’t dare wearing it. I was too scared it might get damaged. See how Sylvia wore her jacket in this earlier post.

Below: I told you last week that the sun was out bright and shiny. This is what you get when you take photos in bright sunlight.DvF jacket overexposedBelow: much better with a cloud hiding the sun.  Diane von Fürstenberg jacketNow, the photo above shows me with my hair a bit wild by the wind. Although you know by now what I am like with my hair (ever so obsessed) I don’t mind this.

Below: but I do mind this. Good on the left, stupid on the right. My forehead it too high. Mind you, it can get a lot worse (not showing you this).Diane von Fürstenberg jacket, hair blown awayBelow: this is where our little loan car took us: the middle of nowhere. No wonder the wind was blowing.DvF jacket pink, red and purple-2Below: we went to another location Ron had scouted. One with logs stacked in piles. Diane von Fürstenberg jacket blue pink and redBelow: The sun was shining like mad at one point. See how I am trying to talk the clouds into helping us? Everybody was enjoying the sun that day and we wanted clouds haha.Diane von Fürstenberg jacket, chasing the sun awayBelow: then I looked down and saw my boots were dirty. Had to clean that immediately. DvF jacket, cleaning my bootsBelow: Ron shot these tubes and said they formed a mouth in a smile.DvF jacket pink, red and purple-5Below: have a nice weekend.Diane von Fürstenberg jacket


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