Green sweater Max MaraLast Sunday…Ron said: “How about some outfit photos while it is dry and sunny outside?”… Oh dear, I had to think hard which outfit I was going to present to you. I knew you hadn’t seen this green sweater by Max Mara yet, which is the last buy from my Turin trip to visit Daniela. Lazy as I am (or busy…. doesn’t that sound a lot better?), I had not styled this sweater yet. Just threw it on, put some black trousers on, looked at my tooshie (as Michelle of Retro Chic Mama called it.. so sweet) and thought “Oh well .. OK”. I did try this sweater with the pink/beige skirt but that didn’t work.

Despite the short time I had before we headed out the door, I managed to come up with green boots instead of high heeled pumps. At least that is something. And I decided to wear a pink shirt underneath it. The sweater with the shirt looks a bit preppy to me (not my style). And without the shirt it looks a bit bare. I feel naked at the neck and exposed at the bum.

Below: a photo without the shirt.Green sweater Max MaraBelow: let’s makes the comparison a little easier.Green sweater Max Mara with and without a shirtAnyway… it was windy but indeed the sun was out full blast. Which is no good for photos, so we went to the shady side (no pun intended) of this… rack? Don’t know what to call it.

Below: I arrived on old flat shoes as my ankle is still not really recovered. Nearly there though. Big coat on, nice big scarf… Ron found a backdrop again… not much protection.Black parka Annette GörtzBelow: oh …. it is called outside.Green sweater Max MaraBelow: trying to disappear into the pipes for some shelter.Green sweater Max MaraBelow:…. “Can I comb my hair? It is all blown apart…”. No stylist, no hairdresser and no trailer at my disposal…And yes the Fiat 500 is still with us.Green sweater Max Mara-11Below: one last shot.Green sweater Max Mara

Pol question for you to answer: with or without shirt?

Outfit details: sweater: Max Mara or one of their daughter companies; trousers: Vanilia. Boots: no idea.


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