Green sweater Max Mara

Green sweater Max MaraLast Sunday…Ron said: “How about some outfit photos while it is dry and sunny outside?”… Oh dear, I had to think hard which outfit I was going to present to you. I knew you hadn’t seen this green sweater by Max Mara yet, which is the last buy from my Turin trip to visit Daniela. Lazy as I am (or busy…. doesn’t that sound a lot better?), I had not styled this sweater yet. Just threw it on, put some black trousers on, looked at my tooshie (as Michelle of Retro Chic Mama called it.. so sweet) and thought “Oh well .. OK”. I did try this sweater with the pink/beige skirt but that didn’t work.

Despite the short time I had before we headed out the door, I managed to come up with green boots instead of high heeled pumps. At least that is something. And I decided to wear a pink shirt underneath it. The sweater with the shirt looks a bit preppy to me (not my style). And without the shirt it looks a bit bare. I feel naked at the neck and exposed at the bum.

Below: a photo without the shirt.Green sweater Max MaraBelow: let’s makes the comparison a little easier.Green sweater Max Mara with and without a shirtAnyway… it was windy but indeed the sun was out full blast. Which is no good for photos, so we went to the shady side (no pun intended) of this… rack? Don’t know what to call it.

Below: I arrived on old flat shoes as my ankle is still not really recovered. Nearly there though. Big coat on, nice big scarf… Ron found a backdrop again… not much protection.Black parka Annette GörtzBelow: oh …. it is called outside.Green sweater Max MaraBelow: trying to disappear into the pipes for some shelter.Green sweater Max MaraBelow:…. “Can I comb my hair? It is all blown apart…”. No stylist, no hairdresser and no trailer at my disposal…And yes the Fiat 500 is still with us.Green sweater Max Mara-11Below: one last shot.Green sweater Max Mara

Pol question for you to answer: with or without shirt?

Outfit details: sweater: Max Mara or one of their daughter companies; trousers: Vanilia. Boots: no idea.


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  1. Nicolette
    6 March 2016 / 17:53

    I would say with

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 18:11

      I will keep score. So far I am with you.

  2. Marianne
    6 March 2016 / 18:01

    With shirt , I agree you feel naked without something around your neck, and let’s be honest I have a neck like a turkey so it needs to be covered up. I think the photo of you with the sunglases where you are sheltering is a wow photo, very photomodel like. I think the green boots look great with this outfit. So no more cloth from Turin anymore, so time for another visit soon.

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 18:12

      No… no visits to Turin. Money is really gone now, I thought that photo where I am sheltering, would be a stupid photo. Now look what you said haha. Yeah right, photo model…

  3. Debbie A.
    6 March 2016 / 18:18

    I really like the green sweater with the shirt. The outfit looks much more “together” and classy with the shirt beneath. The collar brightens your face and the shirt adds length to your torso. The splendid green boots complete the look. I’m so envious of your style sense! Glad a friend turned me on to your blog.

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 19:27

      It always makes me laugh (or rather chuckle) when somebody accuses me of having style sense haha. I don’t see myself like that. I dabble and I am often wrong. If you look at this post for instance, you see that I do get it wrong:

      But some people are creative by nature and others get better by sweat and tears (…me). After 3 years of blogging I am getting better. Perseverance I suppose.
      Thank you for commenting. I will try and keep you entertained. And thank your friend for me.

  4. Katrien
    6 March 2016 / 19:06

    With shirt. Color of the shirt picks up the color of the flowers. And I love those green boots!

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 19:29

      So far most votes go to With Shirt. But I see one coming on voting for the Without.
      I think I feel most comfortable With. The green boots don’t get out much, but they will outlive many fashion styles.

  5. 6 March 2016 / 19:09

    I’ll volunteer to take the contrarian position: I like it better without the shirt. 🙂 If you want more coverage, what about a longer tunic with a straight hem?

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 19:30

      Ha Susan… one for the other side. I suppose you mean a longer tunic with a straight hem and no collar? I still have an Eileen Fisher one, which I have never used. I cannot style it. Should have bought that sleeveless jacket to go with it…

      • 6 March 2016 / 19:44

        Just a thought…have you tried popping a fine collared shirt under your unworn tunic? It might work? X

        • Greetje
          6 March 2016 / 19:54

          Thank Samantha, always great when somebody pitches in (I am serious, not taking the mickey out of you). It is not so much the neckline of the unworn tunic. It is sleeveless, quite long, high/low and beige… I have a white silk T-shirt to pop underneath it, which solves the sleeves, but I haven’t found much to put on top of it to lift the colour. My jeans dress sort of qualifies. Perhaps my red Max Mara dress (which I can wear as a jacket) might do the trick.
          I bought it to elongate sweaters which were too short (like this green one) to wear on trousers, but for some reason it looks strange when the hem of the sweater is straight.

          • 6 March 2016 / 20:11

            The tunic is nothing like I imagined! hahahaha (I was thinking geometric bright pattern, structured fabric). Imagination is a great thing! Your red dress sounds like a good choice….or maybe a chunky necklace? Or both!!?? I hope to see it soon. XXX

  6. 6 March 2016 / 19:39

    I think ‘with shirt’ is the best option. Maybe you can wear the sweater with a black skirt and of course the beautiful green boots. Besides I love the photo you’re freezing….!

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 19:56

      Haha, I put that photo in to make you laugh. And you are right, I can wear the sweater on a black pencil skirt. Perhaps even with those green booties and black opaque tights? Or green? I have the same colour green tights in my closet. Thanks for reminding me. I will try it this week.

  7. Jane C
    6 March 2016 / 19:40

    With – like you I prefer something round my neck and certainly covering the rear or front! Love the green boots!

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 20:31

      I was grinning when I read your comment. Thank you for that.

  8. 6 March 2016 / 19:42

    I like it with the shirt – it adds more visual interest. Love the green boots! You and Ron always find such interesting places to do your shoots – love that you guys do this together too.

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 20:32

      It is not Ron and me who find interesting places. It is Ron full stop. And I love that we are doing this together too. Especially because he doesn’t like it at all. He just does it for me and my little blog.

  9. 6 March 2016 / 19:42

    Hi Greetje,
    I love it with the shirt.
    It does not feel too “preppy” to me due to the style of your sweatshirt and those fantastic boots!
    The shirt adds an interesting layer and makes you look more perfectly proportioned.
    A winner in my book!

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 20:34

      Oh I hadn’t thought this outfit would be a winner. But out of necessity are often born new things. This apparently is such a case.

  10. 6 March 2016 / 19:55

    Even before I read the other comments, I was all for the shirt underneath. To me it adds some contrast & interest to the outfit (like you put some thought into it!!)!!
    It’s really a great sweater–is it sweatshirt material? Very fun!
    You do go to the most interesting places for your pictures!! jodie

    • Greetje
      6 March 2016 / 20:39

      The material of the sweater is sort of a neoprene. It is not as stiff that you can let it stand up straight when you put it on the floor, but it is that weird material. Heaven to wash. You just bung it in the washing machine and it comes out looking perfect.
      I like it that you say “like you put some thought into it” haha. No I didn’t really. As I am a matchy matchy girl I saw pink shirt and pink print: one and one is two.
      The interesting places are all due to my husband and his quest to make my life as agreeable as possible. A quest he took upon himself three years ago when he sort of retired (not quite). I so love this.

  11. 6 March 2016 / 22:17

    I much prefer it with the shirt.

    Ron found yet another interesting backdrop for photos. He would make a great location scout for films.

    I adore those boots. Also they look very comfy.

    As usual I am envious of your long lean legs.


    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 16:56

      Apart from the fact that Ron’s locations are usually windy haha, he is indeed pretty good in finding them. I never protest (unless my heels sink in the mud).
      Yes the boots are very comfortable. Bought them in a sales of an expensive shoe shop a couple of years ago. Nobody wanted green boots, so heavily reduced. Yay.

  12. 6 March 2016 / 22:49

    For me the with shirt option looks best, more finished, if you like. Also, I adore these green boots. This is a great casual look on you Greetje, fab. Ron has been very imaginative once again finding this location. Are you taking bookings for him yet? Haha
    Anna x
    Anna’s Island Style

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 16:59

      He is very creative in almost everything. The funny thing is that when we started dating, one of my first thoughts was: “he will always be able to earn a living, no matter what happens”. Silly isn’t it? It just popped up in my brain. And I was right. I will keep alllll of his creativity to myself!

  13. 7 March 2016 / 00:22

    I vote FOR the shirt. Looks better that way. And these boots! Delicious.

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:00

      So far everybody (besides Susan/une femme) votes for WITH the shirt. I will listen to your recommendations.

  14. Lornami
    7 March 2016 / 01:11

    If it is Sunday evening and the end of the weekend here in Michigan, I know I can look forward to No Fear of Fashion! Maybe the sweater without the shirt but with black heels? Love both looks. Either way, I would buy that sweater in a New York Minute if I ever see it.

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:07

      Hahaha Lornami… that is how I styled it at first. No shirt and black high heels. I thought I would try something else and picked up the boots from the closet. I had no idea that this sweater would be such a success. Neither did I think this of the boots, but the comments are very positive.

  15. Riley
    7 March 2016 / 01:47

    Definitely with.

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:07

      You are with the majority.

  16. 7 March 2016 / 03:13

    Such a nice sweater and a great graphical / arty look. I also vote for the addition of the shirt! Love the ‘freezing’ photo.

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:08

      Hahaha.. yes I added the freezing photo to make you laugh. Dan found the sweater for me.

  17. 7 March 2016 / 04:27

    As I said on IG, great location! I love the freezing picture, too!

    And, like almost everyone, I also like it better with the shirt! I really like the outfit – the boots add the little something extra…

    It was fun reading everyone’s opinions and your replies!

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:12

      Sometimes it is difficult to reply. Not if nobody but the person who commented, reads it. But if people like you read them all, I have to be original and creative haha. I do my utmost.
      “With the shirt” definitely has the majority of the votes.

  18. Happiness at Mid Life
    7 March 2016 / 07:35

    Like the commentaries above, I vote with the shirt. I am always amazed with the gorgeous collection of boots that you own!


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:16

      Being amazed over boots… I have the same with other bloggers.. There are so many beautiful shoes and boots in the world. Temptation is everywhere.

  19. nancy
    7 March 2016 / 08:37

    I like the green boots!

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:17

      Those green boots (snatched from the closet at the last minute) are doing extremely well. Thanks for your comment.

  20. 7 March 2016 / 11:09

    I prefer the sweatshirt with the shirt underneath. As I bought a similar sweatshirt and wondered how to style them, I asked to the assistant at the Marella shop in the center of the city ( do you remember? We went there together! ).
    The assistant explained me that they are thought to be worn with a long sleeve silk or viscose T shirt which sticks out from the botton, or a thin shirt…

    What a pity that you can’t come to Turin! I hope that you are piling up nickels in a money box as… I would like to see you soon!! 🙂

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 17:24

      I know Dan, I know… it isn’t definite yet but it all depends on how well I can save. Or rather.. not buy anything. And you know me..
      Of course I remember the Marella shop and the shop assistant.
      I will try a couple of other shirts underneath this sweater too, to see whether I can improve the look. Glad to have given you an example haha.
      One of my readers suggested that I could wear this sweater on a black pencil skirt.. Good advice. I can easily do that.

  21. 7 March 2016 / 17:58

    Showing us those gorgeous long legs again 🙂 I think it’s super cool how Ron suggests to you to take photos. My husband doesn’t do that. He just follows my lead in that category.

    • Greetje
      7 March 2016 / 19:24

      Ron wants it over and done with hahaha. No, that is not fair. He doesn’t like taking photos but he really wants to please me, do it for me, make me happy.

  22. Mel
    8 March 2016 / 01:48

    Most definitely with!

  23. 8 March 2016 / 18:53

    A beautiful sweater and a really nice look. I love your boots.

    • Greetje
      8 March 2016 / 20:13

      I am surprised that everybody loves this outfit so much. Never expected that.

  24. 8 March 2016 / 23:49

    I don’t think you even need my vote, but I also say with the shirt. This particular cut of sweater is tricky to wear (I’ve discovered first hand) but I do like the way you styled it. I think I’m just too short to pull off this boxy sort of sweater look and I most certainly don’t have a pair of legs like you. Absolutely love the color and perfect match with your green boots.
    Let me just say, one of the best things about your blog is how REAL it is. The stories you share each week and all the prep pictures simply draw us all in, you seem to make us all feel like we’re your best friend. Well done!

    • Greetje
      9 March 2016 / 11:23

      I try to be as entertaining as I can. The outfits have my undivided attention. For sure. But they are still more of a vehicle to be able to create. I think writing, creating a post is more important to me. Too bad I am writing in English. I will never be discovered and asked to do a column (for instance). I would love that. But you need to be very good with words for that. And English is not my native language. Oh well.

  25. Trish
    9 March 2016 / 11:26

    Right down at the bottom of your comments again! I must be quicker next time to read your blog. Anyway, my vote is……… Drum roll ……….. With shirt, with this outfit. However, it is my considered opinion that…….. were you to be wearing a sun-ray skirt (one with all the little pleats)…….. it would be better without. There. You really needed to know that – didn’t you ? Oh, and Ron is a star! My husband always pulls faces when I ask him to take a photo of me! And that is usually only as far as the back garden! And the green boots are stupendous. I would have bought them like a shot. Who wouldn’t want green footwear.

    • Greetje
      9 March 2016 / 19:32

      Trish, I like your comments, whether they are at the top or the bottom. With shirt it is. And there were a lot of people who thought green boots were not that desirable as I bought them in the sale. The shop had had them in black as well, but they were sold out.

    • Greetje
      10 March 2016 / 05:51

      Thank you Nora. With a shirt it is.
      PS I am using the wrap that I bought from you as a scarf. Looks terrific.

  26. 10 March 2016 / 04:09

    I have to say definitely with the shirt Greetje, its a great look and you are one of the few people that can get away with those leggings. Those legs!!!


    • Greetje
      10 March 2016 / 05:54

      I do emphasize my legs, knowing they are my assets. Have to be careful not to make it tacky.

  27. Melissa
    10 March 2016 / 13:20

    Turtle neck in black to go with the black pants or a black pencil skirt will give nice long lines and make the green pop.
    I agree about not feeling covered especially with all the wind we get here in the winter. Heck I came from a very cold climate but the wind here makes me wear turtle necks most of the winter and I always have some sort of scarf on, even in the summer now.
    Great thing about turtle necks hides any sort of neck issues a lady maybe having:)

    • Greetje
      10 March 2016 / 19:39

      I don’t have any turtle necks… but you are so right. That would be such a good solution for a lot of clothes with “bare necks”. Great idea. Thanks. (And yes, it would hide a lot too.)

  28. Melissa
    10 March 2016 / 13:24

    oh by the way, believe it or not I picked up basic turtle necks at Zeemans (yes Zeemans) at the beginning of the season, they haven’t stretched out or faded in the least! I could not believe the quality.
    I love them so much I have been scouting all season for more whenever pass a Zeemans. I only do the dark colors, grey, black and I wanted a navy blue but they didn’t have that color.
    I wear the dark colors with same color on the bottom and that gives me a nice long thin look and pops the statement necklace I am wearing. Also by using the dark color it doesn’t look cheapy:)
    I hope they will have them next year, if they do I will buy the stores supply, hahaha.

    • Greetje
      10 March 2016 / 19:42

      Sometimes great bargains come from unexpected corners. I used the have the best silky, warm undershirts, right length, righ neck, long sleeves, not too tight and not loose.. from the market. Never been able to find them again. I will keep my eye on Zeeman.
      Zara had nice knitted jumpers this year. Very fine knit for € 12,50. A steal. Bought three colours.

  29. 10 March 2016 / 20:18

    I’d say with a shirt but a printed shirt instead of a white one. Or, in the alternative, over a midi length dress (with or without long sleeves) and pop a tie or collar around the neck 🙂

    • Greetje
      10 March 2016 / 20:35

      Oh gosh you are going way out of my comfort zone haha. That tie or collar might be a good idea though. As long as it doesnt fight for attention with the print. A printed shirt… I am not very big on mixing prints… (she said in a timid voice haha).

  30. 10 March 2016 / 21:26

    I prefer the look without the shirt because I love the boldness of the top with the graphic, and with your lean, statuesque build, it’s a powerful image. The shirt softens the edges, which is a different but equally attractive look with a different vibe. Either way, you can’t go wrong here, Greetje.

    The freezing photo is my favourite too. So professional captured, candid, beautiful. If O said, hey, you want to go out for some outfit photos today, I’d faint. Ron is the best at finding cool locations.

    • Greetje
      11 March 2016 / 06:55

      “Lean, statesque build” … wow, that is a positive description of what I would say: “a woman with broad shoulders and a tiny behind” haha. But I gladly accept it. If you want to see it that way, fine. ?
      And indeed Ron is a good location scout. His involvement really improved my blogposts.

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