Red leather jacket No Fear of Fashion 675It never rains but it pours… Well, for my bank account the meaning of this saying is true (bad things happening). As for red jackets this was a good thing. Only one week after I bought my long red jacket, I found this cute red leather jacket. I weighed things up (that was a negative), I considered the options of this shorter jacket (that had more positive sides) and I asked my colleagues for their opinion. They tried not to influence me but did admit it looked good on me. When the shop assistant added the scarf, the four of us went: “ohh, that’s nice!” and it was a done deal. I am on bread and water for two months. But looking darned good haha.

At least… I hope I am looking good. Buying such a short jacket is something I avoided for years as I do not have a perfect and round bottom. But accepting my body as it is, makes me feel free. My bum is not that bad I should hide it. Which brings me to another topic of this post: PROJECT SISTER ACT. Sheela Goh of the blog Sheela Writes wrote a post about fashion being for every age and started Project Sister Act, a co-operation with other bloggers to demonstrate that you should dress to your liking not to fashion rules dictated by… yes, by who? I don’t like being dictated, so I agreed to participate. You will see 6 bloggers from teen to 60 (me), all dressed in red. Who said you cannot wear red after 30 or 40? How ridiculous. You should only abandon a colour if YOU think you don’t like your look in the mirror in that particular colour. My mother is 87 and wears red jumpers. She looks fabulous in them.

Here we go.

Below: in her teens: Eve, The world according to EveEve of The world according to EveBelow: in her twenties, the lovely Miranda (Shop & Twirl)Miranda Shop & TwirlBelow: in her thirties: Miriam (Farm Girl). She doesn’t look like a typical farm girl, does she?farmgirlmiriamBelow: in her forties, the magnificent Sheela Goh (Sheela Writes). A woman who doesn’t let anybody dictate her anything. A fighter, a surviver. A woman.Sheela Writes in redBelow: in her fifties: Tania (50 is not old). As you can guess I totally agree… 50 is not old. Tania demonstrates this perfectly.50 is not old - Fashion is agelessBelow: and me, 61:Red leather jacket at the gaspump-3If you are wondering about the cute car (Fiat 500), it is a car on loan to Ron. His BMW 1 got broken into. For the second time in a month. Below: This is what his dashboard looks like after the criminals remove the airbags, radio and navigation system:Red leather jacket at the gaspump-1My dear husband is not very pleased with this. The cute Fiat softens the pain a little bit. Below: filling her up.Red leather jacket at the gaspump-2Below: Do I have wrinkles? Sure. Am I over 60? No doubt. Does red suit me? Oh yes. I say red is a lovely colour.Red leather jacket with scarfI hope you take a look at the blogs of my fellow red wearing bloggers.


No Fear of Fashion

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