red jacketI have a red jacket!! I have a red jacket!! YAY…

Red is totally my colour, it suits me so well. But if it is not in fashion, it is hard to come by. And vintage shops are nowhere near as good in The Netherlands as they are in the USA or Canada. Three weeks ago, to my total surprise, I saw this red jacket in the window of a shop. Of course at that moment I was totally skinned (financially). Nevertheless I bought it straight away. I know ….. totally irresponsible behaviour. I am like that with clothes (and shoes). But now that I finally found my jacket, right colour red, right length, right fit, right size, right price, there was nothing to stop me from acquiring this trophee.

Ron photographed me with the jacket at the same carwash where we shot the orange coat. We were there to make the most of it.

Below: I saw a couple of shots on the camera and was surprised to see how classic this jacket was. A bit too classic to my taste. ย Therefore I decided to roll up my sleeves and show the sleeves from the striped top underneath it. Oh didn’t I tell you? They had a striped sweater of the same brand in that shop, nicely covering my bum, not too wide, not too tight….couldn’t resist it. I am a sucker for matchy matchy. And I don’t care whether that is out of fashion. red jacketBelow: Official Portrait… jacketBelow: jacket closed (yes, it can close without pulling, the “girls” have enough space; another yay). We took this photo because I learned from Denton Taylor (who’s photos are on Sylvia’s site 40+Style a lot) that it is good to have a dark tunnel behind you, when the light is bright. And because there was a red and white striped bar there.Red jacket at the carwashBelow: of course I couldn’t resist going up to this gentleman, who had a lovely car. I asked him whether I could play pitbabe on his hood haha…red jacketBelow: he had no objections at all, but I didn’t dare to crawl on his hood. Too afraid I might dent it. I sort of leaned.ย red jacketDetails of the outfit: red jacket and striped shirt: TWIN-SET, legging: Barbara van der Zanden, pumps, suede with a patent leather platform and heel: Peter Kaiser.

That’s it for today.


No Fear of Fashion

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