Orange coat by Claudia SträterThis orange coat is hanging in my closet since February 2014. I only wore it once. There was something wrong with it and I couldn’t put my finger on it. No, not the colour…. I know this is not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love bright (neon) colours, especially when they have a shade of red in them.

I found the coat in the sale at Claudia Sträter which is a Dutch store, renowned for their good coats. It was half price, had the right length (just hitting the knee) and the right shape.  So what was wrong with it? I will tell you. 

Below: here is a photo Ron took of me in February 2014. (I was still a brunette….) I thought the coat was too wide at the hips. But when I took it to my seamstress she said: “No, the problem are not the hips. The sleeves are too wide and too long, which makes the coat look off.” And she was right. Orange coat before altering feb 2014 (2)-1She took the sleeves in and up and now I am wearing it with pleasure, brightening up the streets in winter.

Below: I just happened to have an orange with black printed scarf which I thought was much better with the coat than just the solid black one. And even though I am blond now, I still think this colour is good for me. Orange coat by Claudia SträterBelow: husband Ron took these pictures at the carwash ha ha.. we could hide from the rain and there was enough light to take pictures.Orange coat (25)-5Below: here I am trying to “fluff up” my hair so it doesn’t sit flat.Orange coat by Claudia SträterBelow: the result wasn’t what I wanted. In the top picture below it looks a bit like a wig and this photo was the best of the series. The bottom picture shows how I wanted my hair. I bet you don’t even see the difference and think I should drop this subject. But hey, a girl is entitled to a few hang-ups, right?Orange coat and hairBelow: art picture by Ron. It was a grey and cold day.Orange coat (14)-1Below: one last picture of me outside, being blown away. (I am not mentioning the hair…) I changed my pumps for flat boots again as I still cannot walk on heels with my sprained ankle. The heels were just for the photos.Orange coat by Claudia SträterI hope this last picture made you laugh as the rest of this post is disappointingly boring. You will have to do with it. It cannot be party, party all the time.


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