250 blog posts celebration No Fear of Fashion-2Yesterday I showed you this jeans dress and two different ways of styling it. I published it a day earlier than usual to give you a chance to follow the webinar on accessorizing by Sylvia (40+Style). That post of yesterday was my 250th post on No Fear of Fashion. Something I would not notice but my attentive husband did. Already in November. Secretly he planned his surprise for me.

Today he gave me 250 tulips and a photo album with loads of my outfit pictures in it. Party hat and garlands and the celebration of achieving 250 blog posts was on.250 blog posts celebration No Fear of Fashion-1Here are some shots of the album. Ron, who can never keep a secret from me, downloaded all those pictures from my blog to upload them again in a photo album. Gosh do I love this man.250 blog posts celebration No Fear of Fashion-3

250 blog posts celebration No Fear of Fashion-4

250 blog posts celebration No Fear of Fashion-1-2Thank you dear readers for being so loyal. Someone who creates, wants an audience. It is as simple as that. And although the creation of my little blog is not exactly sculpting an artwork for eternity, it is what I love to do. Many times I have thought of stopping. Many times in the future I will think the same. Then one of you comments or sends a mail with such kind words that I am on cloud pink. Floating.

Thank you.


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