Jeans dress SportmaxThis jeans dress is by Sportmax and I bought it at full price (ouch). I fell in love with it even though jeans blue near my face is on the negative side of my “colour card”. So far it promises to be worth every penny. I will show you in this post two ways how I styled it, but there are more possibilities (for another post). The difference in style is achieved purely by changing the accessories: shoes, belt, bag and necklace.

What I have done is not very spectacular. There is a lot more to learn about the effect of accessories as Sylvia shows on her site 40+Style. She gives such good examples. You know the saying: one picture tells you more than a thousand words.

Now over to my own accessorizing.

Husband Ron took me to restaurant Veerkwartier, situated by “lake” Veerplas in Haarlem. It is one of these restaurants which looks like a shed or a greenhouse and is put there in no time. A formula which is doing very well in The Netherlands. I know several of these restaurants. Usually by the water. See how Veerkwartier built theirs. In summer it must be a terrific place.

Below: view from the restaurant (through the window… it is winter fooks).View from Restaurant Veerkwartier HaarlemIt is also a nice place in winter. Very cosy with a wood burner and a perfect cappuccino. We left before lunch, so cannot say anything about that, but the reviews are very good.

Below: another view from the restaurant and my back (see the mill in the background? There aren’t many left but we kept a few for the tourists haha).Jeans dress Sportmax-4Below: OK, this is a proper view of my jeans dress, dressed down with a tough belt and tough golden boots. (Seen before here and here.) The blue legging was my purchase at Young Designers United (see at the end of this post). I also bought the belt at Young Designers United, but a couple of years back.jeans dress with tough belt and golden bootsBelow: collage of some fun photos Ron took of the details at the restaurant.Scenes of restaurant Veerkwartier HaarlemBelow: I really liked this shot he took of the “ceiling”. There are little paper garlands everywhere.Ceiling Restaurant Veerkwartier HaarlemBelow: me looking at another garland.jeans dress, Sportmax, tough belt and golden bootsBelow: then I changed the belt for the one which came with the dress. Changed the boots for high heels and added a gold necklace. Dressing up. Ron ordered me to sit like this. Silly man. jeans dress Sportmax with gold necklace and blue suede high heelsBelow: full view, silly face.jeans dress, Sportmax, gold necklace and high heelsBelow: details of the necklace, and I also added a yellow bag which is a really nice colour with blue. As it is a monochrome outfit, it can do with a pop of colour. (I think I should have tied the belt a bit tighter).Jeans dress with gold necklace and yellow Coach bag

Now… if you want to learn more about accessorizing and dressing to your style, how about signing up to Sylvia’s course at 40+ Style?

Below: here are a few examples she already gave. She doesn’t only talk about accessories but also about the importance of proportions… NOT GOOD at the left to VERY GOOD at the right.Sylvia about proportionsBelow: Sylvia doesn’t only show herself in the video’s and the course. A lot of friends/bloggers join in. Here are 4 good examples to give you an idea.Sylvia examples how to accessorize2I will follow the course Accessorizing for sure. And yes, Sylvia is a friend of mine. But no, I would never, ever promote anything on my blog if I didn’t think it was good quality. My obligation to you readers together with my honest nature, wouldn’t allow me to feed you rubbish. And no, I do not get paid for this promotion.



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