red pencil skirtRon and I went to the Jopenkerk in Haarlem which is a grand café / restaurant located in, what used to be, a church.  At this place they also brew a beer called Jopen, thus restoring the age-old Haarlem brewing tradition. It makes  a lovely background for pictures. Our goal for the morning was to learn how to take pictures indoors where it is dark. Seizing the opportunity to shoot outfit photos of my red pencil skirt for today’s post.

It was my intention to show you a new jeansblue/black dress but Ron rightly pointed out it was difficult enough to get good pictures indoors. Why complicate things by putting on something dark? He was right of course, so I switched to this bright ensemble.

Below: Our “teacher” Maarten of Ringfoto Haarlem on the left and husband Ron on the right. We started by discussing the problems Ron and I encounter photographing indoors. Maarten is a very patient man who can explain so well. As the photo below clearly demonstrates, I was focussing on the brochures…. Forgive me, we were just starting. Jopenkerk red skirt (46)_LRBelow: the photograper, husband Ron. My first try to make a decent, sharp picture.RonBelow: the outfit, against a red wall (so convenient). Red pencil skirt (brand Vince Camuto) thrifted during my trip to the bloggers meet-up in Vancouver. Funny story: I thought it was a long pencil skirt with strange bulges at the sides, near my knees. When I came home it suddenly dawned on me…. it was a strapless dress whahaha. My seamstress made it into a normal pencil skirt.

Sweater from a sale in Haarlem to which my friend Sabine tempted me. Tassle necklace made by my friend Suzanne Carillo. I have shown this necklace before with my red cowboy boots. Boots are black suede by pencil skirt with black and white sweaterBelow: the bar of the Jopenkerk with the brewery kettles. If you want to read a bit more about the history.. click here.JopenkerkBelow: me in front of the pipes leading up to the kettles (I probably have this all wrong, but that is what it looks to me. It is definitely part of the brewery machinery.) Teacher Maarten didn’t only taught us how to get better pictures, he also improved compositions (“put your arm on the table”). I really like this pencil skirt with red tassle necklace and black and white jumperBelow: leaded and stained glass everywhere. And see how beautiful the ceiling is? JopenkerkBelow: grabbing all our stuff and heading upstairs.Jopenkerk red skirt (9)_LRBelow: upstairs they completely covered walls, seats and floor with tapestry. So clever as these are good remedies against the cold and the resounding acoustics of such a place. It feels very pencil skirt with black and cream sweater and red tassle necklaceBelow: Ron did a “Rembrandt” of me. As Rembrandt painted his wife Saskia often and of course painted with a play of light and dark. If you are wondering what that chair is doing on top of the table… the staff of the Jopenkerk were still busy preparing everything for the day and we didn’t take it off the table before shooting. I told Ron he would get the darned thing in the picture…red pencil skirt with black and cream sweater and red tassle necklaceBelow: arty photo by Ron of the different beer taps.beers (1 van 1)Below: Ron doesn’t like this photo (which I took…..) because the metal barrier is in the way of the window. But there was just no possibility to get that window without it.Jopenkerk red skirt (42)_LRBelow: I will leave you with this smiling face, wishing you a great day.Jopenkerk red skirt (72)_LR


No Fear of Fashion

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