long black circle skirt by Max Mara with yellow jumper (Zara), red suede shoes and a black belt also by Max MaraThis long black circle skirt by Max Mara is not easy to style. At least not for me. I tried it before (here with a green leather jacket) and I did not really like it that much. Perhaps because the colours were too somber together? Anyway, I hung the skirt in my closet. Together with the matching jacket. When I bought this skirt suit two years ago at the Max Mara outlet I combined it with a lime yellow shirt (as seen here). I thought it was a terrific 1940/1950 style. My husband Ron thinks the suit looks like I am dressed for a funeral. Hence this cheerful yellow jumper from Zara. At the end of this post you will see another combination. No… don’t jump right to the bottom… I am not putting effort into writing this post for you to skip it. Right, you are back.

Ron and I did an earlier photo session at the Hortus Botanicus with my flower skirt and blue sweater. After lunch I changed into this outfit and we went back for another shoot. By the way .. that blue sweater?? I will never wear it with that flower skirt again. Not a good idea. Some comments (on the blog and on other media) opened my eyes.

Let’s continue with this outfit.

Below: question was: does this outfit need a belt? Or does that shorten my torso and emphazises the bosom? Answers: yes, it needs the belt and yes, unfortunately it also emphasizes the bosom. Well tough then. Long black circle skirt with yellow jumper. With and without beltBelow: I tend to lean on one leg when I pose. Which was not a good idea with this belt. I got very weird photos. We had to do them again in a more upright pose (still going strong with my Lumo Lift by the way).long black circle skirt by Max Mara with yellow jumper (Zara and red suede pumpsBelow: after taking the photos I discovered that this jumper which is a bit wider (so no stomach showing 😉 had its disadvantages… See how it bulges at the side? Bummer. yellow jumper ZaraBelow: side view which also shows the bulging jumper.Long black circle skirt Max Mara with yellow jumper 4Below: it looks much better if it stays tucked in. The brooch is by two Dutch female designers Spijkers & Spijkers (seen before here).yellow jumper by Zara and brooch Spijkers&SpijkersBelow: for a laugh… “look mommy… no legs” black circle skirt Max Mara, yellow jumper ZaraBelow: the shoes. Red suede. Arty photos by Ron. Collage by me.red suede pumpsBelow: I have to show you this tote as well. It is a present from my friend Marianne: “… You have enough bags, so let’s increase the number of your shoppers”. Her words.Black coat Max Mara with black and white toteBelow: close-up of the bag. It is a super light and handy shopper. Leather with a shiny layer. I like it a lot and use it a lot. It reminds me of the bags/shoppers Sylvia (40+Style) carried on her holiday this summer. I remember thinking “darned that is clever”.black and white toteBelow: time to go home. Normally I can carry all my things plus the camera in the black and white tote or the black shopper. But now I also had more lenses plus an extra outfit to carry, including boots.black coat Max Mara with black and white tote 2Below: as promised here is the black circle skirt with another top and belt. I think this look is much more modern. Would have loved this top to be yellow or red or bright blue or fuchsia or bright green, but no, it came in cream and black.Long black circle skirt with cream cropped topBelow: from another angle. The boots are by DKNY (ancient) but I pulled them up a bit high. The belt is from Young Designers United two years ago.Long wide skirt with cropped topBelow: the look at the top with the yellow jumper was not my idea. I copied it from an oufit which I saw on Instagram. Worn by Carin (@catoinamsterdam). Carin and I met just before Christmas as she lives in Amsterdam. Easy peasy to meet for a coffee.Carin and meBelow: of course we had to go and do a little shopping too haha. I bought that cream cropped top with the word AGE on it (…) and she bought the top in black with the word SIZE. Usually Carin is very colourful, but this all black outfit is good too.Cato in AmsterdamOK, now you can say I have guts. As I finish this post with a photo of somebody who is more than 10 years younger and far more pretty. However she is also a lovely person, so if you are on Instagram, search for @catoinamsterdam. You can find me on Instagram as @No_Fear_of_Fashion.


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