long red tunic sweater with white skinnies, little red bag and leopard pumps at FoodhallsThe Foodhallen (Foodhalls) in Amsterdam West. The place which Ron (husband) chose to photograph my red tunic sweater. For a long time not the best area of Amsterdam. As it often happens, this area is now up and coming. Which is why a daring project developer decided to transform the old City Tram Depot into a highbrow place where you can shop, eat, go to the cinema etc. All indoors. Like a small mall with a lot of style. 

The atmosphere is terrific. As everything is indoors, there is no sheltering from the rain, no distressed faces… a holiday atmosphere in a historic village. They kept many features of the original building. The place is light thanks to the (partially) glass roofs. It reminds me of Granville Island, Public Market Courtyard in Vancouver. You can see a little bit of it in this post about the blogger meet-up in Vancouver.

Below: high ceilings, lots of industrial features… loads of people. Man, is that place popular. Foodhalls high ceilingBelow: we are in the main food halls, off the “street”, where there are many foodstalls with very good food. This is a highbrow place. FoodhallsBelow: Christmas decorations were still up (January 10) which added to the atmosphere.Foodhalls nice and busyBelow: it was very busy so I dumped my coat on a chair and asked the guys at that table to guard it while we were taking photos. Which they consented to, cracking a few jokes (it is Amsterdam… everybody cracks jokes here).long red tunic sweater with white skinnies, little red bag and leopard pumpsBelow: let’s talk outfit. I am wearing a very long tunic? sweater? By hoisting it up at one side, it looks better than just totally hanging down. I didn’t think of that myself, the shop assistent did. Mind you, you have to be careful with this hoisting. If you do it too much it looks ridiculous. As if you went to the toilet and accidently tucked your sweater in your trousers when pulling up your briefs.

The white skinnies (nearly leggings) make the outfit brighter. The leopard (shoe) clips at the top bookend the leopard pumps (seen before here and here). This I thought up myself. I wasn’t sure at first about the little red bag (seen before here), but it worked out fine. This is a super comfy outfit. Nothing pinches.long red tunic sweater with white skinnies, little red bag and leopard pumpsBelow: while photographing, I spotted this girl with the hat. She was very beautiful. Foodhalls girl with green hat I couldn’t get a good shot at her as people kept walking past me, blocking my view. As I was standing “in the street”, blocking them, I couldn’t very well shout: “WHY DON’T YOU ALL GO HOME?” That is not polite. But similar things (and worse) crossed my mind.

Below: a shot of the girl’s face. Beautiful, don’t you agree?Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (4 van 25)Below: then these two lovebirds approached. They were oozing their budding love. So I sent the girls this photo. Nice reminder.happy lesbian couple at the FoodhallsBelow: as we walked out, I ran into this gentleman in black and I told him I really liked his cap. In return he paid me a compliment about my sweater.

See how straight I am standing? I am wearing a little device called Lumo lift. It vibrates just underneath your collar bone when you slouch. I am still not 100% on good terms with it. It sometimes vibrates all the time and sometimes it doesn’t at all. But it probably just needs a bit of time to figure out how to stand and sit and where exactly to place the device (I know what you’re thinking and I am warning you….).  red tunic sweater talking to man with capBelow: this mural we saw crossing “the street”.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (11 van 25)Below: and this lady had on a very nice coat. I warned her that her belt was hanging down at the back. She laughed and said: “I have that covered… I sewed it on the coat.” (You can see it, like a tail between her legs haha.) Clever though and I would have loved to be the owner of that coat.Lady in black and white coatBelow: the place we visited.Foodhalls sign (1 van 1)Below: and they did sell all sorts of stuff.red tunic sweater with white skinnies, little red bag and leopard pumpsBelow: let’s go upstairs where the clothes are (…..no comment please… 😆 ).Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (15 van 25)Below: Ron thought this was a very nice dress. The collar is attached to the dress. As it had short sleeves I didn’t even bother.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (16 van 25)Below: he also liked the three dresses you see in this picture. I would never have given them a second look. He apparently has a more modern taste and likes simple lines. I should listen to him more. Gosh my hair was cooperating that day… Thank you Inge (my hairdresser).Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (17 van 25)Below: hi !! The shoe clips in close-up. Present from my friend Anja (Curly Traveller).Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (19 van 25)Below: a spat (gaiter) on a black pump.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (18 van 25)Below: we went from hall one to hall two. Similar set-up. Indoors with several shops on either side of the “street”.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (21 van 25)Below: Ron spotted these bonnets and thought they were terrific. Works of art to display….Sometimes I do not understand this man.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (20 van 25)Below: this is at the end of hall number two. That’s me in the black coat.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (22 van 25)Below: and back out again, looking in the window of a nice shop on the corner. See the little guy? Cute. My coat is second-hand by a lovely brand called Annette Görtz. It is German, high quality and they not only use young models but also an older one. See their modern collection 2016Annette Görtz coat with little red bag and leopard pumpsBelow: Gemeente Tram means City Tram. Simpel.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (24 van 25)Below: back to the parking garage and home.Foodhalls in red long tunic sweater (25 van 25)If you visit Amsterdam, you might like to go there. More information about the Foodhalls and about hot spots in Amsterdam you will find at Your Little Black Book.

I would love to move to that neighbourhood and live there. But it is expensive to buy a house in Amsterdam, like in any capital city. The lottery… our only hope. Well.. my only hope, as Ron doesn’t want to move back to his place of birth. Traitor.


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