Flower skirt MM & blue sweater (39)_LRThis Max Mara flower skirt is the last skirt I bought at the outlet in Turin. I brought back half a suitcase full of good stuff. While trying everything on in Turin, Daniela handed me three boxy sweaters to go with the skirts and I thought they looked terrific. Trying them on again at home I chickened out. I only use one of them on an A-line skirt (still to show on the blog) and the rest on pencil skirts. We didn’t select a top for the skirt which you see today. I think that this blue sweater (brand Vanilia, seen before here) is nice with it as the grey in the skirt is a bit bluish. The belt is ancient. (Remember I said I never throw out belts or scarves?) The colour brown of the belt is exactly the same as the boots. (After seeing these photos I knew I should have kept the belt just a little bit lower….)

Ron (husband) suggested we’d take pictures in the Hortus Botanicus, the botanic garden in Amsterdam. Reason to visit? Lots of glass (greenhouse) which means lots of light and it is indoors. Ideal for winter photography. Alas, it was a dark and cloudy day, so the pictures turned out rather dark. At the end of the post I will reveal a few bloopers as well.

Here we go.

Below: you could image yourself somewhere in the jungle. Well…. with a bit of fantasy. There are no stairs with handrails in the jungle.Flower skirt MM & blue sweater (5 van 8)Below: staring at the giant plants and trees and the bridge (gangway) above me.Flower skirt MM & blue sweater (1 van 8)Below: there is a big vertical pleat at the front of the skirt. The material of the skirt is a bit stiff.Flower skirt MM pleat front (1 van 1)

Below: of course Ron notices the arty bits, like the roof of the greenhouse.Hortus building (1 van 2)Below: hmmmm… is this skirt too short? Is this style too girly for a woman of 61? You can tell me in all honesty. I value honest opinions more than flattery.Flower skirt MM & blue sweater (2 van 8)Below: another pretty picture of the roof.Hortus building (2 van 2)Below: can you spot me?Flower skirt MM & blue sweater (71)_LRBelow: Ron took photos of some tree trunks. They look pretty strange this close.Plants HortusBelow: Ron instructed me to take off one of my boots and made this photo. I reminds me of the fabulous Blue Hue Wonderland photography. Unfortunately Ann stopped blogging. The photography on that blog is fabulous (oh I already said that).Flower skirt MM & blue sweater (8 van 8)Now for the bloopers…. Ron told me when I tried this sweater on in the shop, that my bust was  (how do you say that?)… not to miss. It drew attention. At the time I thought “So what?” Women have breasts.” But in hindsight it would have been wiser to downplay this feature a little. (If you want to learn more about highlighting or downplaying a bosom… read this very informative article by 40+Style).

Below: first blooper: it was really warm in the greenhouse, but you wouldn’t think so if you look at my bosom. All photos were like this. I had to photoshop all of them to look a bit decent. I only dared publishing such photos at the end of this post as only the die-hard readers get this far. I don’t want to wear a padded bra underneath the sweater as it only enlarges the girls…. But this is a very unwanted situation. Especially at the office.Flower skirt MM with blooper sweater (1 van 1)Below: see what I mean? Try and keep your eyes on the earrings.Flower skirt MM with blooper2 sweater (1 van 1)Below: last blooper… my face as I am trying to keep some branches out of sight. The strange lamps in the greenhouse add to making me look like a figure from a horror movie.Flower skirt MM & blue sweater (3 van 8)I hope I made you laugh.


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