Shopping Saturday 9 streets (3)_LRHi!!! Here we are again, three colleagues and friends who just love shopping. As soon as one shopping spree is over, we plan another one through our text message group called “Shopping Saturday”. See our previous “adventures” here, herehere and here. December 12, we decided to go shopping in the Nine Streets of Amsterdam. A beautiful neighbourhood with little shops, cafes, canals, old buildings and above all…. the best atmosphere. I have shown you the neighbourhood before (here and here). I had warned the girls that I was on a financial diet and had already broken my vow with buying “the bag“. The lesson I learned (well… already knew): don’t bring me into temptation. I cannot resist.

Here we go my dear readers…

Below: we met at a lovely little cafe (Koffiehuis De Hoek) to start with coffee. Here is Sabine:Shopping Saturday 9 streets (26)_LRBelow: and here is Anke, looking very naughty as she is having a typical Dutch treat: applecake. With whipped cream. Did I mention I am also trying to keep my weight down?Shopping Saturday 9 streets (24)_LRBelow: OK, here is a proper photo of Anke:Shopping Saturday 9 streets (28)_LRWe knew it was going to rain in the afternoon, so I said we had to make nice photos of the three of us before we headed to the shops. People in the cafe started asking questions whether we were doing a magazine shoot haha.

Below: here is Sabine posing like a movie star.Sabine (1 van 1)Below: and me. Wearing a sweater from the Max Mara outlet in Turin (seen here with skirt), green coated jeans by Hugo Boss (seen before here) and my beloved cream Eijk booties (seen before here). You see, I do wear things more than once and in different combinations. I am getting better all the time (sing with me: … Getting.. so much better … all the time…). Necklace is a leather string with pearls. You can adjust the length by just tieing it differently.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (31)_LRBelow: first stop Miss Jones, Reestraat 26… Sale had already started.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (38)_LRBelow: hmmmm. nice skirt…Shopping Saturday 9 streets (39)_LRBelow: hmmmm….. nice booties…Shopping Saturday 9 streets (42)_LRBelow: Sabine trying on another furry coat as if she doesn’t own enough of them.  Quote: “But this one is longer. I only have short furry coats..” We were wondering why it is that we always go for the same things? Shopping Saturday 9 streets (40)_LRBelow: we couldn’t agree whether these boots were cool or hidious. In the end we bought nothing at Miss Jones, by no fault of the shop.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (43)_LRBelow: the Reestraat, which is much prettier in summer. Oh well, at least it was dry…Shopping Saturday 9 streets (44)_LRBelow: at Reestraat number 18 they sell colourful women’s clothes at Wow to go/Who’s that girl. Not only their clothes are colourful, so are their fitting rooms.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (46)_LRBelow: glamour in the fitting room.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (47)_LRBelow: while Sabine was trying on clothes, Anke imitated one of these Asian cats with waving/beckoning arms (Maneki Neko). You see two of them left from her boots. We didn’t buy anything in this shop either, but were tempted.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (51)_LRBelow: on the corner of Hartenstraat and Keizersgracht was PINA (they will re-open in April 2017). Anke tried on this nice black coat. Shopping Saturday 9 streets (55)_LRBelow: but she decided to buy the tan coat as it spoke more than the black one.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (59)_LRBelow: Anke’s outfit of the day: a burgundy leather skirt, grey T-shirt with a bronze/gold snake which spelled Love, brown boots and grey cardigan. Just telling you. For the record.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (60)_LRBelow: we are at Closed, Wolvenstraat 17. You can see by my face that I am very doubtful about this sweater.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (66)_LRBelow: seeking advice. As the sweater itched, we decided it was not worth any further deliberation.Shopping Saturday 9 streets (70)_LRBelow: this is my happy face and the T-shirt came home with me. Small price, nice and soft, long sleeves. Very good underneath a black jacket (for instance). And I didn’t have one which was not tight around the tummy.

It was at this shop (We are Labels, Huidenstraat 17) that Sabine took the photo of the three of us in the mirror (first photo of this post).Shopping Saturday 9 streets (72)_LRThen I urged the girls to hurry along as it was almost 5 o’clock and the one shop we all wanted to visit was closing at 6 p.m. That shop is called YDU, Young Designers United (update: this store closed for good). Still very much within walking distance. It was raining by this time. I knew my bank account would not survive this shop without some damage but still couldn’t resist going there.

Below: Sabine bought this gorgeous skirt. Not the hat as she owns plenty of hats which suit her very well. Shopping Saturday 9 streets (10)_LRBelow: Anke also bought a skirt, but the photo I took doesn’t do her or the skirt justice.Anke's skirt (1 van 1)Below: and yes…. I bought this dress, the legging (but in blue instead of green) and the pink Eijk booties. And those boots are a sane investment. Like my cream booties which I wore that day, the pink ones are soooo comfortable. Yet still a heel. I think I am number one fan of the brand. Legging and dress by Barbara van der Zanden.YDU dress and EIJK booties (1 van 1)Below: I wore the outfit yesterday and it was very comfortable. Decided to go all the way with pink, fuchsias, blue and purple  😛 (quality of the iPhone photo is crap, but you get the idea….). Fuchsia coat


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