Pink MM skirt and pink boots (1 van 1)-3Quite a few outfits didn’t make it to the blog. This time of year is perfect to show them all to you in one go. The first one is my outfit of the day, the rest are outfits of “yesterday” or better said… this summer and fall.

The outfit above and below shows you a very good Max Mara skirt (yes, also from the outlet in Turin), colours are beige and soft pink.  (Photos were taken by colleague Jan.) The jumper is green and by Zara. Really soft high / low jumper which I bought in green, yellow and red as they were a steal. My opaque tights are green, the same shade as the jumper; found them at the back of my closet. The belt is a vintage one from Etsy two years ago. The booties are similar to my cream ones.

Below: see how the heel is shaped?Pink MM skirt and pink boots (1 van 1)-2

Below: a better look at the most comfortable booties you can imagine (brand Eijk Amsterdam).Pink boots

Now…. onto the yesterday outfits.

Below: I will start with a yesterday outfit which never made it to the blog because I think it was bad. I wore this checked shirt before, but on straight jeans. That wasn’t bad, but worn with these boyfriend jeans the proportions are wrong. The first photo you will see is taken by my colleage Arian and the outfit doesn’t look too bad. Below: now take another look at the outfit below. I think you will agree, I have got better ones. I look scruffy.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: the above photo was taken by Monique (below), a woman I work with from time to time. We were visiting the advertising agency and I cornered her to take pictures. Monique used to be a Paris model. Now she claims she doesn’t even know how to pose. Well, I think she does a great job. She is lovely (both her character and her looks). Very stylish. Below: OK …on to the next one. We are going back to summer. This skirt suit is my first purchase when visiting Dan in Italy. The top underneath it, used to be a dress, but I felt uncomfortable in it and had it cut into a tunic. You can see both the dress and this suit (vaguely) in this post. Below: and another summer (2015) photo. From left to right: me, Saskia (friend of Sylvia), Sylvia of 40+Style and Anja (Curly Traveller), having lunch in Haarlem. Below: another photo of that day in which you can see three of our outfits a little better. Plus you get to see one of the typical streets of Haarlem. I bought the knitted jumper and the necklace on holiday in Spain. The trousers are divine and by Marlene Birger. (You can see them better in this post.)Sylvia Anja Saskia and me (1 van 2)Below: let’s finish like we started, with a winter outfit. Here is my long blue jacket (seen before at the end of this post). (Look at my face haha. Droopy Darling….) I am wearing the jacket with blue suede high heels, black and white body (Wolford) and a black & white legging. The legging is from my trip to Vancouver, bought in a thriftshop (see end of this post). All the women who were with me when I bought the legging, begged me to wear it with my black & white booties. But I cannot. It is a bridge too far for me (sorry girls, being rather conservative here). The brooch is black and white too – long jacket and B&W leggings (1 van 1)

I am reading a book on Dutch fashion at the moment. From the year 1500 till now. And apparently we Dutch have a nature (or it is banged in our heads by government and church) of never rising above average status. That is not done. I am trying to break away from this, but haven’t done so yet. I am sure one day I will. As long as I keep “hanging out” with other bloggers, my taste and style will evolve.


No Fear of Fashion


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