Leather shorts bought at Vintage shoppingThis is what you get when you are in a good mood while vintage shopping. You find something that fits you like a dream, you have a lovely chat with the shop owner and some customers and …. you find yourself buying leather shorts!! At the age of 61, nearly 62!! Because every blogger over 40 says that age doesn’t matter and that rules are there to be broken and ridiculous to begin with.

This all happened on a little trip with Misja, my friend the photographer. She featured a lady on her blog who claimed that her city (Zutphen) had so many nice vintage shops. Misja was going to Zutphen to photograph and interview that lady (Mariël) again, this time for a magazine. I tagged along for fun.

Below: Misja (right) and Mariël (left with the bike). Everything in The Netherlands is done by bike.Misja and MariëlMisja went off to photograph Mariël at a hat shop and I went into town as I didn’t want to disturb Misja while she was at work.

Below: the church square of Zutphen with some views of the Lange Hofstraat (Long Court Street).Chruch square at Zutphen

Below: I saw this cute shop (called Míramé) and spotted white shoes for Misja.MíraméI went inside only to inquire about the white shoes. But came out with a T-shirt and a top. Not a wise deed for somebody who should be saving up for a holiday.

Below: as I thought Misja loved them (we went back together, later in the day). Bummer they did not have her size.MíraméBelow: strolling further into Zutphen, I saw this woman with perfect zebra boots. Turned out her husband made them himself! He makes riding boots so he got the skills. I would have loved a pair like these.Zebra bootsBelow: Zutphen has little streets that make you feel as if you are in Italy or France. Apart from the bikes of course. And the fact there are no electricity wires hanging on the outside of the houses. The Netherlands is a very tidy country haha.ZutphenI was using my iPhone to navigate myself through Zutphen and the battery needed a recharge. So time for a break and a power point. I had a delicious lunch at Chapoo, a lovely restaurant with a terrace outside (too cold though) and a view of a church on the other side of the restaurant. (See below.)Chapoo ZutphenBelow: another picture of Chapoo. I loved the lamps.Chapoo ZutphenBelow: I saw this lovely lady as I left the restaurant and she kindly agreed to have her picture published on my blog. Her hair was longer on one side. I thought she was sophisticated with an edge.lovely lady at restaurant ChapooI went further down the market where the stalls were being cleared away.

Below: this booth had me laughing. It says: “woof meow squeak chew-booth”. Woof-meow-squeak-chew-boothBelow: as I said, lovely little streets.Zutphen

ZutphenBelow: I arrived at Cameleon, one of the vintage (or thrift) shops Mariël had talked about. It looked very good. And that is where I bought the leather shorts….Vintage shop CameleonBelow: the next day I went to my hairdresser who also has a beauty salon (Rob Peetoom). I needed new make-up and Quinty (below) was going to help me with that. Young and skilful.Quinty

Below: and I decided to be brave and wear the leather shorts. In public.Electric blue top and shortsOf course everybody said it looked lovely on me. But hey… I am a customer, what can they say?

Below: my hairdresser and owner of the salon: Inge. Performs wonders on my hair.IngeBelow: I came home and Ron told me he didn’t like the outfit. So I changed the top and put on the scarf you saw a couple of weeks agoLeather shorts bought while vintage shoppingRon thought that was a lot better and took that perfect photo of me (above). Which was nice of him as he was working in the garden and had to stop what he was doing to take my photo. Then he disappeared upstairs and came back dressed as below.

Below: he had switched his work jeans for this very very very old pair of shorts and said: “I hear pink shorts are a trend”. He had me in stitches. And even though this is not a flattering photo of him, he let me use it. Such a good sport.Ron following the "trend"Am I ever going to wear them again? Hmmmm perhaps in summer on holiday, if they are not too hot. Otherwise… no, not really. I want my style to evolve towards “clean lines”, towards “arty and edgy”. This is in the opposite direction. I had fun though. Even if only for a day.


No Fear of Fashion

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