Sightseeing in ApeldoornOnce a year my friend Lia and I go away on a long weekend. Funded by my husband Ron as my birthday present. He knows how much I enjoy spending time with her so he provides the means (love him). We have been to Paris (twice), London, Rome, Milan, Copenhagen, Barcelona and this time we went sightseeing in Apeldoorn. Due to an illness Lia has overcome but it still recovering from, we didn’t want to go abroad this time. A trip to the east of our country, into the woods seemed a good idea.

We arrived at our hotel (named Zenzez) which was adorable. Their site gives you a slow photo impression. We were treated like family (but with more respect  😉 ). I give them 10 out of 10. A good start. See the pictures we took in their garden belowSightseeing in Apeldoorn hotel Zenzez

Below: Lia. Believe it or not, she is only half a year younger than me and hasn’t got a grey hair. This colour -and thickness- of her hair, is all her own.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: the next photo is blurry but it made me smile… This is what I had on when we arrived.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

To get us relaxed we started with a back massage for the both of us at a salon. And afterwards headed into town.

Below: passing a lovely park.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: passing a dozen beautiful villas like this one. In The Netherlands, where space/land is very limited, such a detached house in an immaculate state, is very desirable and expensive.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: right! Arrived in the centre of town at Kaldi (see interior photos) for coffee. Cappuccino for Lia and iced coffee for me, which were both delicious. We experienced immediately how much more relaxed the people are here. Friendly, relaxed and witty.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: I had changed my sweater for a shirt as the temperature was rising. Sun was shining brightly and I was cheerful. Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: coffeebreak turned into lounging on a terrace:Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: where we saw this solex carburetter, a thing of the past, but in such a good state we thought it must have been a remake. Especially because it also worked. Ron has two oldies of these and they never work properly.Apeldoorn with Lia-9

Below: snapshot of the old townhall.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: what comes after terrace lounging? Right… dinner. At restaurant Poppe. Gosh that was good! The food was excellent, the service so warm, witty and friendly. A terrific spot. We were able to sit in the garden.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Sightseeing in Apeldoorn restaurant Poppe

Sightseeing Apeldoorn

Saturday started with rain so a museum seemed a good idea. Off to the Kröller Müller Museum which is one of the best in The Netherlands. Only I wanted to see the country residence Saint Hubertus (5 kilometers further). As I came ill prepared (as in NOT), we landed at the museum and didn’t get to see all the marvellous architecture of the Saint Hubertus. Instead …Van Gogh paintings. Oh well.. not bad haha. By the time we left the museum the sun was out again and I didn’t want to spend more time indoors, so no Saint Hubertus. After a lazy, magazine reading afternoon on a terrace overlooking meadows and trees (we are getting old), we drove back to town.

Below: through the park: photo opportunity!!Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: Lia in a long asymmetric dress. Of course I didn’t have a dress with me. You know me and dresses. Never even crossed my mind.sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: we found this terrace in the middle of town. The pink cushions on the bench at the front were tempting.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: the bench and the beer were best. Sightseeing in Apeldoorn

Below: Sunday morning breakfast in the garden of the Zenzez hotel. Homemade yoghurt, smoothie.. Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Zenzez hotel

Below: then walking to Palace Het Loo, a destination usually frequented by pensioners. When I made that remark, Lia reminded me we were only a couple of years away from being pensioners ourselves. The truth can be hard. 😆 Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Be prepared to see quite a lot of photos of Palace Het Loo (lots of information about the palace and the garden here). If you are not interested, just skip them and go to the end of this post.

Below: right… who have we here? It is our queen mother (Juliana) as a child in the middle with her mother Wilhelmina and father Hendrik. They were dressed up in 17 century clothes as this painting was made at the beginning of the last century. (Juliana was born 1909.)  Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Below: bed and desk of one of the kings in the old days. Sorry, like always I wasn’t paying much attention. King Willem I, King Willem II, King Willem III… whatever. I thought the rooms were small, overcrowded with furniture, tapistry, adornments and busy wallpaper (often leather) and had very little light, often coming from only one side of the room. Of course at the time the castle was built you didn’t want big rooms with big windows as it must have been hard to heat the place. And of course taste changes over the years. I just couldn’t put my 2016-taste aside and admire it all. I am a culture savage.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Below: Lia made a Rembrandt photo of me with a wall painting in a hallway of Het Loo. See the play of dark and light? Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Below: that spot was perfect for “Rembrandt photos”.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Below: there were a lot of children’s clothes on display. All white. I loved this one. Sightseeing Apeldoorn Het Loo

Below: framed in an arch. Sightseeing Apeldoorn Het Loo

Below: wearing my French Sole ballerinas which I bought in London after attending the 3040+ Blogger Meet. Pastel pink. I thought they were bloody expensive but I have to say, they are very good.Signtseeing in Apeldoorn. French Soles ballerinas

Below: four pictures of the garden of Palace Het Loo. The King tried to outdo Versailles. First picture shows the left side of the garden, then middle and then the right side. Last picture of the fountain in the centre. Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Sightseeing Apeldoorn Het Loo

Below: when Lia saw the globe she immediately wanted to pose as if she carried it on her back. I think we took about 10 photos. All failing to achieve this result but it had us doubled up with laughter.Sightseeing in Apeldoorn Het Loo

Next week you are going to see my “makedown”. In other words what I look like if I don’t lend nature a hand.


No Fear of Fashion



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