before and after makeoverOn the right in above picture, is how you know me: colourful, high heels, nice hair, smile on my face. Sometimes I even hear:

You are so <fill in compliments about my looks.. he he>, I could never look like that“.

Social media are full of happy, lovely, perfect people. Images impossible to live up to. So…. for all of you out there….. you are going to see what I look like when I get out of bed !! And what I have to do to achieve this look. The make-over of a woman over 60.

To begin with, play this little video of my make-down (as I call it). Only 21 seconds.

Did you see it?

OK, now for the slow version, photo by photo, you don’t even have to enlarge them to have a closer look. My husband Ron, who loves me dearly, think they are like pictures in a haunted house ha ha. He advised me not to go through with this post. But, what the heck? What is the worst thing that can happen to me? That people say I am ugly? My reply will be: “But I have a nice character. I rather have that than the opposite which is clearly more like you.” Hah!

Below: this is how I get out of bed. No, that is actually a bit of a lie. My hair is already cut by a fabulous hairdresser (Inge) and it is dyed blond. There is also a bit of “crude clay” in it to give it more volume, and I blow-dried my hair to style it into a nice bob instead of letting it hang straight down. Plus, I am tanned.


Below: I have added conceiler under my eyes, some blush on my cheeks and I “painted” my eyebrows. As you can see, I did not photoshop the creases from my face haha.


Below: next step: I have added olive-green eye shadow above my eye. I also have a little bit of golden eye shadow above that. Hard to see when your eyelids are hanging down, but let’s say it is nice when you look down 😆 .


Below: added mascara. We are getting somewhere.


Below: drumroll…… Hair done nicely (just backcombed it and then straightened it again), colourful clothes which suit my complexion and lipstick which I so need.


Below: recap: this is how I started.


Below: and this is what I can make of it.


When I started the photo series, I deliberately wore a boring and unflattering T-shirt and very loose trousers with comfortable shoes. Not only the shoes but the whole outfit is really very comfortable. Only.. I don’t want to be seen dead in it. The colours of the T-shirt make my face look sick. The length of the shirt gives the outfit the wrong proportions: it cuts me in half. The trousers and shoes don’t do anything for me. They are rather boring. Especially in combination with the rest. It does show what a difference clothes can make. It is not only make-up and hair. Clothes and colour definitely count. That T-shirt for instance, would look very good with a red fitted jacket and tucked-in at the front of skinny trousers.

The “dolled-up look” is also very comfortable, believe it or not. The pink trousers don’t pinch anywhere. The green top moves with my body and isn’t tight at all. I will admit, the heels are something you have to master and the scarf and sleeves are not handy when doing the washing up. But there are clothes which are comfortable and still look better than my black trousers and grey/white shirt. On me and on you and your body type. It just takes time (research) to find out what suits you.

OK, here is the video again, now going from “out of bed” to “all dolled up”, the make-over.

I bet you have been grinning while reading this post.


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