Beautiful RIXO London dress

Rixo London dressTwo weeks ago my pencil skirt with the red and white striped blouse fetched a lot of cheers. But this RIXO London dress does even better. Never did an outfit of mine receive so many compliments. And right so, as I am completely in love with it. It is light as a breeze and fits perfectly. It was Michelle of who put me on to it. On Instagram she mentioned to have seen many lovely things in a shop called The Dressing Room. I curiously hopped over to their IG account. And saw this RIXO London dress. Fell in love head over heels and ordered it at the beginning of October. As it is a very thin summer dress, this meant buying out of season. And I never buy out of season, even though that is the smart thing to do moneywise. It had to wait in my closet until now before I could wear it. 

Michelle ordered another gorgeous dress from RIXO London directly (they sell online). You can swoon over it here. I was very tempted to buy that one too, but didn’t. Too much copying doesn’t make you popular. Also, two months of spending after my credit cards were released from the freezer, means it is time to go on a financial diet again. Which is difficult, especially because I have subscribed to the newsletter of The Dressing Room. To unsubscribe would be a good idea as they sell such tempting stuff.

Anyway back to the dress.

Ron decided we were going to take the photos at the beach “in the golden hours”. Well, “golden” was already turning “bronze” when we finally arrived at 20.30 or so. Needless to say I warned him about my heels (“I do need a head to toe shot WITH the heels”) and about wind blowing my hair to pieces (which indeed it did). In spite of these hurdles the photo shoot went fine.

Below: Ron prefers this dress with red cowboy boots. Although I see the fun in that, boots are really far too hot for me to be wearing in 24 degrees (C) or more. Which is a perfect temperature for this dress.


Rixo London dress

Below: heading towards the beach through the dunes. Again dog Charlie is in the pictures. We couldn’t go to the beach and not take her. She loves it there.

Rixo London dress

Below: another head-to-toe shot before we hit the beach.

Rixo London dress

Below: shoes off. Many people must have thought I was very weird. Coming to the beach in such a dress and on high heels haha.

Rixo London dress

Below: the back of the dress has this fun sash.

Rixo London dress

Below: see how breezy those sleeves are?

Rixo London dress

Below: getting my feet wet. Just.



Rixo London dress

Below: checking the sand on my feet and thinking : “How the xxxx am I going to get my heels on again with such feet?” By now you might have guessed that I am not an outdoorsy person. No camping, no hiking, no sand in my shoes. PLEASE!!

Rixo London dress

Below: close-up of the shoes. As it turned out, these are actually very comfortable to walk on. I only get a blister on my right heel (biggest foot) after walking for a while. So I have to put a plaster on that before I get into my shoes.

Below: a quick cup of coffee on the terrace before going home.

Rixo London dress

Below: the sun was really setting and Ron took some nice pictures.

Rixo London dressNext week I might show you some holiday (outfit) pictures as we just got back from a short vacation in the south of France. Yes I know, we are very lucky people.


No Fear of Fashion




  1. 11 June 2017 / 18:25

    Wow Greetje, what a great dress; classy and comfortable at the same time. I absolutely love the pops of red, both in the dress and in your choice of accessories. You look fabulous in it! And those beach photos, oh my! I am very much an outdoor person, so I just love living in Switzerland with all the great nature this country has to offer. Missing the sandy beaches of Holland though…..Already looking forward to your French photos. Probablement fantastiques aussi! Lieske

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:35

      I am trying not to incorporate too many sightseeing pictures as. I am always afraid people get bored looking at places they have never been. A bit like those old holiday slide shows which our parents used to present to friends and neighbours…

  2. 11 June 2017 / 18:33

    What a fun dress! And it does look nice and light for summer. I like the red accessories and I’ll bet you can wear metallics and a lot of other colors with it too.

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:36

      I am usually such a bore, I keep wearing an outfit the way I did the first time. I am getting better though. I will have a creative think about it.

  3. 11 June 2017 / 18:43

    Love the dress! Never heard of this brand, going over to check them out!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:37

      Hold on to your wallet when you do. They have very good stuff.

  4. Katrien
    11 June 2017 / 19:15

    Love the dress, great colours, fun prints, material looks so nice and light. Will check their website.

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:38

      The material is like a breeze. So light. Perfect for hot weather places. And it still covers all my wrinkly bits.

  5. 11 June 2017 / 19:24

    I can see why your credit cards get in so much trouble, Greetje!! You find the most beautiful pieces to showcase. But I always rationalize that we all have our vices, and this one is so much better than alcohol or drugs!!
    I absolutely love that you picked the red out of the dress to accessorize with! I think that’s truly one of the draws for this dress, is that you have so many options of what to pair with it!
    Now I think this fall, you should wear it with the red cowboy boots for us. And maybe a jean jacket over top???

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:41

      That would still leave my lower body part in the cold Jodie. Now we cannot have that, can we? Besides… there will be fall and winter items screaming for my attention. And yes, my credit cards are in trouble again. I never seem to learn. For a month or so I am a good girl and then I slide again.

  6. 11 June 2017 / 19:41

    Adorable on you! And tell Ron I loved the beach shoot!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:42

      I did tell Ron. He is trying not to show he likes the compliment ?. I thought they were rather good too.

  7. 11 June 2017 / 20:32

    Oh my lord, I ADORE this on you. I’m also a huge Rixo fan. I try to do as little silk as possible with a four year old boy around me all the time, but Rixo is worth making an exception for. I love every detail about this dress, but what really puts it into the Seriously AMAZING territory is the red band at the neckline. It brightens the whole dress, and means you can do a beautiful lip colour with it. I mean, imagine if that was orange, or yellow? Just not nearly as good. (As a part time jewellery designer, I always plan colours around the face to have pink or reds for lipstick purposes…) I love this on you. Since they don’t repeat prints, I am certain previous seasons of Rixo could easily become collectors’ items.

    Anway, again, GORGEOUS!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:45

      I absolute agree with you. Good analysis! That’s what you get when you design yourself. I don’t know whether the dress is silk. I thought it was very fine cotton, but I haven’t looked at the washing label yet. A dress like this I would always take to the dry cleaner anyway (they love me at the dry cleaners ?). And no they don’t repeat prints but there is a variation on it. Also called the Penelope dress.

  8. 11 June 2017 / 20:57

    I already said it on IG, I love this dress. What a perfect design and prints and colours!
    We are going to France tomorrow, well only to Calais… take the ferry!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:46

      Darling, no need, you can order online ???.

  9. Wendy
    11 June 2017 / 21:36

    I agree, a lovely dress on you! Love the beach pictures!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:47

      Yes, the beach pictures turned out fine. In spite of me saying all the time “but I need pictures with my shoes on too. And I cannot wear my heels in the sand”. Fortunately he was willing to take the other photos too.

  10. Kristine
    11 June 2017 / 22:01

    Hi Greetje,
    I am a new follower- love the dress and the shoes!!! Is your dog a Korthals Griffon/ Wirehaired Pointing Griffon? We have one here in the States!?

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:57

      Yes indeed, Charlie is a Korthals Griffon. Hardly anyone knows about them. In The Netherlands there are only about 600 of them. Such a sweet and good dog. We don’t hunt with her but she does get a lot of outdoor exercise. And thanks for the compliments about the dress and shoes.

      • Kristine Chapman
        15 June 2017 / 01:39

        Our Molly is very sweet also! We don’t hunt either. They are very unusual in our area also. A little more known out west!

  11. Paula
    11 June 2017 / 22:05

    OK Greetje, I’m getting on the next plane to see you and nab that dress. Oh and those
    very cool red shoes of yours!!!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 21:58

      Ahhhh… I will keep them under lock and key haha. It is a good look, isn’t it? I am so pleased with it.

  12. 11 June 2017 / 22:35

    Greetje this is my most favourite of your posts, ever! I love seeing you on the beach(!) in nature(!) and looking as if you are enjoying it! Hurrah for Ron pushing you out of your comfort zone. And so on to the dress… Yes, it’s truly beautiful and here’s where we cross over perfectly as I would most definitely wear it too. I love the colours, the pattern, the shape, it all works. As do your fab red shoes. And how cute is your pooch!

    Anna x

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:01

      Ha Anna, we have a cross-over again. Yes, lots of colour and print mixing going on. Luckily for me somebody else mixed them all. And very well I might add. Love this dress. And the shoes are comfortable too. Well, for as far high heels are comfortable of course.

  13. 11 June 2017 / 22:37

    Love your pictures. That dress is so unique and beautiful. I love the pattern mixing, the pops of red and the shape of the dress. Very, very pretty! You look fabulous. – Amy

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:03

      When I saw the picture of the dress, I fell in love. When it arrived and I put it on, I knew I wanted it badly. Even bad enough to pay money and hang it in my closet for half a year. Something I never do. I am very much an impulse buyer.

  14. 11 June 2017 / 23:41

    That dress is gorgeous on you – you look fantastic and you have amazing legs 🙂

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:05

      My legs are my assets! Even though there are many old lady spots on them, they are long and have a very good shape. As long as I put the emphasis on them, people don’t see the other imperfections. Of which I have a LOT haha. Thanks for all the compliments.

  15. 12 June 2017 / 01:29

    Great dress. Great shoes. Great you! And great photos! I love seeing the Dutch North Sea!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:06

      Thank you Nicole. I am very pleased with it myself. I will tell Ron you like his photos.

  16. Marilee Gramith
    12 June 2017 / 05:40

    WOW! That is some dress! Really something special with all of the patterns, which make it just that much more fun and versatile. I love it with the red shoes but you really have a lot of options to play with. The photographers eye in Ron must have been visualizing this dress in the fading sunlight and how cool the photos would be. I think it’s so wonderful that he knew this was no ordinary frock!!! I like the sunlight coming through your sleeve and that very candid shot with you in the green beach chair which sets off the dress so nicely! Terrific post you three!!!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:10

      I told Ron all your compliments. He likes that ??. I have no idea whether the idea of the beach and the dress had anything to do with each other. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt haha.
      But he did have those shots in mind with fading light and against the light etc. I am very lucky he wants to take my pictures. Thanks for the compliments. No idea whether this dress is versatile. But it is a beauty anyway.

  17. 12 June 2017 / 08:31

    I agree this is an exquisite frock, you look fantastic on the beach with the wind in your hair. Love the red shoes and wish I had legs like yours. Another great shoot Ron!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:12

      My body has a lot of imperfections, but my legs are good. Even in spite of the old lady spots. So I put all emphasis on them. That is the trick of styling. Pick the things which are beautiful about you and put the spotlight on them. Thank you very much for all your lovely compliments.

  18. josep-maria
    12 June 2017 / 08:46

    My dear Greetje, you already know how I admire your style, and you already know how I enjoy your looks, but today I am not clear if you surpass yourself, or if you absolutely disconcert me. As you can imagine, I love the dress, I like it very much, but I would never imagine it in you. You break the image that I have of you, but it reaffirms to me that you are a brave woman, amused and with imagination. The stamping is great, I love that mix of prints and colors, so well mixed and combined, and I love the design, with those asymmetrical bass so original. Beautiful outfit, lovely Greetje!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:15

      Oh my Josep-Maria, those are great compliments. And so many. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      You are absolutely right in thinking this is not my usual style. It has a touch of bohemian in it. A bit retro (seventies), a bit Ibiza. And that is so NOT me haha. But I adore this dress. Just fell for it and couldn’t resist.

  19. 12 June 2017 / 11:06

    Truly stunning images Greetje. I love the light through the fabric, the movement of it in the breeze & your figure is just incredible!
    To be honest even without shoes this dress looks amazing, you could literally pair any colour with it & it would work. I am totally seeing the boots btw.
    Oh & not that it matters but I did actually buy my Rixo dress from The Dressing Room too! The Rixo site is fabulous but I bought the dress on the actual day of the Blog Awards, yup cut it very fine indeed. So glad I did though & I can’t wait to wear it again.
    Fabulous post my friend, well worth the wait xx

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:17

      I told Ron you agree with the the boots idea and he responded : “Finally somebody who knows what she is talking about”. Hahaha. I agree that it would look nice, but boots ar really too ho for this easy breezy dress.
      Thanks for all the compliments. I am sure you get many too with your RIXO London dress.

      • 12 June 2017 / 22:22

        Haha go Ron! I’m serious boots will rock this dress, just throw on a leather biker jacket & you’re sex on a stick babe ?

  20. Marianne van den Berg
    12 June 2017 / 13:58

    Oh dear I can so understand that you fell in love with this dress at first sight. I would have too. I love everything about it, the model, the different patterns, your accessories. And the beach where Ron took the photo’s. I know that you are so not the beachy kind of girl. But you have been once. I remember us shopping for bikini’s in the good old days. Ron did an exquisite job, making all this arty photo’s .

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:19

      Thanks Marianne. (Also thanks from Ron.) I am so pleased with this dress. I am going to wear it for many years.

  21. 12 June 2017 / 15:25

    Well you know this dress is very much something I would wear in a heartbeat and it looks stunning…just stunning on you! I went and checked out their other pieces and fell in love with a very bright midi with frills. The price point is well beyond my thrifter means though.

    Could this dress signal some changes in your style? Once you see how comfortable boho can be it is hard to go back.

    Bravo to Ron for the wonderful photos again.


    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:21

      Oh no, there will definitely not be a change of style. Don’t for a minute think I will become a boho girl. No. I just fell for this one. No idea why, but that is often the case with love.❤️

  22. Lollo
    12 June 2017 / 19:31

    You look great in that dress, I love it. In spite of the pattern mix, it still has a colour-block vibe as well, and that is totally you.

    Maybe you were joking about putting your credit cards “in the freezer”. But hiding my credit card would not work for me, because I have it completely memorized, ha!

    • Greetje
      12 June 2017 / 22:25

      Oh I know all the numbers of my credit card too. But… I took more precautions. You see, I hate having to pay interest. So I always pay my puchases with the credit card at the first payment moment. Which means, I have to pay it from my normal bank account. And I let Ron check every amount on that every week. He hates doing that, but that is the only way I can control myself. If I know I have to break my word to him, I won’t spend. Now I am back on my own again…

  23. 13 June 2017 / 02:38

    I can see why you love this dress – it’s not your usual style, but it looks soo good on you. I love that closeup shot of you at the beach and the two photos above and below it where you are walking carrying your shoes. The light at that time of day really shows off the colours of the dress. Another good photo shoot!

    • Greetje
      13 June 2017 / 06:27

      I am so lucky to have Ron taking my photos. Makes the blog posts look so much better. And I agree, the dress is not my usual style but boy oh boy, do I like it. Suzanne already asked whether I was changing style but no, I am not. There is something about boho style that does not attrackt me, don’t know what it is. But this dress hasn’t got that. It is retro and not really boho.

  24. 13 June 2017 / 19:01

    The dress looks comfortable and has nice prints mixed together. Long sleeve dresses are very feminine but unfortunately it is too hot in my part of the world for wearing them in summer.
    I like how the dress looks on you and the photos on the beach are beautiful

    • Greetje
      13 June 2017 / 20:06

      These sleeves are so thin that even in your part of the world you could wear them. You just wait until your arms get as wrinkly as mine. You would love long sleeves. Then again, your arms might never look like mine and perhaps other women don’t care about it as much as I do. (Big grin.)

  25. 14 June 2017 / 18:35

    That dress is one with many personalities, my friend. And what a wonderful array of personalities it is. All fun, all charming, all lovely to look at. It’s such a flattering silhouette too.

    • Greetje
      14 June 2017 / 20:02

      Oh dear Sheela, when I see your comment I am riddled with guilt. Because I haven’t been to your blog for a while. I will correct that. And thank you for the kind words about my dress.

      • 18 June 2017 / 18:35

        Hahaha don’t worry about it, my friend, we must have lives outside of the social media world 🙂

        • Greetje
          18 June 2017 / 20:00

          Hardly Sheela. No not true. I do try and be wise in these matters.

  26. 15 June 2017 / 13:02

    A fun, fabulous dress and gorgeous images!

    • Greetje
      15 June 2017 / 19:57

      Thanks for the compliments. I like them.

  27. 15 June 2017 / 19:18

    Rightfully so indeed! Is it also rightfully ok to want this dress in my closet as well? Although it looks as if it was made and designed just for you.
    The “golden hour” beach photos are absolutely breathtaking-magazine worthy to say the least!
    Hoping you have a fabulous summer as well my friend. (It would be the icing on the cake if we can all meet up at the end of summer).

    • Greetje
      15 June 2017 / 20:01

      I am so sorry Trina, but I am not coming to New York this summer. You have to eat the cake without the icing. Sylvia will be there though.
      And thank you so much for all these nice comments on my dress.

  28. 16 June 2017 / 15:55

    Ohhhhh this dress! Gorgeous mix of color and patterns I’m an animal print lover! Very summery, light and flowing. The photos are fabulous and the “golden hour” has worked its magic. Beautiful post Greetje!

    • Greetje
      16 June 2017 / 20:49

      Thank you very much Judith. I am very pleased with your compliments.

  29. 20 June 2017 / 02:07

    Hahaha – this is the dress I would have to fight you for. But A) you would beat me, and B) I’m sure it’s beyond my budget at the moment. So C) I hope you wear this beauty of a dress all the time and enjoy every second. Stunning. And the beach is a perfect place for your photos in this breezy outfit. Your red accents work great too, and I can also see how the cowboy boots would look good too, although they would be harder to take off and put on in the sand. I love seeing Charlie out playing. Love this post!!

    • Greetje
      20 June 2017 / 12:35

      If you were to fight me for it, you need not pay anything. You just knock me unconscious and run. However, you would have to fark it as I am a couple of sizes bigger than you. As for C).. I cannot wear it all the time as it is only for warm weather and… it draws a lot of attention. So I cannot wear it too often. On the other hand, who cares?

  30. Trish
    23 June 2017 / 02:06

    Hey Greetje, sorry I’m way late on this one, but I had to,pop in and say how lovely the dress is and how perfectly it suits you. Love the red peep toes as well!

    • Greetje
      23 June 2017 / 03:20

      Well Trish, this dress got the most compliments ever in my life. And I already live a long time (grin). Thanks very much for your comment.

  31. 22 August 2017 / 07:18

    Funny; although this seems so NOT a Greetje dress (too romantic and boho for you), I LOVE it on you, worn this way. Very feminine and flattering!.

    Ron did a great job (as always) and Charlie is the sweetest photo prop imaginable.

    • Greetje
      23 August 2017 / 07:10

      Ha.. you are doing all the posts you “missed” in one go. That is nice of you. Yes I am also surprised about this dress but I love it. Got me the most compliments ever.

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