Piazza Sempione trouser suit

Piazza Sempione trouser suitLast week you only saw the trousers. Today the whole Piazza Sempione trouser suit. This brand means quality. My first suit by them (many years ago) was terrific and I wore it to death. Which is why I was so tempted to buy this suit. However, it is much more “complicated” than my first one. The trousers are very wide which means dangerous. I need to hoist them up whenever I walk up or down the stairs. And when it rains I’d better do the same if I don’t want to get the hems wet. Another thing is the double breasted jacket. Beautifully made, lightweight but always more difficult than a jacket with one row of buttons. View Post

Black trouser suit

This suit is perfect for its comfort and quality. Again a suit by Pauw.
As you can see, it is very classic. Very much for the office (chic and strict), which I find rather limited.

In order to modernise it, I added the patent leather shoes. I had this suit in mind when I “bought” them.
And to brighten it up I chose colourful T-shirts and a playful scarf.
It still remains a very classic suit. What can you expect when you add pearls and a scarf (duh…). Never mind, sometimes I feel like classic. At least it is a suit that gives me a good figure and the shoes give it a modern twist.

As you can see I managed to make several combinations even though they are much alike:

  • with a red and white shirt
  • with a red and white shirt and a black and white scarf
  • with a black and white scarf and pearls
  • with an orange T-shirt and pearls 

I start with my favourite: red and white shirt, black and white scarf and dog.

The colours of some photos are a bit peculiar. I am still learning.

Below: without the scarf.

With only the scarf and pearls:

With the orange T-shirt and lots of pearls:

Lots of photos, much the same but also differing. Have you got a favourite?