This suit is perfect for its comfort and quality. Again a suit by Pauw.
As you can see, it is very classic. Very much for the office (chic and strict), which I find rather limited.

In order to modernise it, I added the patent leather shoes. I had this suit in mind when I “bought” them.
And to brighten it up I chose colourful T-shirts and a playful scarf.
It still remains a very classic suit. What can you expect when you add pearls and a scarf (duh…). Never mind, sometimes I feel like classic. At least it is a suit that gives me a good figure and the shoes give it a modern twist.

As you can see I managed to make several combinations even though they are much alike:

  • with a red and white shirt
  • with a red and white shirt and a black and white scarf
  • with a black and white scarf and pearls
  • with an orange T-shirt and pearls 

I start with my favourite: red and white shirt, black and white scarf and dog.

The colours of some photos are a bit peculiar. I am still learning.

Below: without the scarf.

With only the scarf and pearls:

With the orange T-shirt and lots of pearls:

Lots of photos, much the same but also differing. Have you got a favourite?

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