Brown long jacket, skinny jeans and leopard print belt

Sorry guys, although the sun began to shine in The Netherlands, you are going to watch another winter outfit today. I totally forgot these photos and it seems such a shame not to publish them. (Mostly because “a shoot” is hard work for me haha.)

I am wearing a leopard print belt with my brown jacket. Tuesday I told you that it took me a long time before I found a belt like this (at  The other belt you can see in my article two days ago and in the article of Sylvia (40+Style) and me shopping in Amsterdam. We were shopping at the “9 Streets”, a famous area for fun shopping in Amsterdam.

Back to my brown jacket from Pauw, which you have seen in December (brown jacket, cream skinny, cognac boots). Again I was so daring to combine brown (jacket) with black (boots). Yes, yes, I am getting this chip off my shoulder.
An alternative for the boots are my python shoes.

Hope you like it.



Underneath the jacket I am wearing a cream top in exactly the same colour as the belt. Coincidence.



Below: with the python shoes.







Did you see I turned up the sleeves?

Brown jacket, cream skinny, cognac boots

I was a bit fed up with all combinations in black, although I still have loads of them.
Therefore I went out this afternoon, in the snow, to take these pictures.

It was not a very bright idea to pick that spot underneath the tree as the snow was melting…… The camera was drip-dry secure underneath a little roof of the shed, but I wasn’t.

It is supposed to be very cold today. Haven’t noticed it really. Which is not that strange considering I have been working indoors most of the day. You should have seen me! Dressed in a worn-out dressing gown (with stains….. terrible). Hair…. how shall I put it? Not as neatly combed as normally, is the understatement of the year. Reading glasses on. Typing away, telephoning etc. So glad there is no visual contact yet when you are phoning. At least not standard. In the near future you will have to explain why you leave it switched off.

By the way: hairdresser tomorrow. Not a day too soon.

I have no further comment with these photos. Do you?