Sorry guys, although the sun began to shine in The Netherlands, you are going to watch another winter outfit today. I totally forgot these photos and it seems such a shame not to publish them. (Mostly because “a shoot” is hard work for me haha.)

I am wearing a leopard print belt with my brown jacket. Tuesday I told you that it took me a long time before I found a belt like this (at  The other belt you can see in my article two days ago and in the article of Sylvia (40+Style) and me shopping in Amsterdam. We were shopping at the “9 Streets”, a famous area for fun shopping in Amsterdam.

Back to my brown jacket from Pauw, which you have seen in December (brown jacket, cream skinny, cognac boots). Again I was so daring to combine brown (jacket) with black (boots). Yes, yes, I am getting this chip off my shoulder.
An alternative for the boots are my python shoes.

Hope you like it.



Underneath the jacket I am wearing a cream top in exactly the same colour as the belt. Coincidence.



Below: with the python shoes.







Did you see I turned up the sleeves?

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