These photos were taken on that one day when a) it was my day off, b) it was a sunny day and c) there was hardly any wind. Ideal for photography.
As you might know, a previous glorious day resulted in the aqcuisition of my pink neon top and B&W pencil skirt. That same day I also bought my striped sweater and the yellow boyfriend jeans which you will see today.

I love the combination of yellow with black (my husband hates it). And I copied the belt from Sylvia, who showed us different mixing and matching on 40+Style.
Took me ages and frustration before I found a good belt. Fortunately my friend Anja helped me with a link to I can completely lose myself in that site. You really have to filter. If you just search for “belt” you get 103.000 items. Bought two animal print belts, one for lower on the hip and one for around my waist. Did not cost me much, 25 dollars each which is even less in euros. My Dutch nature was very pleased.

Now I am still searching for the black and white belt that Sylvia is wearing in the same article of mixing and matching. Cannot find a similar thing. Rats…
And no, I do not mind copying somebody. I work in advertising where we say: better to copy a good thing than to invent a bad one (literally translated).

Those sunglasses are lovely…… they hide a lot of wrinkles.
The top was in my closet together with lots and lots of other colours.


Sitting in the window ledge across the street.


The same boyfriend jeans with the striped sweater and……
my yellow necklace, which I bought in Rome.
I wish I had bought a green and red one too.
Such an easy piece to brighten up any outfit.
Anyone going to Rome in the forseeable future?



Incorporating the modern style: one side of your sweater tucked in.


I am very pleased with these photos and these outfits.

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