Last Tuesday I promised you a Spring outfit and colours. Well, that was because I was promised sunshine.
The people at the weather forecast were too optimistic. Yesterday it was still cold, grey and windy.
Nevertheless I took my camera to the end of our street and photographed this outfit. While freezing…..

I am showing more and bright colours and as for the black, I apologize. The outfit is the reflection of the weather and says: hope, but we are not there yet.

The tunic is really a short dress with a high waist. Too short to wear as a dress with tights (to my taste that is) and too long to wear with trousers. I tried skinnies with the dress….. hmmm so so. And we are not settling for so so, now are we?

I like it as a tunic (hoisted up with the belt). It has a strange shape but with my small hips I don’t mind this at all. The trousers are in my wardrobe for quite a number of years. They are by DKNY and bought at Schiphol Airport (no shop is safe from me). Are they red? Are they pink? Just called this article “pink pants” because of the alliteration.
You are not going to see many combinations. Just a lot of the same haha. The only variation is the way the scarf is tied (knoted?).

Maintenance work was done to the canal which ruined the grass, but I am sure it will all be nice and green within a month.

Below: tree growing out of my head… and with the scarf longer.
Below: the tree is even bigger. Took this to give you a view of the canal and the street.
In the summer these trees are nice and big.

Hope you liked it.

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