Charcoal A-line skirt with different jackets

Last time I am posting an article with winter clothes. Thursday you will see Spring, but I need to show you this first.
When I posted my cream boots with lime-green jacket I got the suggestion to combine the boots with an A-line skirt. Which I just happened to have (…): the charcoal skirt which you have seen before with my fur jacket and with my yellow polka-dot cardigan.
So here are a couple of my try-outs. In my opinion it was a good advice.

This is the first time I ignored my “rule” never to mix brown with black. When you are raised with this dogma, it is hard to let it go. But I saw so many lovely combinations on other blogs, that I decided it was time to move on.

When you look at the photos and you think: “she looks a bit funny..” …you are right. I had spent 15 minutes on a suncouch that morning and I look puffy. It would have been better to take photos the next day which was no option as I had to go to work. To make things worse, I had a bad hair-day and the photos are somewhat green. Never mind boys and girls, it is the outfits you have to judge.
Let me know your favourite.

To begin with: brown velvet jacket with the charcoal skirt.




 Below: with a brown leather jacket.


With a leopard waistcoat.



With my cream jacket.



My favourite is the leopard waistcoat. Second the brown velvet jacket.
Which one is your favourite?

Oh .. and I have linked this article to a blog called Not dead yet style (love this name), to gather with other bloggers over 40. At the end of the article called Visible Monday.#92, you can see over a hundred women of 40+ who think blogging is fun.
Also linked my boots to the Shoe Shine Brigade of Bella (The Citizen Rosebud), another fun initiative in blogger land.



  1. 9 April 2013 / 19:01

    I think all variations look great on you, but I’m taken with the cream jacket. I also love the brown leather jacket. Perfect fit and I’m a fan of brown and black (as well as navy and black).

    The cream boots are unique with beautiful details. They also look comfortable.

    • 9 April 2013 / 20:34

      Yes Judith, the boots are even extreme comfortable. I think of them as my Barbie boots.

  2. 9 April 2013 / 19:21

    I really like the first outfit, you know, I’m a classic. But I find it very interesting the proposal with animal print vest, nice and funny. In the look with leather jacket I would change the color of the boots, put more in line with the hunter, mmmm! In short, I like the proposal and I like your skirt. The boots are not my favorite, but look good, especially with the last two options. I can not wait to see your spring collection 🙂

  3. Marianne van den Berg
    9 April 2013 / 19:56

    Because the skirt and boots are more leaning towards the classic side. I like a more contrasting top. So therefor my favourite is the leopard vest and the cream jacket.On the first photo I can hardly see the colour difference between the charcoal skirt and brown velvet jacket.

    • 9 April 2013 / 20:38

      I know the difference in the first photo is hard to see. That is because a) the brown velvet is very deep brown, b) the charcoal skirt is not deep black (obviously.., why would it otherwise be called charcoal?) and c) because I am a lousy photographer. Working on that last thing though.

  4. 9 April 2013 / 21:55

    It’s so nice to see you joining Patti and pals for Visible Monday- I can’t believe how big it’s gotten, and it’s a good way to see the variety of women who love to dress up.

    I like the leopard waistcoat (or as I call it, vest) the best but the brown jacket is a close second. Ok, a far second. I really like the leopard waistcoat.

    • 9 April 2013 / 22:34

      Hi Bella, that is because you are so fond of leopard.
      Yes I got it together to link up to Visible Monday. Just got confused with the picture. I wanted to upload the boot to your Shoe Shine on Wednesday… have to think of a new one now.

  5. 10 April 2013 / 06:29

    All combo’s are nice, especially the leopard version. Just don’t like the boots. At least not in the above combinations, possibly not at all. Wonder how these combo’s would look with a. pumps, b. your black ‘dandy’ booties, boots….

    • 10 April 2013 / 07:18

      I like my black patent leather booties best underneath trousers as they are rather bulky in my opinion, to use with skirts.
      As for the boots… This exercise was to find combinations with these boots. They are the kind you either hate or love.

  6. 10 April 2013 / 07:20

    I don’t even need to think about it, I love the leopard waistcoat combo. It looks perfect with your A-line skirt, it brings out the color and personality of those awesome boots (that I want) and it adds the perfect mix of pattern. Well done!

    • 10 April 2013 / 07:43

      Thanks Trina. I was just about to wear this combination when Spring hit us all of a sudden. I am not complainng. There are other outfits screaming to be worn.

  7. 10 April 2013 / 09:01

    I like all your options, but above all I love andWANT your unique boots, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    • 10 April 2013 / 12:15

      I knew you would be on the “love side” with these boots. Completely your style.

  8. Anonymous
    10 April 2013 / 15:21

    Dear Greetje,

    I like first the outfit of the velvet jacket, it is simple but very stylish. Then with the leopard waistcoat in combination with the boots is my second choice. Because it looks playfull stylish and matches very well with the boots.

    The combination with the leather jacket looks a bit messy in my opinion.

    Although the cream jacket matches with the boots, I think it is to sporty with the skirt. I still love this jacket very much with the blue boyfriend jeans from the past.

    Lots of love also for your husband Ron and doggy Charlie,

    Helena (Lenie)

    • 10 April 2013 / 16:29

      Oh how lovely to hear from you. And I totally agree with you, although I find it hard to choose between the velvet jacket and the leopard waistcoat. Sometimes I prefer the one and then the other. The cream jacket is also in my opinion too sporty and the leather jacket has never been my favourite.
      Love you too.

  9. Katrien
    10 April 2013 / 16:08

    You had lots of good inspiration here. That skirt is great to combine things with. I have always liked those boots as they stand out and suit you so well. Favorite combination ….. can’t choose, one for each mood or occasion. As for the bad hair & puffy eyes day, Instagram fixes everything.

    • 10 April 2013 / 16:39

      Not true… I have PicMonkey but it does not fix everything. I am thinking of buying Lightroom and taking photos RAW (tip from Sylvia of 40+Style). Trying to find the time to work out all these new things.
      Glad you are still visiting my blog.

  10. 10 April 2013 / 23:54

    I am a bit late, Greetje!
    Your first outfit is my favourite as I like the classic combination.
    The fitted velvet jacket paired with the A-line skirt gives a fabulous silouette; the difference in colour isn’t really visible.

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments recently!

    Lady of Style

    • 11 April 2013 / 19:59

      And they were honest comments Annette. I only dish out honest comments. So you better watch out (just kidding).
      Thanks for your giving your opinion. A fabulous silhouette is something we all strive for, so I will definitely wear it like that.

  11. 11 April 2013 / 04:40

    Thank you so much for joining the Shoe Shine brigade. G-girl you rock!

    • 11 April 2013 / 20:00

      I will make a link from my blog to the Shoe Shine Brigade as well. Forgot about that. Such a nice initiative.

  12. RedTagChicLosAngeles
    11 April 2013 / 16:09

    The leopard vest/waistcoat is my all-time bet… will work well with almost anything in my closet & is totally trendy right now!!


    • 11 April 2013 / 19:56

      Most of us agree on the leopard waistcoat. Isn’t it great that something this old is so hot now?

  13. 15 April 2013 / 18:30

    I love the the brown velvet jacket; its a bit edgy and it fits you wonderfully!
    I never heard of not mixing brown and black, but yet again I grew up in the Latin Caribbean (Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic) where we are known for mixing everything.

    • 15 April 2013 / 20:54

      Oh I am older than you are and was raised a bit conservative in The Netherlands. We never used to be too wild. The sixties and seventies changed that. Just that brown and black stayed in my mind.

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