Last time I am posting an article with winter clothes. Thursday you will see Spring, but I need to show you this first.
When I posted my cream boots with lime-green jacket I got the suggestion to combine the boots with an A-line skirt. Which I just happened to have (…): the charcoal skirt which you have seen before with my fur jacket and with my yellow polka-dot cardigan.
So here are a couple of my try-outs. In my opinion it was a good advice.

This is the first time I ignored my “rule” never to mix brown with black. When you are raised with this dogma, it is hard to let it go. But I saw so many lovely combinations on other blogs, that I decided it was time to move on.

When you look at the photos and you think: “she looks a bit funny..” …you are right. I had spent 15 minutes on a suncouch that morning and I look puffy. It would have been better to take photos the next day which was no option as I had to go to work. To make things worse, I had a bad hair-day and the photos are somewhat green. Never mind boys and girls, it is the outfits you have to judge.
Let me know your favourite.

To begin with: brown velvet jacket with the charcoal skirt.




 Below: with a brown leather jacket.


With a leopard waistcoat.



With my cream jacket.



My favourite is the leopard waistcoat. Second the brown velvet jacket.
Which one is your favourite?

Oh .. and I have linked this article to a blog called Not dead yet style (love this name), to gather with other bloggers over 40. At the end of the article called Visible Monday.#92, you can see over a hundred women of 40+ who think blogging is fun.
Also linked my boots to the Shoe Shine Brigade of Bella (The Citizen Rosebud), another fun initiative in blogger land.

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