Charcoal A-line skirt with different jackets

Last time I am posting an article with winter clothes. Thursday you will see Spring, but I need to show you this first.
When I posted my cream boots with lime-green jacket I got the suggestion to combine the boots with an A-line skirt. Which I just happened to have (…): the charcoal skirt which you have seen before with my fur jacket and with my yellow polka-dot cardigan.
So here are a couple of my try-outs. In my opinion it was a good advice.

This is the first time I ignored my “rule” never to mix brown with black. When you are raised with this dogma, it is hard to let it go. But I saw so many lovely combinations on other blogs, that I decided it was time to move on.

When you look at the photos and you think: “she looks a bit funny..” …you are right. I had spent 15 minutes on a suncouch that morning and I look puffy. It would have been better to take photos the next day which was no option as I had to go to work. To make things worse, I had a bad hair-day and the photos are somewhat green. Never mind boys and girls, it is the outfits you have to judge.
Let me know your favourite.

To begin with: brown velvet jacket with the charcoal skirt.




 Below: with a brown leather jacket.


With a leopard waistcoat.



With my cream jacket.



My favourite is the leopard waistcoat. Second the brown velvet jacket.
Which one is your favourite?

Oh .. and I have linked this article to a blog called Not dead yet style (love this name), to gather with other bloggers over 40. At the end of the article called Visible Monday.#92, you can see over a hundred women of 40+ who think blogging is fun.
Also linked my boots to the Shoe Shine Brigade of Bella (The Citizen Rosebud), another fun initiative in blogger land.

Brown velvet jacket and camel pencil skirt

Posting only once a week is too little. Three times a week is too much. So I am now trying twice a week.
Tuesdays and Thursdays. Will you keep visiting me?

One evening I grabbed this brown velvet jacket and was determined to make an outfit with it. The lovely green skirt which created such a nice ensemble, had gone to pieces years ago.
Looking through my wardrobe in search of a light coloured skirt, I found this camel pencil skirt. Never wear it because it can give me a tummy and it creases enormously.

My husband is my critic for a new outfit, so downstairs I went: “What do you think of this outfit, darling?”
He actually judges and answers. Isn’t that nice? And he approved. That wasn’t the end of it (poor man), I still needed an answer to what colour top I would wear underneath it. “Yellow” he said immediately. So yellow it is. As I said before … I am not very good at styling but I have my little helpers… LOL

The cameo was a bit too much in his book, but I liked it. My yellow bag was still in use from the outfit of the day before…. hence… the yellow bag.

The next day I took my camera to work again, as this is the easiest way of getting photos which are a bit different from the boring garden photos. Unfortunately I had a bad-hair-day. And I had to squeeze my eyes because of the sun. But the photos are nice, very arty. Just look at the outfit and ignore the face.


Above left: not really my favourite point of view for photos….but I liked the fact that you see my legs reflected in the glass of the stairs (art over looks).

Got a lot of compliments that day. Which surprised me. But what do I know?