Is there anybody who doesn’t like polka dots?

Polka dot dressTime for a summer dress again as you might grow sick of seeing me in jeans. This cute polka dot dress was a sales score at Essentiel Antwerp, the same time I bought the bag. They also had the dress in blue, in blue/white striped and red/white striped. Although I really like stripes, nothing beats a polka dot. Or perhaps leopard print could. I love the freshness and the cuteness. The dress is a good length for me, but at the sides it rises up too high for my taste. So I used my usual trick: wearing a stretchy pencil skirt underneath.  View Post

Wide khaki trousers by Joline Jolink

Wide khaki trousersJoline Jolink is a Dutch designer. Every new garment she designs, like these wide khaki trousers, has to be versatile. You should be able to combine it with a lot of her other pieces, old and new. That way she creates a sustainable wardrobe for her customers, one you can use for a longer time than just one (fashion) season. In case you missed the first link, her website is Dutch readers should really take a peek.  View Post