Polka dot dressTime for a summer dress again as you might grow sick of seeing me in jeans. This cute polka dot dress was a sales score at Essentiel Antwerp, the same time I bought the bag. They also had the dress in blue, in blue/white striped and red/white striped. Although I really like stripes, nothing beats a polka dot. Or perhaps leopard print could. I love the freshness and the cuteness. The dress is a good length for me, but at the sides it rises up too high for my taste. So I used my usual trick: wearing a stretchy pencil skirt underneath. 

Loes, my neighbour from across the road was kind enough to do the photography. We decided to go to Spaarndam which is a beautiful old harbour village. I have been there before with Ron in April this year, wearing a pair of wide khaki trousers. Of course, after months of beautiful summer weather, nothing but sunshine and high temperatures, this afternoon, the sun decided it was time for a rest. That also happened last time I was in Spaarndam. And it is so much prettier in the sunshine.

Below: Loes, wearing a darling sheath dress. I saw her wearing this dress the previous week and said: “When we do a photo shoot again, please wear this dress”, which she did. Bless her. Finding a chair with red cushions is just luck.


Below: Pretenting to open the door…. of a total strangers’ house. We did the shoot on a Wednesday afternoon and I was secretly praying for the owners to be out. To their job, their mother, painting the town. But not home. Fortunately they weren’t.

Polka dot dress

As you can see above, (this one is for the lovers of text below the photo  😀 ) the dress is high up at the sides and shorter at the front than the back. Which makes me feel uncomfortable. So I added my trusted stretchy pencil skirt by Bellamy Gallery. Come to think of it, my ample bosom is probably causing the difference in length. All these dresses are made for women with an upper class bosom. I saw a documentary once about Haute Couture. A very rich and distinguished lady of the British upper class (aged 40-ish) mentioned the fact that a big bosom was regarded as common “in their circle”. Not having size zero ditto. Well, I definitely am not their kind of people, right? And it shows  😆 .

Below: We tried another shot with the earring showing. Better pictures further down.

Polka dot dress

Below: Overlooking the harbour. Well, not really, as there was this great big ship in front of me. See the length at the back? That’s what I want at the front as well. The strange thing is that I can actually walk on these heels although my Knee is still far from healed. It depends on the shoe and the heel whether I can or cannot.

Polka dot dress

Below: Loes and I tried a wall of green leaves behind my blond hair. The idea was good, but the camera was on the blink and the wind blew fiercely.

Polka dot dress

Below: I did like this shot even though the smile is fake (there is only so much time you can keep your grin real). The earrings and the bracelet are made by Dorisse, who has lovely stuff for sale on Etsy. Her shop name is PaperStatement.

Polka dot dress

Below: This is an even closer look at the earrings.

Polka dot dress

Below: Everybody wants their car close to the house, but it ruins my picture of the nice old houses in Spaarndam.


Below: As we walked back to the restaurant, I saw this fence with the little nesting-boxes on top. Nice.

Spaarndam harbour

Below: Even though the sun wasn’t bright and shiny, I wanted to sit at this table with the flowers. With the ships in the background… would make a good photo.

Spaarndam harbour

Below: Tough luck. The fence was locked. The table out of our reach.

Spaarndam harbour

Below: A close-up of the sign above the fence. It says: “First there is Life, than there is Battle and then Death and one loses everything.” It rhyms in Dutch. Not very uplifting if you ask me. It is an invitation to call it a day, if you ask me. Why bother?

Spaarndam harbour

Below: We went back to a merrier place: restaurant De Kolk. We had coffee and tea indoors before we started the shoot and one of the cooks recognized me from the first time I visited their place for a photo shoot. How about that? I was chuffed.

Loes in Restaurant De Kolk in Spaarndam

Below: They have a lovely terrace overlooking the water. Pity the sun was on strike. (No this is not a sponsored post, we paid for the coffee and tea haha.)

Spaarndam, restaurant De Kolk

Below: Wind swept look. Not my favourite, but what can you do?

Polka dot dress

What happened in my life this week?

From now on I want to tell you a bit more about my every day life with every post. Inspired as I am by Nikki’s blog: Midlife Chic which I love. I read all her posts. It is as if she really lets you into her life. And yes, style and fashion are main subjects too. Now, she was an editor of Selfridges magazine for 9 years. She know how to write, how to engage her readers. I very much doubt whether I have the writing skills to get even near her level. English not being my native language makes it even harder. And last but certainly not least: my life might be so boring, you don’t want to know. Nevertheless I am going to give it a try. Why? Beats me. Here we go.

Last week was unusual as we had a little family crisis which was nipped in the bud but it upset me grossly and had me in tears. I don’t want to dwell on it so my first experience of the week doesn’t give this writing attempt a very good start. Nevertheless I didn’t leave it out as I don’t want to tell you only the nice things. Life has its high and lows.

Worked hard and long. I work in advertising at a bank and the next campaign has be executed in too little time. Which means the planning does not allow for anything to go wrong. And even if nothing goes wrong (whenever does that happen?) it is still dodgy whether we will make the deadline. Therefore the creative agency’s representative and I made an agreement: he snaps his fingers and I jump. Not really the way I want to work, but as we have given them insufficient time, there is no other solution. Let’s hope for the best. So far so good.

Saturday we all went on a boat cruise through the Amsterdam canals. That was nice. We, in this case, are Ron (husband), Nicky (step daughter), Randolf (boyfriend Nicky) and me. Even though the weather wasn’t that bright we had a jolly good day.


Ron bought this boat after saving diligently and since a couple of years he uses it for a small business: showing tourists the sights of Amsterdam from the water. While cruising the canals they can learn about navigating the boat, even steering it. Especially children (of all ages) think this is cool. If you want to know more about it (excuse me for this blatant advertising): www.amsterdamboatcompany.com

Below: The most decadent thing we do with the boat, is mooring at this jetty which is the terrace of café ‘t Smalle in the middle of Amsterdam. Imagine this conversation: “Excuse me, would you mind removing your foot from this post? I have to moor our boat, you see.” I mean, how decadent is that? Believe me, the rest of our life is really simple.


Below: Café ‘t Smalle means: Café Narrow. As you can see. It is what we Dutch call: a brown café.

Café 't Smalle Amsterdam

As we were cruising, we passed the famous Prinsengracht concert which, as the name says, takes place on a canal called Prinsengracht. Classical music is played by life artists on a stage built on the water. The water and the high houses make the acoustic brilliant. The whole canal is filled to the brim with small boats. You can line up with your boat from 6 o’clock in the morning (the concert starts at 20.00 hrs….). After a long wait you get assigned a spot. The quays are packed of course and people who live there invite friends to watch.

Below: an impression of two famous Dutch brothers playing classical music, Lucas and Arthur Jussen (no, they are not twins). They played the well-known Amsterdam songs in a classical manner and everybody started to sing along. If you don’t have the patience to watch the whole 6.36 minutes, start at 1.38 or 3.25.

We passed at 15.30 and sing-a-songs were heard, even though we were absolutely not close. I sang along. Put the video on Facebook and my husband commented: “Can that woman singing off-key please disembark?” Hahaha.. the sweetheart.

That’s it for this week.


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