bright pink sweaterThe Haarlem Bloggers got together one last time this summer and I decided to wear my bright pink sweater. I bought it from South of the River and I love the impact of the colour. Yes, it leaps out at you. Fine by me.

Sylvia of 40PlusStyle has left for New York, Anja (Curly Traveller) is nearly on her way to Singapore which leaves Misja (MisjaB) and me to roam around Haarlem. Therefore Sunday last week, one last lunch/coffee meeting.

We paid a visit to the restaurant of Dolhuys, the museum of the mind. More information if you click the link. We met here before in 2016 when Misja photographed me in my purple silk jacket. It is close for the four of us and provides a beautiful background.

Below: Sylvia and Anja

Below: Me and Misja.

bright pink sweater

Below: I was not pleased with my hair in the above photo and tried to do something about it… Never do that when somebody is pointing a camera at you.

bright pink sweater

Below: Sylvia giving advice no doubt. She is my mentor as she has already accomplished so much with her website 40PlusStyle. Sylvia has now also started a new blog, 40+Entrepreneur, where she shares lots of resources and training so you can become a successful entrepreneur yourself.

bright pink sweater

Below: Before lunch I requested the photo shoot. Anja took this photo with the man “behind the window” looking at me. Funny!!

bright pink sweater

Below: Wearing the hot pink sweater (as South of the River calls it), which is a summer quality. A leopard belt from Etsy, a pair of second-hand jeans (Citizens of Humanity), a fuchsia bracelet (gifted by Strawberry). Never thought I would wear this bracelet so much but I do. Probably because I don’t feel I am wearing it.

bright pink sweater

Below: Close-up of the shoes which you saw in June as The Haarlem Bloggers got together. 

sandals with leopard print

Below: Showing the back of the sweater.

bright pink sweater

Below: Anja made me laugh.

bright pink sweater

Below: Anja photographing my shoes. (Photo taken by Sylvia.)

Below: At the side of the restaurant I took this shot of Sylvia, Misja and Anja. We were fine, but Anja was a little cold as she is so accustomed to Singapore temperatures. The minute temperatures drop to normal Dutch level, she is wearing a cardigan and coat. Loved her T-shirt.

Sulvia, Misja and Anja

Below: Close-up of Anja and her T-shirt.

Below: Back outside. Misja photographing Sylvia wearing another good outfit. Misja does know how to style herself.

Misja of MisjaB

Below: Sylvia had graffiti as background again, wearing the right clothes for it. Very arty and modern.

Sylvia of 40plusstyle

Below: Misja took a photo of all my accessories together. She is so good in fashion photography. Really pays attention to the little details that matter. (Remember last time I told you, you can book her? This is the link to her fees and information in English, and this is the link in Dutch.)

The bag was a sale score at Essentiel Antwerp. I went to the hair dresser on my bike to have my fringe cut. Just as I was going to cycle home again, I thought: “Why not cross the road and take a peek at the Essentiel shop?” Dangerous thought.

bright pink sweater

Below: Photo by Misja. These jeans are a bit too low for the sweater. If I want to tuck it in at the front (and I do), the sweater pulls too much instead of generously hanging over the belt. And we don’t want that in the tummy area, now do we? It is much better with my boyfriend jeans but I don’t want to bore you with those every week 😊.

bright pink sweater

Below: I don’t know what crazy photo we were looking at, but it might not have made it to this blog post haha. (Photo taken by Sylvia.)

Below: Sylvia, Misja and me. Photo by Anja. See that crease just above my belt? That is where my top ended. In other words: top is too short. Will wear another top next time. The things you have to take into account… pfff … tiring.

bright pink sweater

Next week a dress again.


No Fear of Fashion





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