Purple silk jacket and a photo shoot

Purple silk jacket (9 van 13)One Sunday Sylvia, Anja and myself arranged to meet Misja Beijers, female 40+ photographer with a blog, showing many street style photos of women (and men) over 40. A really inspirational blog. Both Anja (Curly Traveller) and Sylvia (40+Style), had discovered this lady who is also living in our town Haarlem. As we all have quite a few things in common, a meet-up was organized by Sylvia. What should have been a beautiful sunny day, turned out to be a very humid, rainy day. Which ruins my hair completely. And you know how fussy I am about my hair….

Meeting Misja was fun (I will see her more often if possible) and she kindly took our pictures that day. A bad hair day is no reason to be a spoilsport, right?

Sylvia had scored a new jacket the day before and wore that to the shoot. For a while I didn’t know whether I should use the pictures showing her and the new jacket for this post. After all, she should have the scoop on her own site and we share quite a few readers. Then reality kicked in. Come on Greetje… the number of readers you have compared to Sylvia… showing the jacket first is not going to make much difference to her haha.

A nice thing: Sylvia and I often have the same taste and I copy her shamelessly (fortunately she also copies me sometimes). And I liked her new jacket. A lot. I tried it on. Usually her things don’t fit me (she is at least a size smaller), but this jacket did. Now Sylvia lives in Singapore and this is really a jacket for cold seasons. So she left it in The Netherlands and I am allowed to borrow it. ….yeah.

Below: Sylvia and me. I wore this old purple silk jacket which appeared on the blog before, with different shoes. To tell you the truth, it was always a bit tight and nowadays it feels more tight than ever. Such a shame, I might have to find another owner for it.Purple silk jacket (1 van 13)Below: AnjaPurple silk jacket (2 van 13)Below: on the couch in the café from left to right: Sylvia, Misja and me.Purple silk jacket (3 van 13)Below: Misja directing Sylvia to the best spot.Purple silk jacket (5 van 13)Below: and to work. No rest for the wicked LOL.Purple silk jacket (6 van 13)Below: Sylvia posting like a pro, me watching and learning. All the thrown down jackets, umbrellas and bags were not in the shots, as you can imagine. My hair looked ridiculous from the front, but perfect from the back. It definitely leads its own life.Purple silk jacket (8 van 13)Below: of course Misja was not the only one taking pictures. So were Sylvia and Anja. I was the only one without a camera for a change. Misja is aiming for the shoes.Purple silk jacket (7 van 13)Below: details of the outfit.silver pumps and necklace white bagBelow: portret of the three of us. Purple silk jacket (11 van 13)If you want to see more pictures, go to the post Misja made about this shoot. And have a look around her blog anyway. Even though it is in Dutch, the photos speak for themselves.


No Fear of Fashion



  1. 9 August 2015 / 17:56

    What a fabulous quartet of ladies! I don’t know where to start! The colourful jackets, the gorgeous necklaces you and Misja are wearing, her funky specs, and Anja’s great top! What a visual feast. Lucky you that Sylvia has allowed you to borrow her jacket! And so lovely that yet more female bloggers meet, share and become friends. And I love the photos of you all photographing each other, whilst photographing each other!

    Greetje you need to host a meet in The Netherlands!


    • Greetje
      9 August 2015 / 21:01

      I once tried hosting a meet-up (in 2014). I had three women who signed up for two different dates. So that was not a success. Most of my readers are in the USA, and a trip to the Netherlands is a costly affair. But I would be happy to host one. Also I say to readers whom I get to know better, to let me know whenever they are visiting Amsterdam and I will meet them for a coffee or an afternoon.

  2. 9 August 2015 / 20:04

    I do know first hand that you and Sylvia have similar taste, it was quite fun and entertaining to see this as we shopped together. Very nice friend to leave behind and share that amazing jacket.
    You are way too critical of your hair, my cute friend, no one would really notice that you’re having a bad hair day. Although I will say, the back did look incredible, but then again so did the front. I dubs that silk jacket if you ever decide to let go of it, I’ve lived it from the first time you showed it.
    The photo shoot looked like a lot of fun, great picture of the three of you beautiful ladies.

    • Greetje
      9 August 2015 / 21:10

      I will put a red dot with your name on the jacket. As in “painting sold”. When I part with it, I will send it to you. You have to give me your address though.

  3. 9 August 2015 / 21:25

    I love the way you have plaid it down with jeans and then pop again with silver shoes. In my humble opinion, very well played, dear Greetje.

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 06:03

      Thank you Sacramento. I thought it would be too festive to wear with anything but jeans.

  4. 9 August 2015 / 22:13

    Smart woman! So clever of you to snatch the lovely jacket! Oh come on, we all know Sylvia is never going to see it again… (And it does look fabulous on you, and I’m sure it will be one very happy jacket indeed, having a good home with you)

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 06:06

      Hahaha. No that blue/purple/red jacket will remain in Sylvia’s closet and I will jot borrow it more than on e or twice. I don’t like borrowing really. I am always afraid I might ruin it while wearing.

  5. 9 August 2015 / 22:21

    You all look so fabulous! What fun to have a professional photographer for your shoot; some day I’ll have to try that… 😉 Both jackets are gorgeous, and I love Anja’s lovely curly hair.

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 06:07

      It was a wet but fun day. And I agree Anja’s hair is so nice.

  6. 9 August 2015 / 23:52

    What gorgeous photos! You’re all looking beautiful.

    It is so nice to see Sylvia wearing so much colour. Her hair looks red here.


    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 06:08

      Sylvia’s hair is red. It was red in Vancouver too.

  7. 10 August 2015 / 01:08

    What a happy post. The bright clothes mirror your mood.

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 06:10

      That is what I aim for with my blog Ally. To make people smile or laugh. Happy is good too LOL.

  8. Charlene
    10 August 2015 / 01:30

    All three of you look beautiful, and happy!
    Update on Very Attractive Blonde Lady Wearing Gray Pants and White Top (that you photographed and I pinned): 147 pins and 27 likes!

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 06:13

      Hahaha… unbelievable. I have never put the lady on Pinterest as I don’t have a board with Street Style.
      Doing very poorly on a new Street Style post. Summer is nearly over and I only have two ladies “in stock”. I really have to take a day off and go into Amsterdam with my camera just for this purpose.

  9. Happiness at Mid Life
    10 August 2015 / 07:07

    You ladies looks like you had fun time with the shoot. I really like this jacket on you paired with the jeans. Sylvia’s jacket is fab and lucky to have a friend that lives in a tropical country so you can use it too 🙂


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 20:48

      Yes, it is essential to choose your friends well, with the right criteria hahaha. Just joking.

  10. 10 August 2015 / 08:56

    Greetje, I love your jacket, it is spectacular. I love your companions of post; Fancy meeting you go!

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 21:33

      Meeting new and old friends while enjoying coffee and then doing a favourite blog thing: taking photos, sure made up for the rotten weather.
      Sorry I haven’t visited your blog lately. I am very busy at work and I have been away. Oh so much to do and so little time to do it in.

  11. elle
    10 August 2015 / 21:13

    Fabulous Jacket Greetje, ( and Sylvia)
    Love the jacquarded top on Anya, and I love the necklace on Misja.
    You ladies are a trio of fashion plates! Oh, I hope you keep this jacket Greetle, it is so special!
    I love it styled with the silver heels, and the cuffed denim, very on point !
    And the necklace is stunning!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 21:34

      It was indeed a nice experience. And the jacket is a favourite of mine, but it is getting very tight.

  12. 10 August 2015 / 21:28

    Such a fun day and we all look so colorful together. I really hope you will wear the jacket Greetje. I would probably wear it more often with skinnies even though I chose a more ‘fashionista’ look for the photoshoot. You would look amazing with the jacket and the new skinnies you bought in Vancouver. I think you could pull it off with the flares too!

    • Greetje
      10 August 2015 / 21:37

      I have already “created” two outfits with the flared jeans. I am sure it is going to be easier to style them than the time when flared jeans were fashion before.
      And indeed, my new skinny jeans and your jacket will look great together (you cannot see the big grin on my face haha).

    • Greetje
      11 August 2015 / 19:43

      I love to read such comments like yours. I do so want to entertain and never am certain whether I have achieved that. So thank you.

  13. 11 August 2015 / 13:53

    Three smiling friends and a sparkling outfi!t! Your hair is not bad at all and you look radiant…The blogger who you have met surely took great photos! I am waiting you share them!!


    • Greetje
      11 August 2015 / 19:45

      The first and the last photo were taken by the new blogger friend we met. If you click through on the link in my post, you will see more photos she took that day.

  14. 11 August 2015 / 19:18

    These photos are stunning – they are soft and crisp at the same time, and the colours are vibrant. The last one is wonderful. And of course I love your jacket, especially the big collar style. Would you wear it with a pencil skirt? I have a jacket, very similar style (haha! xo) that a friend suggested to try with a pencil skirt.
    You’re lucky to have like-minded women living close by!

    • Greetje
      11 August 2015 / 19:47

      Don’t you have like-minded women living close by? I think Vancouver is filled with them. Lots of the ones I have met at the meet-up live near by, don’t they? Or is “near” a lot further away than in my country? A colleague told me yesterday that Vancouvre Island is 20 x The Netherlands haha. Everything is close here.

  15. 11 August 2015 / 20:43

    In the States we say WERK when we approve. So Greetje, I say to you…Werk!

    • Greetje
      11 August 2015 / 21:39

      Funny… the word “werk” means “work” in Dutch. I am glad you approve. Is it as busy in your life as it is in mine?

  16. 12 August 2015 / 03:30

    Another fun meet-up! You’re having a great summer, and thanks for sharing the fun. The four of you are stunning, each with extraordinary individual style.

    Can’t wait to see you in that beautiful jacket!

    • Greetje
      12 August 2015 / 08:47

      Haha, can I do that? Making a post with Sylvia’s jacket? I wasn’t planning it. When you click through to the blog of our photographer, you will see swell photos of Sylvia in her jacket.

  17. 13 August 2015 / 09:05

    It was a nice meet up and photoshoot, despite of the grey weather and the pics turned out great! Misja takes good pictures.

    Yay for (us) bloggers and double yay for (us) 40plus bloggers. Three of us even 50plus bloggers;-).

    • Greetje
      13 August 2015 / 20:44

      We are doing well indeed.

  18. 17 August 2015 / 20:32

    Great photo at the end of the three of you – I love the bright colours you have chosen, and you all look very stylish. I follow Misja’s Instagram feed and very much enjoy her photos. She has great taste in eyeglasses!

  19. Anna Parkes
    2 October 2015 / 23:07

    This is such a lovely cheery post where you all look so happy! There’s nothing extra I can add – it’s all been said already – jacket, turned up jeans and spectacular shoes, you’ve got it all going on. Fab xxx


    • Greetje
      3 October 2015 / 09:01

      And here I was, doubting this jacket. I nearly gave it away. Also because it was not sitting comfortably anymore. Instead I have dropped a little weight and it is perfect again.

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