Purple silk jacket (9 van 13)One Sunday Sylvia, Anja and myself arranged to meet Misja Beijers, female 40+ photographer with a blog, showing many street style photos of women (and men) over 40. A really inspirational blog. Both Anja (Curly Traveller) and Sylvia (40+Style), had discovered this lady who is also living in our town Haarlem. As we all have quite a few things in common, a meet-up was organized by Sylvia. What should have been a beautiful sunny day, turned out to be a very humid, rainy day. Which ruins my hair completely. And you know how fussy I am about my hair….

Meeting Misja was fun (I will see her more often if possible) and she kindly took our pictures that day. A bad hair day is no reason to be a spoilsport, right?

Sylvia had scored a new jacket the day before and wore that to the shoot. For a while I didn’t know whether I should use the pictures showing her and the new jacket for this post. After all, she should have the scoop on her own site and we share quite a few readers. Then reality kicked in. Come on Greetje… the number of readers you have compared to Sylvia… showing the jacket first is not going to make much difference to her haha.

A nice thing: Sylvia and I often have the same taste and I copy her shamelessly (fortunately she also copies me sometimes). And I liked her new jacket. A lot. I tried it on. Usually her things don’t fit me (she is at least a size smaller), but this jacket did. Now Sylvia lives in Singapore and this is really a jacket for cold seasons. So she left it in The Netherlands and I am allowed to borrow it. ….yeah.

Below: Sylvia and me. I wore this old purple silk jacket which appeared on the blog before, with different shoes. To tell you the truth, it was always a bit tight and nowadays it feels more tight than ever. Such a shame, I might have to find another owner for it.Purple silk jacket (1 van 13)Below: AnjaPurple silk jacket (2 van 13)Below: on the couch in the café from left to right: Sylvia, Misja and me.Purple silk jacket (3 van 13)Below: Misja directing Sylvia to the best spot.Purple silk jacket (5 van 13)Below: and to work. No rest for the wicked LOL.Purple silk jacket (6 van 13)Below: Sylvia posting like a pro, me watching and learning. All the thrown down jackets, umbrellas and bags were not in the shots, as you can imagine. My hair looked ridiculous from the front, but perfect from the back. It definitely leads its own life.Purple silk jacket (8 van 13)Below: of course Misja was not the only one taking pictures. So were Sylvia and Anja. I was the only one without a camera for a change. Misja is aiming for the shoes.Purple silk jacket (7 van 13)Below: details of the outfit.silver pumps and necklace white bagBelow: portret of the three of us. Purple silk jacket (11 van 13)If you want to see more pictures, go to the post Misja made about this shoot. And have a look around her blog anyway. Even though it is in Dutch, the photos speak for themselves.


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