T shirt Melanie (1 van 20)The blogger meet-up in Vancouver was terrific because of all these fabulous women I met. As a bonus I got to take home many treasures. Like the art T-shirt Melanie (Bag and a Beret) made for me. Melanie is a gifted artist. She made the fun drawing on the front of the shirt (representing her alter ego Miz Bagg) and the quote “I surrender to chaos”. So sweet. I love the way Melanie looks at the world.

A brooch (you can’t see it) is holding the T-shirt up at one side. Very fashionable. It actually looks good this way so I don’t mind following the “fashion rules”.

The weather on the Sunday when I wore the T-shirt was glorious. Ron (husband) drove down to fetch my mother (an hour’s drive to and an hour’s drive fro) to spend the day at Ron’s “veggie patch” (300 square meters). It is his sanctuary. You can find him there most of the times when the weather is good. In his sanctuary he thinks up problems, difficulties. Only to have something to solve. I know, it takes all kinds.

Another nice aspect of his garden is the fact I am not there. Nobody nagging, nobody telling him to clean after him, wipe his feet etc. It is ever so quiet and nothing is a must. Needless to say I don’t visit much LOL.

Below: a closer look at the shirt. Miz Baggs on her side and the text balloon saying “I surrender to chaos”. T shirt Melanie (2 van 20)Below: daft look on my face but pretty earrings (gift from my friend Marianne).T shirt Melanie (20 van 20)Below: Ron is telling my mom about his experiment with floating endive in the pond…. (for the Dutch: he calls this “andrijvie”).T shirt Melanie (11 van 20)Below: view from his little cabin into the garden. See the four little pots on the plank in the pond? That is the floating endive experiment.T shirt Melanie (10 van 20)Below: three more pictures of the garden, going further to the back.T shirt Melanie (14 van 20)

T shirt Melanie (12 van 20)

T shirt Melanie (13 van 20)Below: on the right side of the garden, this “horse” is disappearing in the hedge….T shirt Melanie (5 van 20)Below: this is the other side of the hedge. You would expect to see the head sticking through. Alas the green horse has no head. There is only me looking quite ridiculous. Never take my picture when I am not prepared, eating or talking…. And no, I did not need the bathroom.T shirt Melanie (3 van 20)Below: the table in front of his little cabin. The nextdoor neighbour had picked flowers to make it look nice for my mother.T shirt Melanie (15 van 20)Below: now for the inside…. Ron protects his cabin from burglars by hanging a skeleton (plastic) from a noose in front of the doors.T shirt Melanie (7 van 20)Below: he is really a friendly chap. Very polite. Introduced himself as Peter.T shirt Melanie (8 van 20)Below: as you can see, Ron manages to have heating, a cooker and a fridge without any electricity. Powered by sunshine or gas. The sink is not up to my standard of tidiness, but that is why he loves this place so much.T shirt Melanie (6 van 20)Below: he also has a little corner in front of the window overlooking the garden. Compleet with easy chair (leather) and male art objects.T shirt Melanie (9 van 20)Below: he was playing old records (as in 1948) for my mom on a very old record player. It is battery driven.T shirt Melanie (16 van 20)Below: my dear mom, becoming 87 this month. Sound of body and mind.T shirt Melanie (18 van 20)Below: Ron played the squeeze box for her. Two years ago he suddenly took up learning to play this instrument… I know, not very rock & roll. Strange man but I love him.T shirt Melanie (19 van 20)I love the T-shirt and like wearing it in my free time. But I am also going to give it a try with a jacket and a pencil skirt.

OK, that was it for this week. Next week: the fair.


No Fear of Fashion

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