White Hope trousers fair (34)_LRThese white trousers are the comfiest trousers you can imagine. The crotch hangs way low, they are soft as butter and they don’t pinch my belly. The name of the brand is Hope, a fantastic Swedish brand. All their stuff is sooo soft. They do “normal” trousers and dresses as well, but I happened to buy their “relaxed” items, as I did this winter (you saw my black and white trousers which I wore to Antwerp).

Ron wanted to take my pictures at the fair because of all the lights and the different background. We went there a little too late in the evening (my fault) and we used the telelens. Which accounts for the nice but not the sharpest photos.

Below: looking at some guys throwing soft balls at cans (yes they still do that….), not hitting anything. Probably already too drunk. As you can see I was terribly overdressed for a fair. Which is no skin of my nose. To me you can never look overdressed when you look good. (I make an exception for an evening gown. That really needs the proper setting. Unless your name is Melanie. Then you can wear it anywhere.)White Hope trousers fair (37)_LRBelow: the fair is still kitsch. Terribly kitch. Only 13/14 year old youngsters there. Boys trying to impress girls. Girls giggling and acting stupid. Nothing new. White Hope trousers fair (40)_LRBelow: I decided that the trousers were designed for a minimalistic approach, so adding the necklace and the boots was more than enough. No colour this time. The necklace was a bargain find of that afternoon. I love chain necklaces. Probably have about 6 of them now.White Hope trousers fair (41)_LRBelow: close-up of the boots. They are by Fluevog and I bought them in Vancouver when attending the 40+blogger meet up. If you saw that post, you will have seen them before together with those crazy black and white legging/trousers. These boots are so comfortable. I am a bit angry with myself that I haven’t tried their pumps while I was at Fluevog. Now I don’t know which size I take in pumps. And I would love the same comfort in pumps. I would order like crazy. Who is going to import them to The Netherlands?White Hope trousers fair (70)_LRBelow: close-up of the cute bag I acquired, also that afternoon. Wait a minute… I did add a colour to the black and white.White Hope trousers fair (45)_LRBelow: ah the merry-go-round… cute. White Hope trousers fair (46)_LRBelow: all those scary high flying attractions at the fair… not for me. I get sick on a swing.White Hope trousers fair (59)_LRBelow: see the look on my face as I stare at those girls high in the sky? My face says: NEVER.White Hope trousers fair (51)_LRBelow: shall I try this??? No… rip-off.White Hope trousers fair (84)_LRBelow: then Ron gave me money to shoot something….. I had never in my life touched a gun of any sort. It felt kinda cool. I can understand why people love them. Nevertheless I am totally against guns for private persons. They create accidents and trigger more violence. In my opinion. I know the USA is divided on this subject and everybody is entitled to their own opinion.White Hope trousers fair (99)_LRBelow: these guns are bent anyway, so aiming looks nice but is pointless…White Hope trousers fair (105)_LRBelow: Ron wanted to take a shot as well (pun intended):White Hope trousers fair (5)_LRBelow: he won me this bear hahaha.White Hope trousers fair (8)_LRBy the way, the top is silk and by Theory, seen before here with more “normal” trousers.


No Fear of Fashion

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