Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (7 van 12)-2Before summer is over you had to see this outfit. The cardigan by Max Mara is of course one of the items I bought at the Max Mara outlet in Turin. The bag as well. The top is by Zara, trousers are old; shoes by Michel Vivien, a Paris shoemaker (seen before here and here). The shoes were terribly expensive (fortunately a gift from husband Ron) but you can remove the flap leaving only straps, so you get two different pairs of shoes for the price of one (any excuse will do). 

Saturday two weeks ago, when these pictures were taken, I sent a text message to my friend Eefje at half past 11 (see her below; isn’t she gorgeous?)Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (2 van 12)The message said: “how about coffee on a terrace at 3 o’clock?” She lives in a nearby village, 28 kilometers (17 miles) further north. Sure enough, Eefje got on the train. You see, there are no real distances in The Netherlands. Is is such a small country. Besides, her task of that day was to clean her house and my proposal sounded much better than household chores LOL. I know Eefje for nearly 30 years now (oh my word… that is so long… am I really getting this old?)

Below: I waited on a terrace overlooking the big square of Haarlem where the weekly market was going on.Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (1 van 12)Below: the waitress was kind enough to take a picture of the both of us. Playing tourist in your own town. Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (3 van 12)Below: of course I assigned her to take pictures of my outfit. Any opportunity to get blog photos must be seized immediately.Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (6 van 12)Below: she got walking shots as well. See how high these heels are? I was by bike, so I didn’t need to walk too far too long.Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (4 van 12)Below: the back. You can also tie the cardigan at the front. I like that less, but it does depend on the top underneath it. This top would be too high at the neck to fasten the cardigan.Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (5 van 12)Below: close-up. I am wearing the wooden watch by Jord, won at Suzanne Carillo‘s blog.Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (1 van 1)Below: across the street was a wine bar and everybody sitting outside was grinning (of course) and putting their thumbs up at our photo session. We had an audience haha. (I am sorry dear lady, I did not ask your permission to publish this photo, but it was such a happy photo, I couldn’t resist it.)Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (8 van 12)Of course I got to chat and I gave her my blog card. You never know, I might gain another reader. Below: looking for my calling cards. Eefje was happily snapping away.Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (9 van 12)Below: one last pose…Cardigan Max Mara and yellow sandals (11 van 12)Below: as we walked back, we went into a market where I discovered this lady. I had to take her picture. She was looking very good and the T-shirt is such fun. Wouldn’t mind it myself. I found out (yes, we chatted…..) she is a part-time yoga teacher. I was just about to join her classes when she confessed to be moving to the north of the country (Friesland). Now, this may be a small country, but that is going to be a 2 to 3 hours drive. So no yoga.Selfie (1 van 1)See you next week?


As by request, below are the shoes, with and without flap:



No Fear of Fashion

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