Blogger meet up in Vancouver

Vancouver blogger meet up (1 van 4)

It was sooooo much fun…. the blogger meet up in Vancouver. I arrived on Thurday afternoon and was met by Suzanne Carillo (in above photo on the right) who visited us in The Netherlands last year. Suzanne is one of the organisers of the meet-up, together with Melanie (Bag and a Beret) and Sue (A Colourful Canvas), further referred to as “the girls”. Around 20 bloggers attended. From LA, Florida, Utah, Singapore, London, Haarlem (me), Vancouver and other places in the USA and Canada.

Friends ask me things like “did you learn a lot?” Well not so much about blogging. However I did find out how lovely all these fellow bloggers are. My goodness, did we laugh !!! And talked. Went for lunch, dinner, coffee. And talked. And laughed. And shopped. And took photos. You can see a bunch of funny Instagram photos here. You can see them even if you are not on Instagram.

Let the photos do the talking.

Above photo: selfies in the restroom of a shopping mall. As that is what bloggers do.. they take photos where ever they go. From left to right: Sheila, Trina, myself, Melanie, Sylvia and Suzanne. At the bottom of this post, you will find all the links to the blogs of every attendee.

Below: we started the day with coffees and chats. Suzanne and me:Vancouver blogger meet up (3 van 49)Below: Trina and Sylvia. Trina and I met at last. We have been following each others blog for two years now. She is a sweet, sweet lady.Vancouver blogger meet up (6 van 49)Below: Sheila, Suzanne and Melanie. Vancouver blogger meet up (5 van 49)Below: as it was raining the first day I asked for an indoor event… shopping at a mall. At Ted Baker Sylvia tried this beautiful skirt with cropped top. I wanted the top as well but the girls just didn’t fit in size 4…Sylvia and me at Ted Baker (1 van 1)Below: Sheila, trying on a tophat. Looks bloody good on her.Vancouver blogger meet up (7 van 49)Below: Suzanne found a stray rabbit. (Looks like the one you have Daniela. And that might be right as we were at Max Mara. Very pricy if it isn’t an outlet.)Vancouver blogger meet up (9 van 49)Below: we went into a very expensive shop called Holt Renfrew where a marvellous Sales Associate (Corey Mah) styled all of us in terribly expensive clothes by Prada, Etro, Miu Miu etc. He must have known we wouldn’t buy. Here is Sheila, discovering a price tag…. WHAT???!!! Vancouver blogger meet up (11 van 49)Below: but…. they did have awesome jeans. Our lovely Sales Associate Corey Mah, guided me to his colleague at the jeans department as (quote:) “he knew much more about jeans”. And he did know everything. wide legged jeans (1 van 1)Below: yes, I bought the wide legged jeans (above) and also a pair of skinnies. Soft as butter. No pinching in the tummy, high rise. I am so happy. Don’t I look happy here? Even though my hair is down in the dumps? Credit card baby, solves it all (until you get home….).paying for the jeans (1 van 1)Below: I am demonstrating in that posh shop how I keep my bare feet from getting blisters and at the same time prevent my nail polish from chipping. With a little cut-off sock.PicMonkey CollageBelow: after all the shopping we went back to the hotel room where Melanie changed into this tiger playsuit with palazzo pant legs and a matching maxi quilted overskirt. A gift from her friend and fellow blogger Pao/Pat. This suit was made by Pao’s mother. Melanie in tiger outfit (1 van 1)Below: at the dinner Friday night. Want to know who’s hand that is???? Vancouver blogger meet up (14 van 49)Below: it was Mad Melanie’s hand. Gosh, did we have laughs.Vancouver blogger meet up (15 van 49)Below: Friday evening: Pretending to smoke (with a Pretz) in a cocktail bar.Suzanne and me (1 van 1)Below: too bad it is such a vague photo: Suzanne and Melanie, both wearing beautiful skirts.Vancouver blogger meet up (17 van 49)Below: Saturday morning in the hotel. Anne and me. Anne is an artist. Stylewise we couldn’t be further apart. Inside we connect. She is such a nice person.Vancouver blogger meet up (4 van 4)Melanie had a “party” in one of our hotel rooms with a few of us, using lots of wigs and making compromising photos haha. She has got some blackmail material. I know, I saw the photos. If you like, see her posts 1 and 2 about the meet-up. Very funny.

Below: Pat (or Pao as she is also called), an artist and teacher. Melanie put a red wig on her and I didn’t recognize her anymore. Looks so good on her. Pat PaoBelow: a nice picture of Sylvia. That perfect jacket she is wearing???? I got that as well. Making it item number four that I copied. Fortunately she also copies me sometimes. We often have similar taste.Vancouver blogger meet up (19 van 49)Below: we visited Granville Island, Public Market Courtyard, which is such a lovely place.Vancouver blogger meet up (26 van 49)

Vancouver blogger meet up (21 van 49) Below: part of the gangVancouver blogger meet up (23 van 49)Below: where is everybody? Here!! Sue is holding her umbrella. Tiina sitting next to her.Vancouver blogger meet up (32 van 49)Below: Sue in her colourful jacket (she sews like a pro).Vancouver blogger meet up (33 van 49)Below: Suzanne, Trina and Patti.Vancouver blogger meet up (25 van 49)After the market we went up to South Granville shopping district. At Eileen Fisher we spent a lot of time. Mainly due to me as I couldn’t decide. Their stuff is rather expensive but such good quality, I succumbed to a T-shirt and a long sleeveless top. Both silk.

Below: here you see Wendra at Eileen Fisher. Wendra makes and sells that looking glass she is wearing. Very handy for when you don’t want to wear reading glasses but have to read the labels in the supermarket.Vancouver blogger meet up (34 van 49)Below: see? I was not the only one. Look at that gorgeous necklace Trina scored at Anthropologie in the sale. Looks so good with her green/gold outfit too.Vancouver blogger meet up (3 van 4)Below: “the girls” organised a clothes swap in one of our rooms. Everybody brought a few pieces and Melanie donated tons of clothes. That was a fun event. Sheila here and Sue.Vancouver blogger meet up (35 van 49)Below: Shawna and Sheila. Shawna scored the looking glass necklace Wendra brought.Vancouver blogger meet up (37 van 49)Below: Melanie. She looks drop dead gorgeous in this dress. I think it was Anne’s.Vancouver blogger meet up (36 van 49)Below: I had 3 dinners, two lunches and a brunch. Not everybody was attending all the time but around 15 to 20 of us were there. The name tags we are wearing came in a  cute goodie bag with a rosette, a fun little bracelet, a beautiful notebook etc. The “girls” made quite an effort.Vancouver blogger meet up (41 van 49)Below: Trina and me.Vancouver blogger meet up (43 van 49)Below: Sheila bought this fascinator in the afternoon. Cool.Vancouver blogger meet up (42 van 49)Below: a perfect picture of Sylvia. She managed to buy this very expensive jumpsuit for a bargain price, making me regret I didn’t stay on at that shop. Such a cool outfit.Vancouver blogger meet up (44 van 49)Below: by Sunday morning my hair had given up. Nevertheless showing this photo with Sue is more important. The cheat is standing on her toes haha.Vancouver blogger meet up (45 van 49)Below: pretty Patti who has a blog link-up every other Monday for bloggers over 40, called Visible Monday.Vancouver blogger meet up (48 van 49)Below: Melanie and me Sunday brunch. She made the necklace I am wearing, Got me compliments all day. Isn’t she beautiful? I now know she is, outside and inside.Vancouver 40 plus blogger meet up (1 van 2)Below: after brunch a few of us went to a shoeshop called Fluevog. They have a fantastic philosophy and very different shoes. I bought these black and white booties with open heel. And in a consignment store we found these legging/trousers. I couldn’t resist buying them as they were a steal but I don’t think I have the guts to ever wear them together. You can see that by now, my hair had surrendered to and white boots and legging (1 van 1)It was a fun, fun event with so much good spirit. Thank you Suzanne, Melanie and Sue. Now underneath you will find all the bloggers that came with their name and link to their blogs. Clockwise starting top left.

Below: Trina – Tea Time with Trina,  Tiina – Elegance Revisited, Ally – Shybiker, Wendra – Through the Looking Glass  Trina Tiina Ally WendraBelow: Sylvia – 40+ Style, Suzanne – Suzanne CarilloJodiDay 2 Day WearTraceyFashion Forward 40Sylvia Suzanne Jodi TraceyBelow: Melanie – A Bag and a BeretSue – A Colourful Canvas, Sheila – EphemeraShawna – The Director of AwesomeMelanie Sue Sheila ShawnaBelow: Pat – Project MinimaAnneSpy Girl, Patti – Not Dead Yet StyleTamiThrift Shop CommandoPat Ann Patti TamiBelow: Barbara aka Vancouver Barbara (a loyal reader of a lot of our blogs), Louisa – Damselfly’s Delights, Chloe –  Fat Rabbit’s Delight and Jane who writes a column that is almost a blog for a local paper, The Island Word.Barbara Louisa Chloe JaneThis was an elaborate post. Hope you enjoyed it and didn’t find it boring. Like looking at somebody elses holiday snaps.


No Fear of Fashion





  1. 1 August 2015 / 13:35

    Wait! What’s your blog name? HAVE NO FEAR and wear those Fluevogs and leggings together! I couldn’t believe it when the photos first emerged on Instagram. Anyhow, it’s a look I’ll immortalize as a sketch. Bwahahahaha.
    It was great fun meeting you, Greetje. As you say, we are at polar ends of the style spectrum — not a problem! You are hilarious! I will use all my super spy powers to lure you to LA in December 2016. You have been warned!
    Fantastic post, great batch of photos. Since I was part of the holiday, not a bit boring!

    • Greetje
      1 August 2015 / 17:24

      I am somewhat conservative, but with every blogger year I am getting more adventurous. Two years ago I would not have bought these Fluevogs. Now they are so versatile. They are great with my new wide legged jeans. Exactly the right height and they feel as if there is no heel on them (and there most certainly is).
      Thanks for dropping by.

      • 1 August 2015 / 17:30

        Yay for adventurous yet comfortable shoes! I love looking at Fluevogs, but many don’t fit due to my high arches. Sigh. Looking forward to seeing how you continue to style them!

        • Greetje
          2 August 2015 / 20:15

          Ha.. my problem is flat feet and low arches. You will see the first styling in two weeks. Or three weeks. All of a sudden I am not short of material for blog posts.

    • Greetje
      1 August 2015 / 15:54

      Thank you Pam. I have been very busy lately. But with nice things.

  2. 1 August 2015 / 15:21

    Great recap! I’m sure that took a while. You really took some wonderful photos.

    Yeah…we decided at the beginning that it wasn’t going to be a blogger “conference” rather a blogger meet-up. No focus on information, learning etc, rather on connections, fun and shopping. I think we achieved our goal.

    I’m still trying to get better. I need to figure out what I’m going to post as I’m so behind from being sick.


    • Greetje
      1 August 2015 / 15:56

      I think this was the perfect recipe. A conference would not have appealed to me (to much like my real job).
      Such a shame you are still under the weather. I was hoping by now you would be on top of things again.

      • 1 August 2015 / 18:13

        I agree on the “not a conference”. I could care less about “better blogging” at this point. I’m not in it for the $$.

    • 13 August 2015 / 09:27

      Poor thing! Sending you love and get wells!!! x

  3. 1 August 2015 / 17:40

    Great write-up, Greetje. Your photos are the best taken of the event. We should nominate you Official Photographer of Blogging Stars. 🙂

    • Greetje
      1 August 2015 / 17:44

      And to think Ally that I had never used a camera before January 2013. I am learning every day. Thanks very much for the compliments.

  4. 1 August 2015 / 17:58

    AWESOME post Greetje! Great timing too…it’s been almost a whole week, and seeing all these fun photos brings it all back!

    I so enjoy seeing your *about town* posts; the markets or shopping with friends etc…and to see this one with all the familiar locations and people etc., is so surreal…GAH…love it!

    This post also gives me a better look at what you bought, and man…you got a good haul! Fluevogs are ever so cool #1, and the trousers and jeans you scored are gorgeous!

    And…WHOOP….we have a photo together!!! It was so lovely meeting you! xo

    • Shawna
      1 August 2015 / 22:59

      Sue, I don’t remember seeing your colourful jacket on Sat, and I didn’t go shopping so that’s perhaps why. Just want to say that I love it and it looks great on you! xo

    • Greetje
      1 August 2015 / 23:43

      I think I haven’t “seen” half of who you are. Too little time, too many new people to meet. What I did “see” was a wonderful confident person.

      • 2 August 2015 / 02:25

        I know just what you mean Greetje! You paint yourself so authentically here on your blog, that I really felt like I was meeting up with a friend I’d known forever, instantly at ease. In hindsight, I realize we only had that brief chat at Earl’s with Tina. My intention is for another visit with you in the future!

  5. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    1 August 2015 / 19:27

    Fabulous write-up, Greetje! So amazing to meet you – I loved getting the chance to meet all these awesome bloggers.

    • Greetje
      2 August 2015 / 09:08

      It took me a long time to make this post. I saw yours and knew the bar was put high haha. I think you are a very funny and confident woman and I really enjoyed spending time with you. Thanks for introducing me to Fluevog as well. The boots are so comfortable, unbelievable.

  6. Shawna
    1 August 2015 / 23:00

    Greetje, this is a wonderful post and such a great collection of photos. Thank you for taking so many and for sharing them here. It was so lovely to meet you-you are a fantabulous woman. xo

    • Greetje
      1 August 2015 / 23:44

      Oh I love that description “fantabulous”. Thank you dear Shawna. See how lovely you look on all the photos?

  7. elle
    1 August 2015 / 23:02

    Wow, Greetje, this is am amazing post! I am so glad to see these bloggers in person, and the candids are both stylish, and sometimes quite funny! How much fun you had- it is so clear! Love your new jeans! You always look great in denim, and you legs even look longer, who knew?
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      1 August 2015 / 23:45

      And the new black and white booties are the perfect height and shape underneath those wide legged jeans. So glad I found them.

  8. 2 August 2015 / 04:17

    oh, oh, you simply must wear those leggings with the Fluevogs. They were made for each other. And don’t forget the white safety pin. Such a great write-up and really sharp photos. Quite startling to see the before and after pictures of me with and without the wig. Very nice having the names, blogs and images all together too. Great to meet you and can’t wait to do it all again.

    • Greetje
      2 August 2015 / 09:11

      Even a more conservative friend of mine thought I ought to wear the trousers with the boots and relive the Pop Art period. Who knows, I might be brave enough (with a long tunic haha). And it was my the pleasure too meeting you.

  9. 2 August 2015 / 04:22

    It’s been great to see everyone’s posta about the meetup – I love seeing what everyone wore (I LOVE Melanie’s animal print outfit and Sylvia’s funky jumpsuit). Those jeans you bought are soo flattering!
    What a cool bunch of women, i wish I could have been there.

    • Greetje
      2 August 2015 / 09:12

      You would have liked being there. There was such a good atmosphere. Like in the seventies “love was in the air”.

  10. 2 August 2015 / 08:24

    Greetje, you were a wild woman with your camera and this is the reward: excellent photos of everyone who attended. I’m so glad you captured the spirit of the event in pictures. I love this post.

    As for meeting you, BWAHAHAHA!!, what a riot I had. You are so much fun. Yes, I felt like I knew you before you came, but meeting you in person sealed the deal, kindred spirits I think. One of my friends checked these wrap-up posts and remarked how you are always smiling, so true, at least when you were here.

    I found out that I had the dress from Anne (an Alaia) on backwards. But I like it like that! Heh. If you hung around me for much longer, you’d be wearing those boots on your ears.

    Truly, thank you for coming so far. It was pure pleasure spending time with you.

    • Greetje
      2 August 2015 / 09:16

      Wearing those boots on my ears? Hahaha. For sure I would become more adventurous if I hung out with you. I will keep in touch for sure. The boots are extremely comfortable and I have worn them twice this week. They are so good with the wide legged jeans I bought.

  11. 2 August 2015 / 10:55

    What a great post and all the women are so beautiful. I can see you have so much fun.
    I love the black and white booties with open heel, and together with the leggins is this a great look.
    I think you should often have the guts to wear both together.
    Have a nice day.

    • Greetje
      2 August 2015 / 20:17

      I might wear them together Gaby, I might. With a very long top haha.

  12. 2 August 2015 / 12:39

    That lovely post, Greetje, some of my favorite bloggers on a wonderful meeting. A great success, a stylish and attractive women together. Thank you for sharing this meeting with us. Greetje, Sue, Suzanne, Trina … a wonderful combination. Beautiful photos in a beautiful place. Envy for not being there!

    • Greetje
      2 August 2015 / 20:18

      It is the laughter and the warmth which were the best. The atmosphere was like in the seventies: love and peace.

    • Greetje
      3 August 2015 / 20:37

      If it is soon, I am afraid I won’t be coming. If there is a year (or two) in between, I might. And indeed it was such fun.

  13. LoriM
    3 August 2015 / 16:38

    I thought this was great fun to read. I can just imagine what a great time you all had.

    • Greetje
      3 August 2015 / 20:38

      Oh good. I am to entertain, to make you smile or laugh.

  14. Marianne
    3 August 2015 / 17:06

    Just looking at all your photo’s I can see how much fun you had. Knowing what a lovely character you have and your smile is contagiously, so I’ll bet you have amused them all. Great jeans you bought.

    • Greetje
      3 August 2015 / 20:43

      Sweetheart!! You make me feel embarrassed.

  15. 3 August 2015 / 17:54

    THIS was SO MUCH FUN!!!YOU ALL hAD A BLAST by the photos…………GOOD JOB!

    • Greetje
      3 August 2015 / 20:45

      Oh thank you Contessa. Great compliment. And yes it was indeed a blast.

  16. 4 August 2015 / 21:52

    What a fun time! I could feel the positive vibes through this post.
    Greetje, you have legs for days. Melanie has such amazing style – that cheetah ensemble…WOW!

    • Greetje
      4 August 2015 / 22:29

      I am so lucky with my Legs. I don’t appreciate them enough. And that cheetah ensemble was a total surprise for Melanie too. Her friend Pao brought it with her.

  17. 6 August 2015 / 18:58

    WOW!!! You did a fantiastic job of capturing our entire meet-up, way to go! This post must have taken you forever to put together, but it is fabulous. I love how you remember to always be on the photo lookout for capturing memories. We should have all chipped in and paid you. You have so much excitment for life and fun energy, it’s quite contagious to all around. So grateful I was able to meet you and enjoy this time together. You are a treasure!

    • Greetje
      6 August 2015 / 21:21

      You are such a sweet person. Full of creativity and with incredible style and perseverence (running). It did take me quite a while to compose this post. But hey, that is half the fun.

    • Wendra
      7 August 2015 / 11:16

      I agree with you Trina! – Thank you Greetje for a wonderful read and great photos – you captured the essence of weekend. I had so much fun getting introduced to such uniquely beautiful and inspiring women. I am off to a slow start to my own blog…. technical difficulties…at every turn.
      Thank you and big hugs, Wendra

      • Greetje
        7 August 2015 / 15:56

        Ah technical difficulties with the blog…. I just come off the phone with my own private helpdesk haha. I found a guy of 22 who is brilliant with WordPress and I mail him my problem or phone him when it is urgent and he fixes everything. We have set an hourly rate and from time to time he lets me know what the bill is, I pay and we start again.
        Without help in the background I would never be able to have a blog.
        Didn’t you just love that picture of you with the poncho?
        Thank you for all your kind words about me. Too much credit really. I thought that Trina and you were very much alike. Such sweet women you are. But don’t be deceived, you both are strong women as well. You can sense that through the soft voice.

  18. 12 August 2015 / 03:21

    A fabulous post, Greetje! You all look so happy and it looks to me like an event that will be remembered always. Loved all the photos and wonderful commentary. Brava!

    • Greetje
      12 August 2015 / 08:46

      It was indeed such a happy gathering. Lots of laughter and chats. And this atmosphere from the seventies “love is all around”.

  19. 13 August 2015 / 09:26

    What a fun and lovely meet up y’all had! Hope that I’ll be able to attend next time, whenever and wherever that may be.

    As I already told you, your pictures are fantastic! Both technically as in capturing the meet up and the participants.

    As for your hair: it looks fine in all pictures, except for the last one. You gotta stop focussing so much on it;-).

    Those leggings with the boots: a super cool combo that you HAVE to wear at least once! You can wear a black tunic on them. Or your neon pink top. Wearing them will Melanize you a bit, turning heads on the streets for sure.

    • Greetje
      13 August 2015 / 20:54

      How about those black and white leggings with that very bright yellow short dress by LaDress? And a black velvet scarf.

  20. 13 October 2015 / 21:29

    Patti is SO pretty!!! And Melanie, that Melanie. Oh my god, that woman can look no bad in anything whatsoever she wears. So quirky and cool and whimsical and stylish with the best I-don’t-give-a-xxx attitude. Just amazing. All of you are.

  21. 13 October 2015 / 21:30

    And I think those leggings with the boots, PURRFECTION. Maybe with a long, slouchy solid colour sweater? You’ve got the legs for them 🙂 xo

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