Blue Max Mara dress (6 van 8)Today the last series of photos taken by Shoshanna. (See the two previous outfits she shot here and here.)

This blue Max Mara dress was one of the items I brought home with me after visiting the Max Mara outlet with Daniela in Turin. The shoes you have seen before and are also by Max Mara. Dan found this dress for me in the rack and when I saw it on the hanger, it did not appeal to me at all. I thought it would make me look like my grandmother.

Knowing Daniela and trusting her, I decided not to be my usual pig-headed self and actually try it on. My surprise was big. It is really a pretty dress. I am still not sure whether I need something to elongate the dress as it is a bit short for me. For that purpose Dan and I found a terrific blue pencil skirt in a department store, but somehow I like it without the skirt. On the other hand, looking at these pictures …… I am not so sure anymore. I have to carefully examin this.

While shooting these photos it was 12 o’clock with bright sunshine, so we looked for a shady place. Which made me cold, my knees wrinkly (or were they already like that?) and the wind got hold of the dress, as the material is very light.

Below: look… all puffed up by the wind. The dress is slightly longer at the back, as is the fashion these days. Blue Max Mara dress (2 van 8)Below: hair got blown everywhere as well. And you know how fussy I am when it comes to my hair. That is really an obsession but I decided to show you the pictures anyway. You are far less critical than I am (LOL).Blue Max Mara dress (1 van 8)Below: HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS PLEASE….Blue Max Mara dress (4 van 8)Below: perhaps it is big-headed when I say this… but I love this picture. Hair, wrinkles and all.Blue Max Mara dress (3 van 8)Below: close-up of the shoes again. Yes, yes, I know, you have seen this before. Such an awesome photo though.Cream skirt Marella with two tops (8 van 8)Below: one last shot of me sitting down. Best shots.Blue Max Mara dress (7 van 8)When you read this, I am on my way back from Vancouver where I will have met many other bloggers. More about that in a few weeks.


No Fear of Fashion


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