maxi summer dress 2  (1 van 1)You have seen this maxi summer dress briefly before in the post with some holiday photos. I decided to feature it again, properly visible and throw in some photos of our “gentlemen’s room” and our bedroom. (After all, it is a blogger’s privilege to feature whatever she likes.) More about the rooms later, let’s start with the dress.

I bought this blue and white dress on holiday in Spain, as I did my white boho tunic. To tell you the truth I wasn’t so sure about it, but my girlfriends all yelled that I had to buy it. So I did. Which led to another disapproval of husband Ron. Of course it is very comfortable to wear. And I think it is easier to wear flat shoes with maxi dresses than it is with shorter dresses (easier to ME, that is; other women might not have any problems with that). But when I look at these photos I think: “flat shoes might be OK, but these ballerinas with the dress make your feet look bloated and stupid”. I have to look for different ones.

Below: this is in the shop. You can see why I also bought a little underslip. The transparency of this dress was just a bit too much to my taste.maxi summer dress (3 van 5)Below: by night…maxi summer dress (4 van 5)Below: close-up of pearls. The earrings are the ones which my father gave my mother in the sixties.maxi summer dress (5 van 5)

And now onto two of our rooms. Our house was built in 1903/1904 and when we bought it in 1995 we renovated every room. Don’t worry, there weren’t many rooms. It is a small terrace (row) house. I hope you like this little visit to my home.

Below: the “gentlemen’s room” as we call it. This is really Ron’s room and I am “allowed” to use one side of the desk. On the condition this is HIS room, not mine. Fine by me. The photos start at the entrance to the room and then go right in a circle. The pictures were taken with my iPad which resulted in “not that sharp and not all in the right format”. But I took them that one time when the room was actually tidy. It wasn’t before these pictures and it isn’t now…. But …. it is his room… sigh.Gentlemen's room (1 van 5)

Gentlemen's room (2 van 5)

Gentlemen's room (3 van 5)

Gentlemen's room (4 van 5)

Gentlemen's room (5 van 5)

Below: the bedroom. Photos are in the same order, starting with the bed and going right. The wallpaper, curtains and duvet cover are all by Designers Guild, a UK brand which we love.bedroom (1 van 5)

bedroom (2 van 5)

bedroom (3 van 5)

bedroom (4 van 5)Below: close-up of the photos on the dresser. The photo on the top left is our wedding photo haha. We had it taken as if it was 1947. bedroom (5 van 5)If you want to see more of our house, I have already published colourful living room and the garden.

Well, that was different from usual, very little to laugh this time, but I still hope I kept you entertained.


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