black and white leopard jacketMy biggest joy in life is spending time with friends, which always means laughing a lot. As I cannot walk very far yet, my friend Lia came to me. It was lovely weather, not too hot, not too cold, although Lia was doubting her choice of knee-high trousers and sandals. I had my black and white leopard jacket on, perfect for the weather. We started with coffee in our garden. As long as we were at home I could wear my new green high heels. Actually I can walk pretty well on them even with the Knee, high heeled or not. But it is never wise to go distances on high heels. Pretty for the pictures but I changed to sneakers as soon as we drove to town.

Below: Lia, with her hair still wet. It takes a while to dry. Believe it or not, but she will become 64 as well in a few days and her hair is still her own colour. No grey hair. Unbelievable.

Below: Ron was taking artistic photos of us, like with a blurry flower half through the image.

black and white leopard jacket

Below: I asked him to take a photo of the sun shades which give the back of the house a lovely look. But I forgot that one of them was hanging crooked and was going to be fixed a few days later. Which left me no choice than to crop the photo. Too bad.

black and white leopard jacket

Below: This was our view of the garden. Really a bit of a wilderness as we didn’t do a thing to the garden this summer. Too lazy. No, that is not true, we had the big tree at the back trimmed because our neighbours were not getting any sunshine in the afternoon. Always make sure you keep your neighbours’ interest at heart. Makes living together so much nicer.

Below: Our cat Sophie was showing herself. She is named after Sophie Tucker. a vaudeville artist who performed at the beginning of the last century. She was hilarious and Bette Middler was the one who introduced me to her.

Below: If you want to know what I meant by Bettle Midler doing Sophie Tucker, click on the link below. Warning, if you are a respectable person who doesn’t like dirty jokes, don’t click.

Below: Lia took some “head to toe” photos as Ron was already fed up with it. I liked the one below.

Black and white leopard jacket

Below: Lia prefers this one. I think I have done the “hair-do” trick once too many. The jacket is a great second-hand find at Kat & Ko, where I find many pre-loved items. This jacket is particularly nice because it stretches in all ways but doesn’t show all the lumps and bumps, it is long enough for me and my bosom fits in it. As the price was very good too (€ 40), I was very quick to snap it up. The green top underneath is ancient.

Black and white leopard jacket

Below: The earrings: smoke with soft orange. An inexpensive find in a shop at the side of the big church in Haarlem.

black and white leopard jacket

Below: The shoes. They have an ankle strap and are by Marks and Spencer. I saw them on Midlife Chic, worn by Nikki and “got inspired”. Just happened to be the exact colour of the top. Never throw out tops when they still fit. They always come in handy.

Green high heels Marks and Spencer

After this photo business we got in the car to go down town. We passed Kenau Park where a Food Truck Market was going on. Much nicer than eating in town as that is not going anywhere. I was lucky to park the car very near.

Below: Baking (or burning) your own croissant.

Below: As it was afternoon, the park was packed with parents and children. Facial painting.

Below: For some reason I like this photo and I haven’t got the faintest idea what it is about.

Below: Our first stop wasn’t exactly lunch. It was sweets. Had to take a photo of the couple selling the goodies. Such fun sweaters with pictures of macarons and chocolate.

Below: We chose a “cake” with pecan nuts and ??? forgot. Boy oh boy, did that taste good! The company’s name is Waldo. Only the Dutch benefit from the link as the shop is in Amsterdam, Elandsgracht. If they ever branch out to Haarlem I will be their customer and grow fat.

Below: It was so rich, we ate half and brought the rest home (finished it). The bag you see here is also second-hand and also from Kat & Ko. I am doing great in the second-hand department.

black and white leopard jacket

Below: Lia pointed this sign out haha. “Poffertjes” are sort of little pancakes.

Below: As we walked further there was an awesome singer performing. She was really good.

Below: We bought a sgroppino (sorbet ice, vodka, Prosecco), which was delicious. I stayed behind on a bench and Lia explored all the food possibilities, while drinking her sgroppino. Can you spot her in the 4 pictures below?

Below: Yes, she is also in this photo. The Spanish/Venezuelan truck on the right in the photo below, got our business.

Below:  Tapas food made in a fire fighting truck.

Below: Here she is back and the sgroppino is finished.

Below: Drinks, food, sunshine, puppies, kids and happy people. Although it was only afternoon and not very busy yet, there was a very relaxed atmosphere.

Below: Kind of reminds me of the hippie times in the seventies.

Below: Did you recognized this park? It is the same one where the King’s Day celebrations were. Majestic trees and mansions. The lady in the wheel chair front right, was wearing cute sandals.

Below: Aren’t they fun?

Below: Totally forgot to wear the green plastic ring which I thought was brilliant with the outfit. I still had the picture. When I have styled something, I take an iPhone picture and store it in an album “Outfits still to do”.

Black and white leopard jacket

What happened in my life this week?

For starters, I went to the hair dresser. It is a little shorter as you can see in the above pictures and the outgrow is taken care of. When the weather is nice, I take my bike to get there, but it was raining off and on. We call that kind of weather: John is laughing, John is crying. (I love to literally translate sayings haha). So I took the car and tried not to think of the parking fee.

Again, when I was really on my way to the car to go home, I decided to pay another visit to the shop of Essentiel Antwerp. That shop is going to be my financial death. At the hair dressers I had seen in the fashion magazines that colour was huge this autumn/winter and I spotted a tunic, very similar to the one by Diane von Fürstenberg, I bought second-hand (yay) last year. I never wore it much as the high heels I combined it with, were not comfortable. And I started thinking back of those wonderful orange boots I did NOT buy last year for lack of money and which looked so nice with the tunic. If you click through to the post with the DvF tunic, you will see them. Of course they are now sold out. So I started to trawl the internet. As one does in search of orange ankle boots. Nothing came even close. Until… I walked into the shop of Essentiel Antwerp. There they were: orange ankle boots with a low heel. Completely different from what I had in mind, but good! Shiny. Look:

Orange ankle boots Essentiel Antwerp

My project which kept me so busy in the office? It fell through. All of a sudden I had the opportunity to take a couple of days off. YAY. Monday was my last day at work this week, apart from some calls about stuff that couldn’t wait.

In this mini holiday I saw a friend who emigrated 33 years ago to the USA. Never heard of him anymore because of a misunderstanding. I traced him two years ago when I thought “what has become of him?”, as one does when one gets older …… He was in The Netherlands and we met for lunch. That was so nice! He absolutely hates the tiniest footprint on the internet so no photos. A shame really, as he was just as good looking as way back then. I used to call him “my young blond god” haha. He doesn’t see himself like that at all which makes him even nicer. He found his true love in the States and as you know I found my true love here. So no worries, even though he did not change a single bit (bizar) and is still just as handsome, it is pure friendship. If we had ever wanted to get together as a couple we would have done so when we were both single. Plenty of opportunity and it never crossed our minds. We were and still are friends. Lovely to see him again.

I had some more nice things going on, but I will have to save that for next week as I only have half an hour left for this post to edit. As next week will be far less eventful, it means I have nice things to share with you in stock.

One last thing: I am trying to comply with the new GDPR rules, so I installed a cookie consent button (yes I know, I should have had that a long time ago) and a Privacy Note. All a load of legal mumbo jumbo as basically I don’t do anything with your personal (email) details. You can subscribe to my email and get every new post in your inbox when it is published and that is about it. However, I do use so-called plug-ins like Google Analytics which gives me insight in statistics like which country most of my readers are from and how many visitors I get each month (at the moment an all time high of 8.000 unique visitors). Also the comment box wasn’t to my liking anymore. My IT guy and I are trying to find the best one, one that doesn’t only show my reply to your comment on the blog, but also sends it to your email address. That way you don’t have to come back to read it. Work in progress people. If you see something funny or different happening, please let me know. (And if you know a Dutch guy whom I can hire for the maintenance of my WordPress blog, please let me know. My current guy has to leave me  😥 ).

Hasta la vista,


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