Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis SchuytstraatWe intended to make our shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat, another event for the Shopping Saturday girls. Unfortunately Anke was feeling too poorly to join us and cancelled that morning. Sabine and I were already on our way and decided to go through with it. The shops and fall collection were beckoning. Sabine drove me and Knee to the street itself and I only had to cross the street or move from door to door. Knee was very cooperative. As you can see in above picture I was wearing my favourite G-Star Raw boyfriend jeans, my Vic Matié sneakers, an old black summer jacket and a white belt. The cream top is by Filippa K, a sales score.

Of course we started with cappuccino. There is no better way to start a day.

Below: Sabine, such a lovely person to photograph.


Below: How Italian is this picture? We don’t have to go far in The Netherlands to get that relaxed feeling. Sabine was wearing the jeans she scored on our last Shopping Saturday trip in Haarlem. Plus a cuddly ochre yellow sweater, her LV bag (birthday gift) and floral sneakers.


Below: Close-up of the sneakers.

Floral sneakers

We started at Wynia, a shop with nice clothes, not so obvious brands and an owner (Nynke) who is a stylist. The shop is on the corner of Cornelis Schuytstraat and Willemsparkweg. Really worth a visit.

Below: Our attention was drawn immediately to this golden coat. Sabine tried it on but she was too petite for it. I sat on the chair most of the time as to be kind to Knee.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Sabine pulled things from the rack so I could see the clothes as well.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: She bought this marvellous blue hat with a fun application on the side. The coat was nice but a bit too big.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: As I love these kind of hats, I tried one too. Nope… not the same. Not at all. It tips at the back (not straight on my head) making the hat look old fashioned. My head isn’t shaped the right way. If I put the hat on straight, you cannot see my eyes anymore. So I said goodbye in my mind to lovely hats like this.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Nynke, the owner of the shop had this red jacket on.  I had seen it on the rack, but it didn’t appeal to me. When Nynke was wearing it, I suddenly loved it. This happens a lot to people. Are we so unimaginative?

Below: I tried on size small but needed medium. Only small and large were available. Nynke will try and get a medium for me.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Close-up of the belt I am wearing. Found this at Wynia a couple of weeks ago.

White belt with metal

Below: In addition to the hat, Sabine also found a belt at Wynia.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Time for lunch next door, with two coupons for cappuccino as a gift from Nynke. It was lovely weather last Saturday, so we chose the terrace.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: This is what I look like when I am assessing a piece of clothing…. Not my usual cheery face. Four photos. The first one is rather scary.

Below: Yep, came home with me. You will see all of it another day, when I have styled it.

Below: There is a lovely shoe shop in Cornelis Schuytstraat, called Manwood. One of the sales ladies was demonstrating to a client that these cute high heeled boots look very good underneath a dress. She won me over. Nevertheless I have decided not to buy anymore high heels until Knee is totally healed (if ever). Still have four unworn pairs. But boy oh boy did they have tempting stock.

Black high heeled boots

Below: Sabine was totally in love with this dress of which only size L was left. She is still chasing her size S on the internet. Even after seeing my horrifying example. Needless to say my figure is totally wrong for this kind of dress. She knows though that her figure will do it justice. I cannot remember which shop this is.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Another attempt at a French Connection shop.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: At first I really liked the wide shirt. Then I looked at the photos Sabine made and decided against it. Too wide. Probably with less bosom it will look nicer. It stayed in the shop.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: This is a side street of Cornelis Schuytstraat. Sooo pretty.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: This little dog however, looks as if to say: “wouldn’t mind a bit more space to do my thing, you know”.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Close-up of my new purse. Or better said, my second-hand purse. The flower is a cut-out. From Today’s Vintage. More about that later.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Me trying to photograph Sabine ………

…. and her sabotising it….

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: Better… she is wearing the white sweater, again bought on our last expedition.

Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat

Below: While we were ending the day with a drink, a last close-up of the jewellery. You can see the Filippa K top better now. It has pleats at the front…


Below: … and some at the back. Now the only thing I need is to learn how to walk more upright. Always slightly slouching. I have tried it least 30 times. Failed every time. I just forget.

Cream top

What happened in my life this week?

In my little holiday I went over to Misja‘s house for coffee and a chat. About her photography business and about my camera (skills). She tought me a thing or two. Again, one step further in mastering photography. It is not as easy as it looks. Not at all.

Below: This photo was a trial and I crudely photoshopped it to protect the privacy of her house. So why include it? Only to prove to certain people that I do wear outfits more than once.  😆

Friday morning was excellent to visit Today’s Vintage in Hoofddorp again. I told you about this second-hand shop before. (Misja did a great blog post about them.). They had just reopened the shop after a summer break. And Anouk (one of the two owners), was sorting through some newly arrived merchandise. She was just as excited as I was. Opening treasure troves. There were terrific belts, really expensive ones, never used. I bought 2.

Today's Vintage

Below: And I bought that cute ochre leather purse at Today’s Vintage. Etc. Went wild.

Ochre leather purse Today's Vintage

Below: The owners Anouk (left) and Gaby (right) in their shop. Anouk had just snatched the red sweater from the racks to combine with her red leather trousers. They are good customers of their own shop haha. I love their stuff. They also advise you honestly. If something doesn’t suit you, they will tell you and advise against it. That is the way it should always be.

Today's Vintage

Below: I met another entrepreneur when I was at Today’s Vintage: this young woman sells shoes you can customize AND you can buy a different size for each foot. The company is called HielZ. If you click the link, you will find a Dutch website, so Google Translate might have to help you.

Below: The idea is wearing a different shoe on each foot.

Below: Friday afternoon my friend and neighbour Froukje and I sat in the sun at the beach. And chatted. And talked. Had tea and iced coffee and wine. Solved world problems.

Beach Bloemendaal

Our husbands joined us at the end of the afternoon. We had a lovely dinner looking at the sun sinking into the sea.

Below: Look at Ron being colour coordinated! Purple polo and lilac Converse sneakers.

Of course I intended to write more about what happened than showing photos. So this is not developing the right way. Hmm..

Anyway, it was a lovely break. With lots of laughs, friends and relaxed dinners. Oh and shopping. How could I forget!

When I came back in the office on Monday, my cancelled project was revitalized. With even more challenging deadlines. What’s new? Just another manic week.


No Fear of Fashion




  1. 9 September 2018 / 17:23

    Hey Greetje. That cute ochre leather purse is so cool !!! It is so fit for this season and I just love the flower on it. I can imagine seeing it a lot on your blog and insta. Have a good, not too manic, week dear! Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      9 September 2018 / 17:49

      Thanks for your wishes but I am afraid it is going to be manic months. They pay me well, but boy, I do earn it. The purse is indeed something I use a lot. Just like the cute white leather cross body bag from Essentiel.

  2. 9 September 2018 / 18:17

    I love that lady wearing two different shoes. I’ve done this and I think it is so cool.

    I’m delighted to see you are still squeezing in some vintage shopping amongst your regular retail.

    That wild red blazer is fabulous on you! Rawr! I hope she manages to get it for you in your size.

    You both looked very Euro-chic for shopping.

    Looks like a lovely week.


    • Greetje
      9 September 2018 / 18:21

      It was indeed a lovely week. I am glad I can tell you that I bought a lot more second-hand than new stuff lately.
      I have no idea how Euro-chic looks like, but I will take your word for it.
      The lady with the two different shoes always did this and decided to make a business of it.
      The wild red blazer… haven’t heard anything yet… not good.

  3. 9 September 2018 / 18:21

    Thanks for letting us tag along on your shopping trips! I think you’ll get lots of use from that yellow purse. Your street shots always make me want to come back to Amsterdam…

    • Greetje
      9 September 2018 / 20:08

      Still a bit of a problem.. shopping. But as you read, I found a solution although Paris is still not in sight. It is getting better but the healing process is ever so slow.
      I wouldn’t mind you coming back to Amsterdam haha. But you really need good weather. It is such a pretty country when the sun shines. Like lots of countries we have had more than our fair share this year.

  4. Paula Hartley
    9 September 2018 / 19:29

    Loved today’s post! Have a good work week!

    • Greetje
      9 September 2018 / 20:08

      Oh good, I am very glad to hear that. That’s why I blog. Have a good week yourself too.

  5. elizaduckie
    9 September 2018 / 20:21

    Oh, this was so much fun! I love lots of pictures…well, the words are good too, then we know what we’re looking at! : ) OMG that red print jacket was a total “wow!” on you!! Hope she can find your size. Also in love with your white sneakers, and Sabine’s flowered one’s. I wish there were more flower prints on sneakers in the US, in a D width…even online interesting shoes are hard to find in that width.

    I am totally sympathizing with your Knee. I have two of them! Started last year after walking for three weeks to clean out a house we were then to renovate and put on the market. We’d lived there 20 plus years and were shipping some stuff one place, and some another, plus some were being donated, some going into a sale. I had a handful of colored stickers that went on everything, according to where they were going. Needless to say doing this, boxing many things up, and then finding places and making two moves, in two different locations almost killed me.

    After I thought my body (and everything else) had recovered, my knees suddenly and unexpectedly protested. Both, at the same time, as I was walking a cross the kitchen! My Dr very helpfully (sarcasm) said I had “junky” knees! I laughed…but more research will be necessary on what to do, if anything. I immediately bought myself a polka dotted cane, and a glow in the dark flowered fold up one—both adjust for height (shoe heel dependent)! If I have to use them, I’m getting fun one’s! I do get a lot of doors opened for me now! ; )

    The reason for th cane is that every now and then I get a serious jab in one knee or the other, it could throw me off balance because I’m not expecting it. Also helps mitigate the impact from going up, or down a step, or steps. I don’t want to fall. Also when I start getting tired, or if I have to stand, I can lean on the cane. However, I did find the instructions for the recommended height were bogus. I find it much better to have it taller, so I don’t lean into it and start relying on it to hold me up. I use my stomach muscles as much as possible, and I try to lower those muscles that are going down each shoulder blade, it takes a deep breath and a concentrated effort to relax and manage it. : )

    My knees did greatly improve, pain lessened, or sometimes disappeared (when sitting, and sometimes when standing), after I gave up most dairy cheese, to lessen inflammation, and confined myself to goat cheese. I can tell when I have succumbed to my favorite pizza— things hurt the next day!! I do like pizza with goat cheese on it, but they’re much harder to find, outside of making them myself, or buying a freezer version. I was always plant heavy in my dietary intake but I’ve almost eliminated animals, except for the occasional burger, or chicken breast. Again to lessen inflammation. So, anyway, good luck with YOUR cranky Knee!

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 20:33

      The red jacket.. she found my size. I am waiting for it to arrive at the shop.
      The knees… what a trouble they can cause. Although it is really the other way around. We mistreated our poor knees, didn’t take good care of them. We cannot hold it against them when they break. Just try and make up by being vey kind to them. I even talk encouragingly to my Knee. It sounds as if you never had a proper diagnosis of what is wrong with them. I now know what is wronf with mine and what probably caused it. I cannot undo the damage and it is still to be seen whether I will ever recover. But, Knee is improving. Very very slowly. I am doing muscle strengthening exercises, I cycle and I don’t walk far (500 meters utmost in one stretch). We will see.
      Good luck with you knees as well. It is nice to know that you use fashionable canes haha. I would have done the same.

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 20:34

      Just got the word today.. she found the red blazer in my size. Just waiting to arrive now.

  6. 9 September 2018 / 21:51

    Always a delightful journey through your eyes lady. I doubt shopping is so much fun for the average woman, you make it look like a holiday post! I felt like I was in Italy and France as well as Amsterdam 😉

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 20:36

      Yes, it is a very picturesque street. The yellow scooter helped haha.
      You doubt whether shopping is so much fun for the average woman? Hard for me to imagine but indeed I do know a few.

  7. 9 September 2018 / 22:45

    Your new purse is really cute! I like small bags but rarely buy for me as I have too many stuff I can’t live without!!
    The big flower on the purse makes it special and ochre colour is beautiful , especially for Autumn…

    I wish you a positive working week!

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 20:39

      It is ever sohabdy to carry a shopper for all the bulky stuff and a cute mini bag for lipstick, credit card, comb and phone. The mini bags have become a styling item for me, rather than a practical bag. Silly, right? The ochre purse with the flower is an exception to my rule as it can hold all the afore mentioned things except my lipstick. Very unhandy.

  8. Jules
    10 September 2018 / 01:30

    Your blog is waiting for me every Monday morning, perfect way to start my week. Your shopping excursions look great fun and I really appreciate the way you don’t hide the less flattering looks, makes me realise I’m not the only one who makes mistakes😁.I hope that doesn’t sound rude? I’m lusting after the red jacket and the cute floral sneakers. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Amsterdam a few times, but your blog makes me want to branch out into some of the smaller towns too. Thanks Greetje x

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 20:46

      Hahaha, the black dress was so horrible on my figure I had to show it. To balance things. Not just pretty pictures. One look in the mirror prevented me from buying it. And no, it didn’t sound rude. Not at all. I can fully imagine what you think. And it is exactly what I wanted to convey. My body is far from perfect and if I choose the wrong item…..
      Sometimes I feel like a tourist guide 😉. The Netherlands should pay me. Just kidding. When the sun shines it is a pretty country. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. 10 September 2018 / 04:56

    What a feast of fashion and friends. I love your opening outfit and I feel it is on point and very chic.I hope that your knee is going to be better soon.
    I have to disagree with your opinion of the photo that you think is scary. I think it is absolutely beautiful and one of my favorites of you. It is rare, however, to see you not smiling !
    I love your new golden floral appliqué handbag.
    And what a stunning photo of your friend Sabine!

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 20:50

      What?? You like my scary photo? Very strange. Well.. it is me, just another side of me.
      Yes Sabine is very photogenic. I was quite pleased I shot that picture as it was indoors which is usually difficult.
      My knee might get better (or not) but it won’t be soon. It has improved but it will take a long time yet.

      • 14 September 2018 / 19:26

        Yes, I love it actually.. Funny how we perceive beauty.
        I am so sorry about your knee! I have back trouble and it does interfere with things!
        Sometimes indoor lighting is excellent…go figure!
        Take good care of you !

  10. 10 September 2018 / 07:44

    Hi I am a recent follower of your blog as I started also one for 50+ ladies. Fifty-licious. Nice post , make me remind to go to Amsterdam again to do some shopping… and buy some cute things that perhaps you will not find in here Belgium. Groetjes Ninon

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 20:52

      I know a few places in Belgium: Brugge, Knokke, Gent, Brussels and Antwerp. Antwerp is my favourite. I do think Belgian women take more care of their appearance. In The Netherlands it is mainly jeans.

  11. 10 September 2018 / 13:46

    Dear Greetje, I hope your knee gets better soon! This has been going on too long! You must be very frustrated with it! Oh, that blazer! I could never wear it, I definitely have fear of fashion! Ha Ha. I do love your pleated blouse and the cure ochre clutch. I wish I had a really good second hand shop near where I live! Your white sneakers are so cute!!! And I love your friend’s flowered sneakers!

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 21:01

      The Knee: it took me a while to go from “it is inflammation, no big deal” to: “it is arthritis and it may never get better”. I have come to terms with it by thinking of all the scary illnesses I do not have and I count myself lucky. I do have hope it will get better. Some day. At least half a year to a year from now. What is a person without hope right?
      The red blazer is arriving in my size this week, so that will probably be another score. As I have gone overboard with shopping, I have to avoid all shopping for quite a respectable period of time. Did it again. I never seem to learn. Why couldn’t you wear the red blazer? Nobody is going to bite you if you wear it. Or demand money from you. People will only say how good you look. As many readers have commented as well.

      • 12 September 2018 / 23:43

        Oh, I just do not like to stand out in my clothing! I think that jacket would get a lot of attention! But it would be cue here in Florida! Mostly it is just too hot here all the time to wear jackets! Our Autumn season won’t start until January!

        • Greetje
          13 September 2018 / 09:16

          Ah.. there is the difference between us. I don’t mind standing out in clothing at all haha.
          The jacket is lightweight, not a really winter quality, so I think I can wear it in a lot of seasons (we have 4 seasons in The Netherlands) which is good as this is not a jacket you will wear every day.

  12. 10 September 2018 / 13:52

    Love the ‘italian vibe’ picture of your friend, with the beautiful ochre pullover and the matching Vespa! so cute!. Also love your comfy&cool outfit, the fantastic yellow purse and your elegant blouse, and those sneakers are fabulous!, they rock! Well, You Totally Rock!
    Glad that you enjoyed some relax and also glad that you’re taking care of Knee!

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 21:03

      I am very fond of Italy and when I had taken that picture I was struck by the Italian vibe. So nice to see that in my own little flat country. Thank you for all the compliments. It makes me shy and wanting to burst out in mumbling “it is not all gold that shines” haha.

  13. Karen
    10 September 2018 / 17:56

    Great post, you must have been busy putting all this together !
    Thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the outfits and felt I had been shopping with you without spending any money ha ha !!!
    Hope your week isn’t too manic.

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 21:07

      This week is very manic. Overtime and stress. As I am replying to your comment I should be doing some work. But is is 9 p.m. and I don’t feel like it AT ALL. I am tired. Tomorrow is another day.
      You are right in assuming that putting together this post took me quite some time. I should make the posts shorter, not longer haha.
      Glad I could let you shop without spending money. I have to find that for myself as well. As I have gone overboard once again. Strict budget for a long period to come. Again.

  14. Marilee J. Gramith
    11 September 2018 / 07:24

    Having broken my tablat. I’m reduced to commenting on my teeny phone keyboard. I’ll be brief.
    What a GREAT post Greetje. You always seem to find the fun! Your new mustard clutch purse is darling!!
    I want Ron’s lavendar Converse sneakers!! He looks so cool!

    • Greetje
      11 September 2018 / 21:10

      Poor thing. Another tablet is going to cost you. I do find the fun but that is also because I am always looking for it. I think. And because I am lucky.
      Ron’s sneakers will probably be for sale at as he just bought them. In the sale.

  15. Wendy in York
    11 September 2018 / 22:20

    The odd shoe lady reminded me of myself twenty years ago . After dashing to work , half asleep , I realised I had one black shoe & one navy shoe – the heels weren’t even the same height ! It was a very lopsided day . I’m glad you are being kind to your knee

    • Greetje
      12 September 2018 / 17:23

      hahaha.. that must have been very awkward and uncomfortable. Luckily the sales lady could put back her low boots again.

  16. 11 September 2018 / 23:07

    Love the blog! So fun to see how you write about getting together with other women. The blouse you bought is perfect for you but I also loved the light blue blouse which you think is too wide. Your shoes and boyfriend jeans look always fabulous on you! What’s the brand of the ochre colored belt Sabine was wearing.

    It’s so cool that you’re so direct and honest about yourself, posting less flattering photos, etc. Most people wouldn’t dare to publicise such photos! Ha ha ha ha…

    Hope your knee feels better. If it’s arthritic then diet can help a bit, but you probably already knew that.


    • Greetje
      12 September 2018 / 17:26

      I am doing everything possible to help the Knee in getting better. I even talk nicely to her (it is female of course). The brand of Sabine’s belt is something I don’t know. I have asked her and will let you know. All I know is that she bought it at Wynia.

  17. 12 September 2018 / 02:10

    Since I don’t shop retail very often (although I might be more inclined to if we had lovely boutiques like you have over there) so I live vicariously through your shopping trips with your friends. I hope the red jacket fits you – the print is very cool! I like the colour of the small leather purse.

    • Greetje
      12 September 2018 / 17:29

      The ochre leather purse was just too cute to resist. It can hold a lot (i.e. mobile phone) but no lipstick. Which is annoying. Still a nice accessory.
      And I agree with you about the lovely boutiques. I am so afraid they might disappear from the cities because of internet shopping. I am a very old school shopper. I love shopping (a bit too much… credit card is in the freezer again).

  18. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    13 September 2018 / 02:22

    Dealing with knee issues myself, so I totally get that! I know that “hmm” Greetje face, hee hee! I love browsing your shopping pictures – they are so fun.

    I hope you have a lovely week!

    • Greetje
      13 September 2018 / 09:23

      Oh dear, you too? At first I thought I just had inflammation (not age related), but as time progressed I found out it is arthritis and that IS age related. Damned. Feeling old. Glad you enjoyed the post Sheila.

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