Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunicWhat are the odds of finding a Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic when you are looking for it at a second hand sale? Not too great I would say. Nevertheless I did. One of my friends whom I hadn’t seen for a year (terrible), got in touch and we decided to go to the Designer-Vintage Sale at the Amstel Hotel. Don’t think “ ah bargains” as the stuff might be second hand, but it still is designer stuff. I oogled the price tag of a pretty black bag: € 4.000, Chanel. I mean… really? Fortunately there were less dramatic prices too. 

Below: Two pictures of the “sale” at the Amstel Hotel (terrific location).

Designer-Vintage Sale

Designer-Vintage Sale

My friend found the colour block tunic and tried it on. She didn’t like it on her. I couldn’t believe my eyes: that was the exact tunic I had envisioned, never expecting to find. She encouraged me to try it on and it fit me like a glove. It doesn’t crease, it doesn’t show any lumps and bumps, it has vibrant colours which suit me well and it was the right length. Lo and behold (I love that expression) the price was very reasonable. MINE. I held my treasure tight as we made the rounds. Didn’t find anything else, but this tunic was enough.

Over to the day I wore it for the first time. I met some of my friends, so well-known to you by now.

Below: Fuchsia, orange and blue… I love it. And I don’t give a fig (is that the right expression when you want to say fuck but try to be civil?) that it is not in fashion. It suits me.

Below: The host of that day: Marianne. She shares my love of colours.


Below: Jilske.


Below: Marijke. I caught her looking serious (grin).


Two other friends weren’t able to come. Claudia was celebrating her birthday and Marianna was moving house. Always a pity when we are not complete but sometimes unavoidable.

Below: If you want to appear tall (or in this case, look like a giant), ask someone to take a picture from a low standpoint….

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: Marijke and posing… it always makes her giggly.


Below: Close-up of the boots Marijke is wearing. I like details.

Below: Marianne wore blue pleather trousers with her fuchsia cardigan. We were so in sync.


Below: With new blue leather booties. Very rare to find blue boots.

Jilske kindly offered to make outfit photos (or did I twist her arm?).

Below: I like this pose with the beautiful bag of Marianne. Jilske was directing me.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: And this one too. The quality of the photo is bad as we were shooting indoors. And it was before my day with Catherine and her camera instructions.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: Outdoors was not a pleasant option either as it was POURING with rain. The shoes, by the way, are also second hand (from a local shop). They were used for a fashion show, so nearly new. Orange suede shoes are easily soiled but for € 15 I dare to take that chance. The blue jeans are J Brand.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: On our way out to the shopping centre. Caps and hats suit Jilske.


Below: You don’t think I did the shopping on high heels, did you? I switched to my orange brogues but I don’t like the outfit like this.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: This faux fur coat of Marijke is even nicer than my green one. I like that it hasn’t got a hood. This colour suits her well. Cute bag too.

Below: The first shop we visited is called Steps, a Dutch chain of clothes shop. Loved this outfit but the skirt was rather short and sticking out in a weird way at the back.

Below: The girls got me a dress.. hmm no, the fit was bad.

Below: Jiske tried this faux leather skirt and wasn’t impressed with the fit either.

Below: None of us tried this see-through blouse, beautiful as it may be.

Below: Marijke was looking for blue booties. These were too high though. (She hasn’t got weird legs. Those are socks.)

Below: Nearly fell for these beauties at Eureka in Amstelveen. Ohhh they were so nice with the tunic. Sooo seventies.

At the end of the afternoon I went back to buy these orange beauties and stood outside the shop, checking my bank account. It hurt… but no way could I spend more. They had to stay at the shop. Sob… 😢

Below: We went back to Marianne’s house, had drinks and dinner. Another lovely day with friends. With no further purchases. There is an end to everything.

Jilske and Marijke


No Fear of Fashion


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