Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunicWhat are the odds of finding a Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic when you are looking for it at a second hand sale? Not too great I would say. Nevertheless I did. One of my friends whom I hadn’t seen for a year (terrible), got in touch and we decided to go to the Designer-Vintage Sale at the Amstel Hotel. Don’t think “ ah bargains” as the stuff might be second hand, but it still is designer stuff. I oogled the price tag of a pretty black bag: € 4.000, Chanel. I mean… really? Fortunately there were less dramatic prices too. 

Below: Two pictures of the “sale” at the Amstel Hotel (terrific location).

Designer-Vintage Sale

Designer-Vintage Sale

My friend found the colour block tunic and tried it on. She didn’t like it on her. I couldn’t believe my eyes: that was the exact tunic I had envisioned, never expecting to find. She encouraged me to try it on and it fit me like a glove. It doesn’t crease, it doesn’t show any lumps and bumps, it has vibrant colours which suit me well and it was the right length. Lo and behold (I love that expression) the price was very reasonable. MINE. I held my treasure tight as we made the rounds. Didn’t find anything else, but this tunic was enough.

Over to the day I wore it for the first time. I met some of my friends, so well-known to you by now.

Below: Fuchsia, orange and blue… I love it. And I don’t give a fig (is that the right expression when you want to say fuck but try to be civil?) that it is not in fashion. It suits me.

Below: The host of that day: Marianne. She shares my love of colours.


Below: Jilske.


Below: Marijke. I caught her looking serious (grin).


Two other friends weren’t able to come. Claudia was celebrating her birthday and Marianna was moving house. Always a pity when we are not complete but sometimes unavoidable.

Below: If you want to appear tall (or in this case, look like a giant), ask someone to take a picture from a low standpoint….

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: Marijke and posing… it always makes her giggly.


Below: Close-up of the boots Marijke is wearing. I like details.

Below: Marianne wore blue pleather trousers with her fuchsia cardigan. We were so in sync.


Below: With new blue leather booties. Very rare to find blue boots.

Jilske kindly offered to make outfit photos (or did I twist her arm?).

Below: I like this pose with the beautiful bag of Marianne. Jilske was directing me.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: And this one too. The quality of the photo is bad as we were shooting indoors. And it was before my day with Catherine and her camera instructions.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: Outdoors was not a pleasant option either as it was POURING with rain. The shoes, by the way, are also second hand (from a local shop). They were used for a fashion show, so nearly new. Orange suede shoes are easily soiled but for € 15 I dare to take that chance. The blue jeans are J Brand.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: On our way out to the shopping centre. Caps and hats suit Jilske.


Below: You don’t think I did the shopping on high heels, did you? I switched to my orange brogues but I don’t like the outfit like this.

Diane von Fürstenberg colour block tunic

Below: This faux fur coat of Marijke is even nicer than my green one. I like that it hasn’t got a hood. This colour suits her well. Cute bag too.

Below: The first shop we visited is called Steps, a Dutch chain of clothes shop. Loved this outfit but the skirt was rather short and sticking out in a weird way at the back.

Below: The girls got me a dress.. hmm no, the fit was bad.

Below: Jiske tried this faux leather skirt and wasn’t impressed with the fit either.

Below: None of us tried this see-through blouse, beautiful as it may be.

Below: Marijke was looking for blue booties. These were too high though. (She hasn’t got weird legs. Those are socks.)

Below: Nearly fell for these beauties at Eureka in Amstelveen. Ohhh they were so nice with the tunic. Sooo seventies.

At the end of the afternoon I went back to buy these orange beauties and stood outside the shop, checking my bank account. It hurt… but no way could I spend more. They had to stay at the shop. Sob… 😢

Below: We went back to Marianne’s house, had drinks and dinner. Another lovely day with friends. With no further purchases. There is an end to everything.

Jilske and Marijke


No Fear of Fashion

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  1. 29 October 2017 / 17:34

    Hi Greetje. I know your post is about that fantastic tunic and it looks absolutely great on you. I must admit that I just kept looking at your fabulous orange shoes (both of them really, especially the high heels though). I love them! They look so sunny and even seem to be rather comfortable ones for high heels. Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      29 October 2017 / 17:42

      I thought they would be comfortable too. They are not. Not really. Quite heavy and high. You feel a bit like an acrobat. They had them in fuchsia and kobalt blue too. I was very tempted. Now I am glad I only bought these haha. But those orange boots would have gone so well with this outfit. So retro.

  2. Katrien
    29 October 2017 / 18:27

    I am afraid you will have to go back for the orange boots, they are made for that beautiful fun tunic!

    • Greetje
      29 October 2017 / 20:29

      I know, I know. So sixties. Complete retro vibe. And they felt so comfortable. The yellow/orange pumps don’t. But money is gone. Did some serious damage in Maastricht. Pay-back time for months to come.

  3. Claudia
    29 October 2017 / 21:37

    Wow! That is a fantastic tunic, Greetje!

    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 10:30

      Thanks Claudia. I was so pleased when I found it.

  4. 29 October 2017 / 21:39

    Greetje, I just love your blog! I’m married to a Dutchman, born and raised in Baarn and we lived in the Netherlands for 3 years in the early 1990s. More and more I realize what an amazing country it is, we will be back in May to go to the Amersfoort Jazz Festival.

    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 10:55

      Thanks Donna. What I like most about my country is the “gezelligheid”. The fact that everything and everybody is so close by. 15 minutes to 2 hours by car and you are with the person you want to be. Going to the pub together, it is all so easy. Although the Dutch plan a lot, so spontaneity is difficult.

  5. 29 October 2017 / 22:00

    You LOOK FABULOUS, Greetje! I would have snatched up that tunic if you had laid it down for a second, had I been swanning around the Amstel Hotel looking at designer goods! Ohhhhh, I know those orange boots will make it into your house one day. I love those too… anything with that 60s style just KILLS me. This was so much fun to read about, and I’m thrilled with your black belt shopping expertise. xxx

    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 11:10

      Hahaha, my black belt shopping expertise. Practice makes perfect as you know. I am so afraid that those orange boots will indeed make it into my house. But my overdraft is ridiculous. Really. And I have ordered other boots (leopard boots by EIJK) which will arrive end of the month I think. They are not cheap either. Aggh.. where is that money tree? I want to give it a shake.

  6. 29 October 2017 / 22:11

    Ah Steps! That’s were I worked for years! What a great tunic, I’m a absolute fan of Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses!

    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 11:19

      That was a nice outfit from Steps right? Just the skirt and the dress were too short. (Apart from that weird bit sticking out at the back of the skirt.) I own one wrap dress by DvF. I like it but it is rather formal, the way I have styled it. Must work on that.

      • 30 October 2017 / 15:03

        I ,btw, bought that faux leather skirt! But I saw that DVF dress. Oh please Greetje, wear it again! With black boots, high no ankle boots, and a chunky cardiagan! I would love to see you in that dress styled in a different way. It’s such a beautiful dress!

  7. 30 October 2017 / 02:54

    I’m darn impressed that you have bought some secondhand items! Even if they are designer ; ) Baby steps…

    That tunic is gorgeous on you! I agree that it looks so much better with the heels but one has to be practical now and then.

    I figure anything that looks great on you personally is always in style.

    Those booties will now forever be “the ones that got away”. They are amazing. You must have acquired some serious willpower from somewhere. I don’t think I could have left them behind, especially if they were comfy.


    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 11:23

      I do buy secondhand. Only there aren’t that many lovely shops as in Canada and the USA. The shoes are not designer items (do I get a browny point now? Grin). My willpower stems from the absolute depth of my overdraft. I so want to buy them, but oooh dear. Credit card should be in the freezer again for a couple of months.

  8. Nina T
    30 October 2017 / 03:22

    That top rocks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you picked it up. You look great! And the shoes, perfect color blend with the blue separation. I didn’t realize you had a blog, slouch that I am. I’m a lurker in Sylvia’s 40plusStyle group (I’m a big fan of your outfits) and The Vivienne Files. I noticed your comments out there said exactly what was in my head. Voila! Here I am.

    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 06:58

      A “lurker” haha. I bet you are with many. Welcome to my blog. It is nice to have like minded people reading it and commenting. I never put emphasis on my blog when I am a “guest”on somebody elses site or blog. Besides, the crazy name often says enough.
      This tunic was such a surprise to me. I had a picture in my head what I would like in a top and it was exactly this. As colour blocking was in fashion several seasons ago, I thought I’d never find it. Hah, second hand of course.

  9. 30 October 2017 / 04:36

    Beautiful tunic! The colors look fabulous on you. Major find!

    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 11:23

      I totally agree with you: MAJOR find. I am so happy with it. You know I like bright colours.

  10. Marilee Gramith
    30 October 2017 / 06:53

    This tunic has such rich beautiful colors and you’ve styled it really well. NO one would ever think that it wasn’t the “latest” in high style. The fact that it fits and suits you so well means it’s absolutely HOT! Your heels are such a great color and you were a wise girl to bring a pair of “shopping shoes”
    I love seeing all of your buddies again. Do you always have dinner at one of the girlfriend homes at the end of you day together?

    • Greetje
      30 October 2017 / 13:57

      I am so pleased with this tunic. I think a great find. And thanks for your HOT review.
      Yes, we always have dinner at one of the girlfriends home at the end of our day together. The host is the “sucker”. She has to get cake (11 o’clock), lunch (1 o’clock), drinks and bites. And dinner. Usually the day is from 11 to 21.00 / 22.00. And of course we take turns.

  11. 31 October 2017 / 00:44

    I can not believe that you found that tunic at that very luxurious sale! Shopping for something and finding it! Yay! It is color blocked perfection!

    Yes the expression is , um , fig… I laughed at that.
    Your friends are very beautiful and I do love the lavender faux fur coat!
    Love how you styled the tunic with those sleek orangey yellow shoes!

    Sob, those grommeted boots, but you have a photo of them looking great on you…and you never know that you won’t find them again , later and on sale.
    ❤️🌸❤️ Elle

    • Greetje
      31 October 2017 / 07:15

      That’s right, Elle, keep up my hopes. I will keep an eye on the orange boots to see whether they will make it to the sale.

  12. 31 October 2017 / 04:18

    That tunic is such a perfect piece for you. I think you’ll get a lot of wear and enjoyment from it!

    • Greetje
      31 October 2017 / 07:13

      To tell you the truth, I never thought this tunic would meet so much approval. I do really like it. The shoes are not that comfortable but do lift (pun intended) the outfit.

  13. 31 October 2017 / 11:10

    Three of the most beautiful words in the English language DESIGNER VINTAGE SALE…
    I am so envious Greetje! You girls did well, found some excellent pieces & I would have tried the sheer love heart blouse.
    Now I saw this shot of you on Facebook & it jumped right out at me. I am not gushing at all when I say the entire outfit is made for you! From head to toe I adore it & yes you had amazing luck. I hope when we go shopping to together some of that will rub off on me. I didn’t buy a single thing in New York!

    • Greetje
      31 October 2017 / 19:10

      Wow, not a single thing bought in New York. Very good. What willpower. You and me going shopping together… that would be sooo nice. But some little mice tell me that is not going to happen soon. Sob.
      I have noticed that bright coloured dresses do very well on IG. Haven’t got a lot of them though.

  14. Pondside
    31 October 2017 / 15:37

    A post.that seems to be all about fashion is just as much about friendship. What a lovely day you’ve shared!

    • Greetje
      31 October 2017 / 19:12

      Friendship, shopping and fashion often go together in my life. It is my favourite combination. I somehow seem to have gathered friends who all like shopping for clothes and shoes. Like an alcoholic surrounds himself with other alcoholics.

  15. 31 October 2017 / 22:45

    An excellent shopping day! I loved that tunic on you when I saw your IG photo. The orange heels are perfect with it – although those orange boots with the grommet detail would have looked great too. It’s so hard to remember that we have bills to pay when we see something that we fall in love with. I would love a pair of blue suede boots like the ones Marijke is wearing.

    • Greetje
      1 November 2017 / 07:51

      Those orange boots are slowly going to the back of my mind. Slowly though. Not forgotten. September / October are notorious overdraft months for me. Ever since I was in my twenties. You’d think I learn, but no. I console myself with the thought I have never been in financial trouble and I am already 63. Some people stop spending when they still have some money left on their account, some stop at 0, I stop at a negative level of which I know I can still manage to pay back in a reasonable time. Sigh. The boots Marijke is wearing are grey by the way. I don’t think you mean the blue high heeled ones she tried on in the shop.

  16. Rebecca
    2 November 2017 / 22:10

    You are totally right that bright colors love you! Thanks for these fun photos of you and your beautiful friends. I wish I lived closer so I could join in the festivities. You bring the art of dressing to a new and joyous level. By the way, I follow Dan’s blog but haven’t seen any posts recently – I hope she is ok.

    • Greetje
      3 November 2017 / 14:05

      Thanks Rebecca. The beauty of The Netherlands is that everything is so close. Friends are usually only 15 minutes to an hour away. Dan is very busy, with work and with the dog. I was worried as well and checked. Nothing wrong just terribly busy.

  17. Trish
    5 November 2017 / 09:02

    Such a lovely top – I’m not surprised your credit card had to come out to play! It suits your spirit perfectly – such fun….and a Diane Von Furstenberg piece too! I love the whole outfit! 👌

    • Greetje
      5 November 2017 / 17:29

      I am sure it will be in my wardrobe for a long long time. Not sure whether the shoes will work. They look awesome with this outfit, but I feel a bit like an acrobat when I walk on these outside….

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