Red sweater and a green faux fur coatCatherine of Not Dressed as Lamb was in town. A blogger whom I have been following since 2012 and whom I met twice before. What to wear?? Would a red sweater and a green faux fur coat go together? These choices were practical. I needed something casual to go with sneakers as it was wet and very windy. I didn’t want to risk any of my lovely leather shoes in the rain. And the faux fur coat might not be an obvious choice (rain and hairy things??) but it has a hood. With the fierce wind an umbrella would be useless. That is how the outfit came together. 

It was my intention to only use the photos taken in Amsterdam with Catherine. However, the windblown hair, the sneakers and the fact I hadn’t given the red sweater any styling thoughts, were enough reasons to do another shoot. Ron was kind enough to do so on a sunny day.

Below: The top is by Vanilia and pretty wide with a drawstring at the back. The bag is Longchamps (I am starting to appreciate this bag now.). The black skinny jeans are Weekend Max Mara, the shooties Steffen Schraut (seen before here and here).

Red sweater and a green faux fur coat

Below: The necklace is one of my many chunky necklaces made by friend Ina. See all of them here. The neck felt a bit bare without a necklace.

Red sweater and a green faux fur coat

The hairdresser had cut my fringe too much. I hate a short fringe. It is a hang-up from when I was young and my father cut it till it was straight. To achieve that, he cut off so much I looked like a complete idiot. Child trauma.

Below: The green faux fur coat by Essentiel. I am not sure about it yet. When I bought it, I was over the moon. Only sometimes, looking in the mirror, I think I look like a big bear. The scarf is very old. Perhaps I should not leave it this long? Wrap it round again?

Red sweater and a green faux fur coat

Below: Looking at the coat from the back I like it. Even though I thought the hood would be a little childish.

Red sweater and a green faux fur coat

Below: In the street only two blocks from our house. Catherine taught me a thing or two about photographing. I am now shooting in Aperture. Yay.. bokeh photos.

Red sweater and a green faux fur coat

Below: The shoes by Steffen Schraut. Which need polishing. Ahem.

Steffen Schraut grey shooties

Now over to my day in Amsterdam with Catherine.

Below: Catherine arriving at Central Station. We put her suitcase in a locker and went into town. She managed to wear a dress with low heeled boots and look adorable. I have never pulled that off.

Below: Of course we had coffee first. Or in the case of Catherine: tea. I love how she wears hats.

Below: I wore a white necklace with the red top to bookend my white sneakers.

Below: Walking through the Nine Streets of Amsterdam I looked up and saw this man in his bathrobe, standing in the kitchen. Hah, got you! Paparazzo at work.

Below: This lovely cake and chocolate shop called Pompadour, also serves tea and coffee. The window display and the drizzle drove us in. The meringue was delicious as was the cake Catherine chose. (Huidenstraat 12).

Below: Next shop: jewellery. What a tempting shop !!! That necklace you see below with white, gold and green. Sooo me. But do I need another necklace? Don’t answer that.

Below: Catherine bought some earrings as souvenir. Not these ones, although they were also great looking on her.

Below: I tried the camera set on Aperture with this shot and got some more camera lessons. In between showers it was a lovely sunny day. We were very lucky.

Below: More lessons: when you shoot in direct sunlight, use P on your camera and flash. No shadows hiding her eyes. Brilliant. It worked.

Below: Funny sign in a shop window.

Below: Oh gosh, wind and rain were playing with my hair. This shot is reasonable.

Below: We visited Laura Dolls, a thrift shop selling very unusual stuff. And if you want an evening dress, you can find many in the cellar. Including matching shoes, clutch and gloves.

Below: This one looked lovely, but didn’t leave the shop.

After all the shopping, lunch, tea and coffee we finished the day with dinner at Loetje, my favourite place for an excellent steak. They have several restaurants, including one near our house. Catherine and I ate at their restaurant in Amsterdam, near Central Station, a very convenient location (see more pictures here).


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