Black, white and grey flower skirtAnother post of an outfit with a skirt. I must say I never expected to deliver so well. Ron scouted the place two weeks before and showed me the white tables and red chairs, excellent as background for this black, white and grey flower skirt by Max Mara (or a sub brand). It is the terrace of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The Tuesday after Christmas while walking the dog at the beach (too windy for my taste to join) he called me up and said: “Shall we do that photo shoot today? As it is nice weather.” I was so pleased and got changed immediately. I never expected such an offer as he already did the session with the sequined top the day before. 

Photo above: darling Ron said I looked like Jennifer Aniston in this picture. Sweet. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It surprised me he wasn’t bothered about the people in the restaurant and on the terrace who were watching our photo session. I mean, I don’t give a hoot, but Ron is more conscious of his surroundings.

We started with my (old) coat by Annette Görtz and the hat. I think the hat looks better with this flared coat than it did with the one in this post. Only now there were three other things “wrong”: I should 1) have pulled my collar straight, 2) not have pulled the belt so tight and 3) have worn another top underneath it as the collar of the body is competing with the collar of the coat. Where is a stylist when you need one?

Below: Ron waited for the pigeon to be in the picture haha.

Coat by Annette Görtz

Below: Madame is waiting for her coffee…..

Coat by Annette Görtz

Below: later on Ron spotted this mirror wall and made this shot. That man has a creative eye. I wished he would like these photo shoots as much as I do (he doesn’t). I always get the best results with him behind the camera.

Annette Görtz coat

Below: more pictures of the outfit underneath the coat. The skirt is an acquisition from the Max Mara outlet last year and you have seen it before with a baby blue jumper which wasn’t that nice (I thought in hindsight). You can see it here. I lowered the hem of the skirt as before it was a bit too short for my taste.

Black, white and grey flower skirt

Below: the belt (Max Mara) is closed too tight which makes it ride up. I should have let it sit lower. Only found out when I got home…

Black, white and grey flower skirt

Below: shoes (shooties) are by Steffen Schraut and bought at Lab Women in Haarlem. You saw them before here. (Ron’s idea to let me stand on this grating.)

Steffen Schraut shooties

Below: the bag is by VOI and years old. Shown before with a black and white striped dress here.

Red bag by VOI

Below: sideways… The necklace is one I ordered through Etsy from a German artist.

Black, white and grey flower skirt

Below: I would have worn the outfit with a matching bracelet but it broke. So here is a shoddy iPhone photo of it. I am also wearing a large red ring, which I totally forgot about. And I am wearing the sleeves 3/4, which is better.

Black, white and grey flower skirt

Below: another iPhone shot from last year when I replaced the baby blue jumper with a red one. Problem with this red one is, that it is wide, so it flops out at the sides over the belt. Not nice. Maybe I should hang little weights of lead on the hem of the jumper?

Black, white and grey flower skirt

Below: a close-up of the necklace in this last shot of me and the hat haha. The beads are made of cardboard.

We are back to normal days. January and February are long and dreary months. I will do my best to put a smile on your face though.


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