Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots

Red Kenzo coat with black OTK bootsThis outfit is easy. No great styling effort. Just a black, cream and red outfit with my over the knee boots. The only “styling” bit to this outfit was the thought that I wanted to wear these boots with a light coloured pair of trousers. As I love contrast. This outfit also creates the opportunity to show you my third hat: a pillbox hat.

It was finally dry and we quickly went out to take these shots, before it started pouring again. Wet snow, rain and hailstones all day with little periods of sunshine. We found a quaint spot near the railway tracks. Ron saw some opportunities.

Below: preparing myself, putting away the sunglasses.

Red Kenzo coat with black OTK boots

Below: creating a fun shadow effect with my hand (Ron’s idea.. these ideas are never mine). The fierceness of the sun, you’d think it is summer.

Below: here they are… my long black gloves from Paris. On the left worn the way there are supposed to. Very nice with my kimono coat.

Long black leather gloves

Below: a closer look at the gloves. They are from the Paris shop Alexandra Sojfer, 218, Boulevard Saint Germain, which specializes in umbrellas, gloves, etc etc. Remember when Susan and I were in Paris? I told you about the sales associate who sold me these expensive gloves and an expensive necklace? The reason why my creditcards are now in the freezer?

When I hesitated that I could only wear such long gloves with my kimono coat which was limited, she said “No, no, no, it is very chic to scrunch the gloves up when your coat has normal sleeves… LOOK!” ….. No hope in hell for me to stand up to her.

Long black leather gloves

Below: the jacket is by Kenzo and at least 10 years old. The hat is (again) bought in Haarlem at Cosy van Tutti. I think they call it a pillbox hat.

Below: a close-up of the hat.

Below: let us move on to the outfit underneath the coat. I am wearing two sweaters with the same neckline to add a third colour to the outfit and a better colour near my face. Ron found a small and old locomotive to act as background. (Freezing my butt off here.)

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots

Above: my bracelets are from different sources. The one near my watch is a gift from Suzanne Carillo.

Below: the necklace I bought at my local florist a couple of years ago. Never really wear it. The bracelet most left is from Little Mole Boutique. The bracelet closest to my ring is from Bella’s Citizens Rosebud shop on Etsy. And the ring is a present from Tiffany, a fellow Instagrammer.


Now…..the necklace… is totally wrong for me. Last week I had a bad case of the flu. When I started to feel a bit better I did the Accessory Course again from 40+Style. I had started it before but stopped in the middle. Sylvia (of 40+Style) even features me in this course. According to her my accessory style is arty. It wasn’t until I finished the course the second time, that it finally dawned on me: yes, I agree, my style is preferably arty, clean lines. And my style is definitely NOT boho or classic, so why did I buy and wear that necklace in the photo above???

No wonder I found the outfit not being me, when I was making this post. Because of that darned detail, the necklace.

40+Style is starting a 5 day Kickstart Your Style Challenge from Monday January 23, and a lot of 40+ women have joined the Facebook page that comes with it (if you want). So I joined and before the challenge started I uploaded the outfit with the necklace and asked advice. Prompt answer was: you need a cream or white necklace. As the Accessory Course had already opened my eyes I now knew I needed a cream or white arty necklace.

Below: I went through my stuff and came up with this white, black and golden necklace. Bought in Paris years ago.

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots

Below: and I came up with this retro necklace, purchased from Bella’s Citizens Rosebud shop on Etsy. (She is a good supplier.) This is my favourite necklace for this outfit.

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots

Below: I also tried another top / tunic from Stella Carakasi. Unfortunately it is too small for me. You might not notice it, but it really pulls at the back. What can you expect when the size is XS and you normally where L haha. Pity though as I like this tunic. It was a gift from Sylvia who is much smaller than I am.

Dark red tunic with OTK boots

Below: one last picture to make you laugh. It looks as if I am flapping my arms like a chicken. Hair is flapping too.

It also made me change the sweater for a wider and longer one haha (no picture of that).

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots


I have joined Nicole’s link up called Top of the world. Nicole has the blog High Latitude Style (she lives in Fairbanks, Alaska)

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  1. 22 January 2017 / 16:13

    How pretty! So stylish. Each of the elements is special and they mesh beautifully. One of the best I’ve seen.

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 16:15

      Oh wow, didn’t see that coming. I thought it was kinda alright. I would even wear another top on those trousers now. Longer. But thank you of course.

  2. 22 January 2017 / 16:39

    Those gloves!!!! My oh my. They are so stylish, I think k I would wear them just inside too, with a bodycon black dress!

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 16:50

      They’d better be good haha. They fit … like a glove. I will admit, they are quality.

  3. 22 January 2017 / 16:54

    Don’t you love how we freeze our tookus off for the sake of the blog, Greetje??
    I hear what you’re saying about the red necklace and that your style is more artsy. But I’ll also be the devil’s advocate and say that sometimes I think we can get too caught up in the details. Sure, I totally like the white retro necklace, but I think the original outfit is fabulous. In my opinion, what it does is change the focal point. With the red necklace you notice the cool boots more. With the retro necklace, all eyes are on that piece!
    Now, I understand we should be true to who we are when we get dressed. But it’s the same thing with my mom—-I’ll suggest a necklace. And then she’ll get out 10 more to see if they are better? But really the first one is lovely. There isn’t always a right & wrong, IMO!
    Thanks for listening to my rant!!
    As always, you are one hot mama!!

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 17:13

      Hahaha, if I am, I am a hot stepmama. I’ll send you an email about this subject as it is a bit too much for the blog hihi.
      I know what you are saying, but the fact I, as in me, didn’t like the outfit with the first necklace, is of course what counts most. And I am wearing a longer top with this outfit now. Liking that better. The white necklace is still good.

      • Magda Banker
        23 January 2017 / 14:02

        I love everything

        • Greetje
          24 January 2017 / 17:49

          Thank you. That is very kind of you to say.

  4. 22 January 2017 / 17:18

    My first thought Greetje was that you resembled a very stylish cossack in that red coat and fabulous hat. I daren’t think how much your long Paris gloves were! What a load of shit these sales assistants in expensive boutiques come out with. It might be chic to scrunch up your coat sleeves but unless you walk around with your elbows permanently bent, they will fall down again. In any case, the gloves are super and will always remind you of your trip with Susan. Ron’s photoshoots just get better and better.
    Glad to hear that you are over the flu. x

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 17:45

      No hahaha.. she meant scrunch up the gloves haha. I will make that more clear in the post. This sales lady was very knowledgable and the quality of the articles in the shop superb. Only I would normally never have paid so much money for a pair of gloves.. She just put a spell on me. Which is why Susan calles her the Jedi Sales Associate.

  5. 22 January 2017 / 17:19

    I love this outfit, Greetje! It may be “simple,” but it came together beautifully. Black, red, and white is such a nice color combo, one I hardly ever wear. I should see if I can put something together…

    I can see why you had to buy the gloves; they look very nice. It’s so nice to own beautiful, good quality gloves…

    I didn’t mind the original necklace until you showed us the other ones! Yes, they are much better with it and more you!

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 17:46

      I think the fact it is more ME, is the key factor here. A girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do. Right?
      Thanks for the compliments Andrea.

  6. marjolein
    22 January 2017 / 17:38

    Love the black/white/red combi. Those boots have such beautiful heels!! The hat is perfect with this outfit.

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 17:48

      Yes it was very hard for me to take the boots back to the shop when they didn’t look good with that cream dress. (For which I had bought them.) They were the perfect heel and fit. So I decided NOT to take them back haha. My usual solution.

  7. 22 January 2017 / 18:59

    I like the over the knee boots. I have not quite dared to go there yet but might give it a try.

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 19:13

      The work pretty well I have to say. Nice and warm. I can even walk downtown and back on them (15 minutes walk to and fro).

  8. Rebecca
    22 January 2017 / 19:35

    First of all, great photos Ron! I loved seeing the outfits and hearing how you tweaked them to represent the
    true you. My favorite photo is the side view of you in the red jacket and hat right after you showed those
    gorgeous gloves crunched. I am participating in Sylvia’s challenge having done her style and accessory courses. Looking forward to your posts there as well!

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 20:05

      I hope I have enough time to participate truly in Sylvia’s challenge. I really want to, but life has a funny way with time. I will do my utmost as I really like it.
      And I agree with you on the favourite photo. I like myself on that one too haha.

  9. Evaline
    22 January 2017 / 19:47

    Favourite outfit on you, EVER!! Head to toe perfection, and you look arorably happy.

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 20:07

      It feels a bit funny to admit it, but I am very happy. Not a care in the world. I am a bit surprised though that this post, this outfit gets so much cheering. I thought it was sort of alright. Just goes to show what I know eh? Thank you for the compliments.

  10. 22 January 2017 / 21:10

    I’m sick in love with that red coat! LOVE it. And I adore all the arty necklaces. If I’m honest, I don’t like the red one on you… the style is old and boring, and you are FUN! I agree it isn’t your style, just give it or sell it to someone. Also? Your legs! Sheesh. Amazing. I’m glad you are feeling better, and as usual, I applaud Ron for his deft artistic touches. Bravo, dude. xx

    • Greetje
      22 January 2017 / 21:42

      It is one of those coats that never goes out of style (I think, I hope). When I entered the shop many years ago it hung up against the wall. It caught me eye and that was that. It is when my love for Kenzo started.
      The red necklace will go to someone who really adores it. Isn’t it funny that it took me so long to understand what style is NOT me? Oh well, beter late than never. I will convey Ron all your compliments. He’ll love it.

  11. varya
    22 January 2017 / 22:10

    I am a glove freak and IMO you,lovely Greetje, found a perfect pair. They really enhance that outfit. And what can I say about the coat? Colorful,fun and uplifting in these gloom grey days. It’s blustery sleet here today, a perfect time to reconsider/sort out my accessories. Thank you for the style jolt.

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 12:51

      If you love gloves that much, this is the shop to visit Varya. As it is in Paris, I think this is a bonus. Have fun with sorting the accessories and thanks for all your compliments.

  12. 22 January 2017 / 22:50

    🙂 funny last poto… you always find the way to make your followers smile!
    The last necklace is my favourite too and it is very cute! A special piece of jewellery can make an outfit …

    Beautiful and artistic photos: Ron is getting better and better!

    I am glad to know that you are better now… colds are really annoying!

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 12:54

      The photos were taken the day before I got ill. Or perhaps I got ill because of posing in the cold haha? No, flu is a virus, so I don’t think it was that.
      I will forward the compliments to Ron. It will please him no end.
      As for necklaces… you are the queen of necklaces.

  13. Marilee Gramith
    22 January 2017 / 23:45

    It’s great that your health is back and WOW! what a cool comeback Greetje. This is a super classy and chique outfit! That hat and those gloves finished off with the OTK boots…you say simple, but the visual result is really fabulous! The colors are also very crisp and beautiful together. Did the French military wear this combo at one time??
    I have a little hunch that those white pants and black boots ( your bottom half is so svelte) with a variety of color and style variations on top will be just as striking.
    Ron chose some nice textures and colors as backdrops.
    The white brick wall and yellow train are great. He’s abviously having fun learning the art of fashion photography. It’s paying off in some artful photos!

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 13:00

      I have no clue to what the French military wore haha. So I looked it up… it were the English, to be precise: the Coldstream Guards. That was clever of you. See? Fashion repeats itself.
      Thank you for the compliments on my outfit and … on Ron’s photography. I will forward them to him. And no, he is not having fun with fashion photography. But perhaps all these compliments will soften his dislike.

  14. 23 January 2017 / 00:54

    Thank you so much for the shoutout about the challenge en course Greetje! I love that jacket. You really should wear it more often and it works so well in this outfit. Love the hat too. And those gloves. Wow! It was great hearing you talk about your process of discovering what works for you. That is really what the challenge will be all about as I think it’s so important to stay true to yourself. I look forward to reading your responses in the challenge!

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 13:01

      Now the only thing I need is time. Can you buy that haha? Just kidding. I am looking forward to the challenge. The more I learn, the better I look.

  15. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    23 January 2017 / 01:45

    I love this outfit, Greete, and agree with the necklace choice in the end (the graphic one). The jacket is wonderful as well, but ooh, the gloves! So pretty and tres chic! That is a good salesperson to show you that versatility – I love my long leather gloves because they scrunch up and keep my wrists warm (I’m a delicate flower, ha!).

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 13:03

      You are a delicate F flower haha. Indeed you are. And yes, the arguments of the sales person were good. But had she given me time to think, I would not have done it because of the amount of money. She was good…

  16. Trish
    23 January 2017 / 10:06

    Stunning photos Greetje. The whole outfit is a showstopper. I’d read about over the knee boots coming back and the style suits you supremely well. Wish it did for me. I love red and it look so good in your kimono coat and hat. It is a superb setting as you look ready for riding. I love the gloves, though the fact of having to freeze your credit cards after is a bit of a come down. I think these Jedi sales assistants can only be avoided, no point in grappling with them. They always win ?

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 13:08

      My legs are long, so I can indulge in wearing white jeans and black OTK boots. But if you are smaller, you can wear them with black trousers, making one long leg. As for riding… I only been on a horseback twice in my life. That is all.
      As for the frozen credit cards…. oh well, it was time to take a break from shopping anyway. I have come to terms with the gloves and the necklace by now. Mostly because they are really lovely quality pieces.

      • Trish
        23 January 2017 / 16:02

        I can see that the gloves are really wonderful, and will doubtless be useful and fashionable for ever. They are so classic! Is the necklace the white one? Also very classic and versatile. Thanks for the suggestion on boots for us shorties ? Maybe I will try them.

  17. josep-maria
    23 January 2017 / 11:36

    OMG! Without the hat, the look enchants me. The hat … I have doubts, although you are able to wear anything with style. The jacket is cute, the tight pants always triumph on your legs, and the boots are perfect. I love the outfit with the gaunts and the bag. The look without jacket is spectacular, because the shirt looks perfect on you and … you do not wear a hat! LOL. The burgundy blouse is magnificent and you look splendid with it.

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 13:16

      As often you surprise me. I would have thought you would have loved the hat. But no.
      And the outfit… OK I like it, but I didn’t think it was anything special. And you use the word spectacular. Little do I know haha.

  18. Melissa
    23 January 2017 / 14:16

    OMG! I absolutely love love this! The one with the black and red shirt.

    Don’t listen to yourself anymore:) cause this outfit is more than alright! (we are all our own worst critic)
    I think you don’t see what we see in these photos. The outfit makes your shape look perfect in every way from top to bottom. It balances your body so well and as for the rear view, I think you see things we don’t because you are critical of yourself. You see small butt non existent hips, while we all say wow look at the perky little butt and slim hips, she has a perfect shape a bit athletic, but still feminine and petite in all the right places with of course legs to die for.

    I think by putting the dark shirt on top that isn’t super tight except at the waist disguises the busty part up top perfectly and balances your hips and waist by putting the light/creme color on the bottom, as that “enlarges” that area in a good way, which you want to balance you out. The over all effect is long and lean and feminine with great structure.

    As for the accessories, I like them all, even the one you don’t like, but it is about comfort and also about putting only in your closet what you love. I myself would have only done either the bracelets or necklace, I found both too much for myself.
    And hey by removing it from your closet that just leaves more room to buy something that you love to fill its place:)

    The last shirt is OK and while it may be more your comfort zone, I still love when you wear clothes that are more fitted, but that is just a personal taste thing, but I do get sometimes wanting to wear something not fitted. I had a hard time liking the artsy flowy thingys that people wear here, it just isn’t my taste. Although on the artsy point I do like to see one focal artsy piece of jewelery, sometimes. I also can see the last shirt, what you mean by it not fitting.

    This outfit is a winner, looks marvelous!

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 21:17

      Well, well.. you know how to explain why this out fit works, very well. My compliments. I think you are right. I have to say, I do realize that most women suffer from a big butt and cannot stand my whining over a small butt haha.
      As for the artsy flowy thingys (??).. I know you are not a fan. Which is fine by me. One of my colleague is always trying to encourage me to wear fitted clothes too haha.

  19. maria pol
    23 January 2017 / 17:09

    Beautiful outfits, Greetje. I love the stylish gloves and the hat.
    I agree with you, the retro necklace looks much better, however, the red one is cute.
    I am also in love with wearing white/chalk in winter; as I feel we don’t have to wait for summer to do so.
    Lovely posting! Keep up the great pics! Ron is a fantastic artist at taking gorgeous pictures.
    Thank you for inspiring us.

    • Greetje
      23 January 2017 / 21:20

      The cream jeans are actually quite thick, so warm. I cannot wear them in summer. I like white or off-white in winter but I don’t have too much of it. And red near my face is much better for me. But as you know, I don’t mind wearing the odd white nightie.

  20. 24 January 2017 / 07:17

    I’ve fallen in love with your hat and boots combination Greetje – am after a new hat for winter and yours is such a super cool shape!
    Your red coat is pretty cool too!

    xx Yvonne

    • Greetje
      24 January 2017 / 17:47

      Thank you Yvonne. Just remember, this pillbox hat is not going to keep your ears warm.

  21. 25 January 2017 / 01:24

    I love the color combos of this outfit, topped with the pill box hat it is sort of Jackie O! Those gloves, oh my, they are crazy gorgeous,I wonder of they make them in small sizes?
    Loved the fun shots, the shadows, and the photos sans coat, very pretty sweater, and tunic, that is a great pink color for you!
    I also loved both necklaces, and love the geometric one the most!
    Lots of rain here, ending soon I hope!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      25 January 2017 / 11:11

      Thank you Elle for the compliments. And I am sure that this shop stocks these gloves in a small size. They are French! That is petite. The very word petite is French. Send them an email. They also come in blue.

  22. 2 February 2017 / 21:30

    I’m not sure how we can be friends if you keep flaunting those long, lean legs of yours Greetje:( I’m green with envy at how amazing you look in those cream jeans and black OTK boots!
    The red jacket and black hat all work so well together, so don’t undersell yourself. I love seeing all of the different necklaces and with every one I thought Oh yes, that’s better, and that continued all the way through. I think my preference was for the tunic and the retro necklace with Sylvia’s tunic.
    I know you always say why do I follow your blog and it’s because you wear classic clothes, but with your own brand of style added – the jewellery is the perfect example of that. I’m really hopeless with classic dressing – I feel it drains the life out of me.

    Wishing you a lovely week x

    • Greetje
      2 February 2017 / 21:47

      You need lots of colour in your life, the adventure, the clashing of garments or colour in an outfit. You got used to it as well, so if you don’t have that in your outfit you feel it is boring. I know the feeling but I am more conservative, so I don’t travel very far on that adventurous road. I think the term is “To each his own”? And I also know you can stay friends with me no matter how much I flaunt my legs. And I will whenever I can. Although in the following post (with the green sweater) I am actually shortening my legs.

  23. 3 February 2017 / 18:31

    Hats and gloves! This post makes me very happy. The Paris gloves are perfect with your kimono and I love the shape of the pillbox hat. You are making the point that accessories rule!

    You and Ron have become quite the team. He has an eye for background and you have an eye for style. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    • Greetje
      4 February 2017 / 08:42

      I think this hat is my favourite one. But perhaps there will be lots of favourites yet to come. My heart is set on a Stetson or a Fedora or a Borsalino. A bit of a tough hat. Only I need one slightly different from the normal models which don’t suit my face that well. Still searching.

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