Red Kenzo coat with black OTK bootsThis outfit is easy. No great styling effort. Just a black, cream and red outfit with my over the knee boots. The only “styling” bit to this outfit was the thought that I wanted to wear these boots with a light coloured pair of trousers. As I love contrast. This outfit also creates the opportunity to show you my third hat: a pillbox hat.

It was finally dry and we quickly went out to take these shots, before it started pouring again. Wet snow, rain and hailstones all day with little periods of sunshine. We found a quaint spot near the railway tracks. Ron saw some opportunities.

Below: preparing myself, putting away the sunglasses.

Red Kenzo coat with black OTK boots

Below: creating a fun shadow effect with my hand (Ron’s idea.. these ideas are never mine). The fierceness of the sun, you’d think it is summer.

Below: here they are… my long black gloves from Paris. On the left worn the way there are supposed to. Very nice with my kimono coat.

Long black leather gloves

Below: a closer look at the gloves. They are from the Paris shop Alexandra Sojfer, 218, Boulevard Saint Germain, which specializes in umbrellas, gloves, etc etc. Remember when Susan and I were in Paris? I told you about the sales associate who sold me these expensive gloves and an expensive necklace? The reason why my creditcards are now in the freezer?

When I hesitated that I could only wear such long gloves with my kimono coat which was limited, she said “No, no, no, it is very chic to scrunch the gloves up when your coat has normal sleeves… LOOK!” ….. No hope in hell for me to stand up to her.

Long black leather gloves

Below: the jacket is by Kenzo and at least 10 years old. The hat is (again) bought in Haarlem at Cosy van Tutti. I think they call it a pillbox hat.

Below: a close-up of the hat.

Below: let us move on to the outfit underneath the coat. I am wearing two sweaters with the same neckline to add a third colour to the outfit and a better colour near my face. Ron found a small and old locomotive to act as background. (Freezing my butt off here.)

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots

Above: my bracelets are from different sources. The one near my watch is a gift from Suzanne Carillo.

Below: the necklace I bought at my local florist a couple of years ago. Never really wear it. The bracelet most left is from Little Mole Boutique. The bracelet closest to my ring is from Bella’s Citizens Rosebud shop on Etsy. And the ring is a present from Tiffany, a fellow Instagrammer.


Now…..the necklace… is totally wrong for me. Last week I had a bad case of the flu. When I started to feel a bit better I did the Accessory Course again from 40+Style. I had started it before but stopped in the middle. Sylvia (of 40+Style) even features me in this course. According to her my accessory style is arty. It wasn’t until I finished the course the second time, that it finally dawned on me: yes, I agree, my style is preferably arty, clean lines. And my style is definitely NOT boho or classic, so why did I buy and wear that necklace in the photo above???

No wonder I found the outfit not being me, when I was making this post. Because of that darned detail, the necklace.

40+Style is starting a 5 day Kickstart Your Style Challenge from Monday January 23, and a lot of 40+ women have joined the Facebook page that comes with it (if you want). So I joined and before the challenge started I uploaded the outfit with the necklace and asked advice. Prompt answer was: you need a cream or white necklace. As the Accessory Course had already opened my eyes I now knew I needed a cream or white arty necklace.

Below: I went through my stuff and came up with this white, black and golden necklace. Bought in Paris years ago.

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots

Below: and I came up with this retro necklace, purchased from Bella’s Citizens Rosebud shop on Etsy. (She is a good supplier.) This is my favourite necklace for this outfit.

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots

Below: I also tried another top / tunic from Stella Carakasi. Unfortunately it is too small for me. You might not notice it, but it really pulls at the back. What can you expect when the size is XS and you normally where L haha. Pity though as I like this tunic. It was a gift from Sylvia who is much smaller than I am.

Dark red tunic with OTK boots

Below: one last picture to make you laugh. It looks as if I am flapping my arms like a chicken. Hair is flapping too.

It also made me change the sweater for a wider and longer one haha (no picture of that).

Black, cream and red outfit with OTK boots


No Fear of Fashion







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