Shopping in EindhovenWhen you know you will have your coat on most of the day, you’d better put on a nice one. This kimono coat was another purchase in that little boutique in Paris where I bought the sequined top. It is wool, nice and warm but still elegant. Perfect for shopping in Eindhoven, which was our destination, chosen by my Shopping Saturday friends Anke and Sabine. The Dutch Design Week was on, so we could combine creativeness with shopping.

Above: the leather messenger bag is a second hand one from a thrift shop. I really got lucky with that. It was a steal and belonged to a stylist. Of course! I felt like one, just carrying it.

Below: you can wear it cross body, over the shoulder or hold it in your hand. The scarf was another lucky find at the thrift shop (by Kenzo) and the gloves are from the Max Mara outlet.Shopping in Eindhoven

Below: Anke had the same idea about what to wear that day: a really good coat.


Below: and Sabine had her fab cowboy boots and leather jacket on. Plus a cute sweater and desirable Coach bag.


Below: close-up of Anke’s shoes. Aren’t they dandy?


Below: before we went off we took some shots in Sabine’s garden. She sat on this ceramic pig, forgetting it had rained haha. Which is why she is checking her wet trousers. Such a good shot with that pig looking up as if to say “oh dear..”.


We started in Eindhoven in the main building of the Dutch Design Week, Klokgebouw. There were many venues throughout the whole city.

Below: the Orime bag by Renate Nederpel. The inside is removable and has two inner sections. Water resistant. Read more here.bag

Below: another object by Renate Nederpel, bow ties.

Dutch Design Week

Circular economy (explanation here) was hot in this Dutch Design Week building.

Below: these spectacle frames were produced without oil by Crafting Plastics. Good for the environment. Dutch Design Week

Below: of course we had to try them on. The designs were fun.


Below: some pictures I took of (undoubtedly) very innovative objects. I tried harder this time to gather information, but failed with this boat.

Dutch Design Week

Below: I do know about this octopus cabinet. It is called Okto and made by Jasser Studio

Dutch Design Week

Below: a more stylish version of a rocker. By Maison Deux. It is rather pricey but it won’t leave streaks on your floor.

Dutch Design Week

We decided that our next stop would be the fashion section. After all…

Below: there were brand new Volvos serving as free shuttles between the venues. All taxis had design objects on their roof.

Dutch Design Week

Below: did you spot the golden rollator above? Below a close-up. I will keep this design in mind for when I need one.

Dutch Design Week

Below: as we arrived at the centre of town, we took a picture of Anke’s sweater which has wings on the back. Little angle.


Below: and a picture of my outfit underneath the coat. I prefer to wear it as I did here (with ankle boots, a golden necklace and no shirt). But high heels and a day of shopping: oh no. The necklace below is from &Other Stories, bought in Turin.


We headed to department store The Bijenkorf where, on the top floor, was an exhibition called Fashion Promise. Offering a platform for about 30 graduated and talented fashion designers.

Below: it was black and dark. A lot of the clothes were a bit too far out for a conservative person like me.

Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week


Dutch Design Week

Below: shiny


We were rather depressed and called the exhibition “after the nuclear war”. But that is probably because we didn’t understand. I mean, you don’t graduate in fashion and are considered a talent for nothing, right?

Below: lunch. Yes dears, this is how we stay slim. We don’t eat much.

Shopping in Eindhoven

Below: time for a welfie.


As we were in The Bijenkorf, the shopping could begin. Starting with the shoe department of course.

Below: while waiting for the shoes to arrive, Anke went samurai, nearly chopping Sabine’s head off.

Shopping in Eindhoven

Below: Sabine trying on these boots. Shame they weren’t nice enough inside as they did suit her. And ticked all the boxes.

Shopping in Eindhoven

Anke and I both went after a pair of silver pumps. And we have the same size. The store only had one pair. She let me have them. Bless her.

Below: this photo is rather awkward. It looks as if I have lost my right arm. My sweater being black and the sleeves being 3/4 had this effect. Wearing my new silver pumps.

Shopping in Eindhoven

Below: I am giggling and talking to a woman near us who confessed she did indeed think I had lost my arm.

Shopping in Eindhoven

Below: Sabine, catching me through the curtain of a dressing room.


Below: I got back at her as she was pulling her usual stunt (not taking her trousers off while trying on a skirt). She bought both the skirt and the top.


Below: faux fur got their love. But no, they didn’t buy.


Below: Sabine always looks good in a hat.


Below: if there is anything I was craving for, it was the sausage of the HEMA. Famous in The Netherlands. Hadn’t eaten it for years. Not good for my figure but I reckoned I had some calories left to eat as lunch had been just sushi.

Of course a lady never, ever eats in the street. I am not a lady. Tell me something new.eating-food-in-the-street

After me eating this sausage (they didn’t), both the girls managed to buy a pair of ankle boots each, which I totally forgot to photograph.

Below: they had the bags to prove it.


Below: we went back to where we started that day and had a lovely dinner together before heading back. (Sorry Anke, you were at the back.)

Shopping in Einhoven






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