Black&white trousers with black stripe 1aHerringbone is what this print is called. I learned that from Sylvia at 40+Style. I commented on her blog: “No…., herringbone is not for me”. And as usual I bought these skinnies the very next day. The times I have to eat my own words are countless.

They appealed to me because they show off my legs. The part of my body I am rather pleased with. I have lots of uncertainties about my body, like all women, but my legs.. they are good (thank you mum and dad).

The lady in the shop had this lovely sweater to go with it. It covers my bum nicely and it is made of cotton as I cannot stand wool. It always itches.

The necklace was one of the purchases I succumbed to while photographing the shopping routes of Amsterdam for you. It was a hard task. They are pieces of gold foil dipped in perspex. Lovely as this colour lights up a black sweater and it is contemporary. I am slowly changing my jewellery style to a bit more contemporary.

The bag…. ah ….the bag… Elle over at My daily costume showed us her leopard hat box bag which she thrifted at Ebay. This bag was so great that I tried to copy it. Searching Ebay and Etsy for a long time trying to find a copy. Never found one of course. And then I came across this little bag and held my breath. “Mine” it said.
Black&white trousers with black stripe 1The background with the yellow autumn leaves is great with the bag and the necklace. This time I don’t mind so much that these pictures are taking in the garden again. Hope you don’t mind either.Black&white trousers with black stripe 2

Black&white trousers with black stripe 3

Black&white trousers with black stripe 5

Black&white trousers with black stripe necklaceBrand name skinnies: Cambio. Brand name sweater: Sarah Pacini. Booties Panara.
Next week another route through Amsterdam.
PS linking up to Très Chic Style Bits over at Searching the Inner Me.

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