Black hat 011An in-between-post especially for Judith, the Style Crone, because she is hosting her 5th Hat Attack. A gathering place for women with a fascination for hats.

I will admit, I am not a hat girl. Some of them look good on me. Usually with a big brim and somewhat higher on my head. But usually hats and me are no friends. Especially not because hats make your hair go all funny when you take it off.

Nevertheless, Judith has planted a seed and I am slowly starting to crave for hats. She is the Hat Master. They all suit her so well and she has an enormous collection. And I mean ENORMOUS. This is Judith:Judith the Style CroneBecause I like Judith a lot and because I want to do more with hats, I created this in-between- post.

The one I am wearing is ancient. Bought on a holiday in Macon, France. (Present from my husband again.) It is not the best shape for me, but I don’t have a big selection ….yet (two to be precise). Also the shape of my head and neck  are not suited for tucking my hair underneath the hat. Did my best though.

Below: husband does not like the sweater…Black hat 012

Black hat 015Below: flashlight…. always so flattering. But as husband was so kind to take the pictures, I am not complaining (well, only a bit).Black hat 008Below: without a smile and showing the side and back of the hat.Black hat 018

I am linking up to Très Chic Style Bits.

Have a great week my dear readers. Tomorrow there will be another post on my blog. The second part of the shopping tour through the Nine Streets in Amsterdam. Stay tuned.

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