New car en leopard in outfit 9Well… that was rather a quick decision process. A new car. See the grin on my face? I could not stop smiling the whole day. It is an Italian car, an Alfa Romeo MiTo, off-white (creamy) with a black roof. Candy-like with a sporty / manly vibe.

Embarrassing….. but again it is a present from my husband. And I even asked for this present. (Now…, what did mummy taught us??? Never to ask or you will get nothing. Sorry mum, it worked this time.)

A few months ago the bottom of the treasure chest was in sight due to my excessive spending behaviour. I had not saved a penny to replace my car which was 6 years old. As my husband was earning his money quite easy (in my jealous view) I asked him whether he could provide me with a replacement should my car croak. (In my defense -although not really- this is the first time in 25 years I have asked for anything.)

He immediately said yes, and wanted to give one straight away. That was not necessary as my old car was still doing fine. Only, when he has this idea in his head……  It was either accepting a new car now, this year, or running the risk of no new car when I need one.

What would you have done? Right…. I did the same. I said “yes dear, thank you very much”. Which is why you see these photos of my leopard top etc. situated around my new car.  My nextdoor neighbour was kind enough to take the pictures.

As you will see later on, my pose on the hood failed miserably. I am not that kind of girl hahaha. New car en leopard in outfit 2Below: a clear shot of the car, dressed in my purple coat.New car en leopard in outfit 5Above and below: the sunglasses are for more Italian effect.New car en leopard in outfit 7Below: the boots are ancient. I cannot remember buying them. They are still so comfortable. Nice to walk on in the weekend (no high heels) going into town (which I did not… too much temptation as there are shops in town).New car en leopard in outfit 8Below: As you can see, enough room inside, black leather seats.New car en leopard in outfit 6Below:  posing on the hood as a pit stop babe, really failed, but the neighbours and me had a good laugh over it.On the carGreetje

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