Black and white body with green blouse 7Hurray for skinnies. I love them, could wear them every day. They make my legs long and they feel like pjs. This particular pair of skinnies is by Max Mara (again…. Dan and me… we just love this brand).

Oh I have to tell you this before I go on. The sleeves of the purple Max Mara coat which you saw in my previous post were too long. The shop altered them for me. At the top of the sleeves, not at the bottom because then you would lose a button. They did it for free. Now that is Service. 

Over now to todays’ outfit. This yellow coat looks as nice as the purple one, doesn’t it? It cost me 50 euros in a thrift shop. To balance things out…
You might have seen it before here when I wore it with a purple faux fur scarf. As it is still not that cold,  I opted for a black and white scarf to go with my black and white body from Wolford. This brand is more expensive in the US (and the UK) than in The Netherlands. You poor souls out there pay extra duty I bet.

The blouse you saw before in a summer version. And the black and white belt here (a.o.). I do get good use from this belt (thank you Sylvia).

My colleague was so nice to take photos of me (with his smartphone) in a design area of our company. So here is another post outside my garden.Black and white body with green blouse 6

Black and white body with green blouse 3Below: this photo got a bit too much light. The bag is by Longchamps.Black and white body with green blouse 8

Black and white body with green blouse 2

Do I need more clothes? I don’t think so. Neither does my husband…..

I came back upstairs yesterday morning and found little notes on all my closet doors with the word “Vol” written on it.  Which is Dutch for “Full”. Hilarious. And on the door of “my” room was this sign “No access for clothes-hangers”. We both killed ourselves laughing. Hope you do too. Vol FullHe said it in jest, but he is actually right. The next day I decided I need protection from myself and gave him my credit cards for safe keeping. I am not to be trusted with them. No self control.

PS: linking up to Fernanda’s blog: Searching the Inner me.


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