Max Mara coat and green outfit 5One of my colleagues was leaving the company and I went to a department store (the best) to buy her a fare-well present. That is a dangerous task for me. If I am exposed to many beautiful things I get sorely tempted. Best thing for me is not to get near a shop. 

My colleague got a book. I got a blouse, a pair of skinny trousers and two coats. Which officially makes me a nutcase.

The shop assistant was called Elze (I think) and she worked for Max Mara at The Bijenkorf (the department store) in Amstelveen.  And she was GOOD. Helping you without being obtrusive. As if you were shopping with a friend. Chit-chatting away, being very honest about the brand, the clothes and the way those clothes suited and fitted me (or not).
When I really liked the shape of a black coat but preferred a happier colour, she took the trouble to look for that. She found this purple coat in another branch. “No problem”, she said, “I will order it for you, no strings attached. Let’s see which size is right.”

Same service with the skinny trousers. I liked the shape, the colour and the pattern and she showed me the combination with this blouse. At first I thought it was a bit wild (I am not very good with pattern mixing).
So she fetched a green blouse from a COMPETING brand in the shop next to hers. (Store concept is shop-in-shop).
That is what I call: putting the customer first.

I preferred the more daring pattern combination she had suggested earlier. But to tell you the truth, by that time she could have sold me the entire content of her shop. I am such a sucker for good service.

Max Mara coat and green outfit 1These photos were taken by my dear friend Moniek, whom I met for coffee at this fabulous restaurant / coffeebar / lunch place called Merkelbach in Amsterdam. See how pretty the building is below and read the history on their website. The building and the garden were a terrific background for a photo shoot. Could not miss this opportunity to give you fooks something better than my small garden.MerkelbachI noticed I should do the blouse up another button….Max Mara coat and green outfit 4

Max Mara coat and green outfit 2The colour of the coat changes a bit, depending on the light shining on it.
The sleeves are a bit too long but the shop is now taking them up an inch (service!).Max Mara coat and green outfit 3

Max Mara coat and green outfit 7The smile on my face (above) was caused by the photo Moniek took of me hanging my coat in the hedge.Max Mara coat and green outfit 8aBelow: the shoes are old but still nice (IMHO)shoes 9Below: lady of the manor…Max Mara coat and green outfit 6The whole outfit is by Max Mara. Blue top underneath the blouse is Marc Cain.

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