A green outfit and a purple coat

Max Mara coat and green outfit 5One of my colleagues was leaving the company and I went to a department store (the best) to buy her a fare-well present. That is a dangerous task for me. If I am exposed to many beautiful things I get sorely tempted. Best thing for me is not to get near a shop. 

My colleague got a book. I got a blouse, a pair of skinny trousers and two coats. Which officially makes me a nutcase.

The shop assistant was called Elze (I think) and she worked for Max Mara at The Bijenkorf (the department store) in Amstelveen.  And she was GOOD. Helping you without being obtrusive. As if you were shopping with a friend. Chit-chatting away, being very honest about the brand, the clothes and the way those clothes suited and fitted me (or not).
When I really liked the shape of a black coat but preferred a happier colour, she took the trouble to look for that. She found this purple coat in another branch. “No problem”, she said, “I will order it for you, no strings attached. Let’s see which size is right.”

Same service with the skinny trousers. I liked the shape, the colour and the pattern and she showed me the combination with this blouse. At first I thought it was a bit wild (I am not very good with pattern mixing).
So she fetched a green blouse from a COMPETING brand in the shop next to hers. (Store concept is shop-in-shop).
That is what I call: putting the customer first.

I preferred the more daring pattern combination she had suggested earlier. But to tell you the truth, by that time she could have sold me the entire content of her shop. I am such a sucker for good service.

Max Mara coat and green outfit 1These photos were taken by my dear friend Moniek, whom I met for coffee at this fabulous restaurant / coffeebar / lunch place called Merkelbach in Amsterdam. See how pretty the building is below and read the history on their website. The building and the garden were a terrific background for a photo shoot. Could not miss this opportunity to give you fooks something better than my small garden.MerkelbachI noticed I should do the blouse up another button….Max Mara coat and green outfit 4

Max Mara coat and green outfit 2The colour of the coat changes a bit, depending on the light shining on it.
The sleeves are a bit too long but the shop is now taking them up an inch (service!).Max Mara coat and green outfit 3

Max Mara coat and green outfit 7The smile on my face (above) was caused by the photo Moniek took of me hanging my coat in the hedge.Max Mara coat and green outfit 8aBelow: the shoes are old but still nice (IMHO)shoes 9Below: lady of the manor…Max Mara coat and green outfit 6The whole outfit is by Max Mara. Blue top underneath the blouse is Marc Cain.

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  1. 4 November 2013 / 09:27

    Beautiful print mix! I somehow never try print mixing.. I never seem to get it right. Looks like a fabulous day in Amsterdam

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

    • Greetje
      4 November 2013 / 13:55

      It was a fabulous day indeed. Beautiful spot too. And I am like you, never mixing prints. But slowly getting there. It is easier when the brand has already made sure that patterns and colours are similar haha.

  2. 4 November 2013 / 09:31

    Fabulous clash of prints and beautiful colour combination, dear Greetje.
    Have a fabulous Monday.

    • Greetje
      4 November 2013 / 13:56

      Yes, you like more prints together.LOL. I am getting “wilder” haha.

  3. Ann
    4 November 2013 / 14:43

    Now this is one fabulous and timeless outfit! My favorite of all your posts. Excellent colors and fit. I also love these pictures in this outstanding site. You have knock one out of the park dear!

    blue hue wonderland

    • Greetje
      4 November 2013 / 18:31

      Homerun YEAH. Thank you for such compliments.
      My husband thinks the combination is rather dark… Well…hmmm, tough?
      I put the camera on P (half automatic) and asked my friend to shoot a lot of photos. I said: “Statisticly I should be able to find a couple of good ones if you shoot many”..haha.
      Not a very kind thing to say, but she is not a professional either and photography is difficult.
      She did very well, I found a lot of good ones.

  4. 4 November 2013 / 17:20

    G- the pattern mix is great- and blues and greens are such wonderful colors on you. That coat- it’s an gem of a coat- I see years of good wear and looking chic in it!

    I know what you mean about good/great customer service. There is an art to it- not being pushy- and focusing more on the service part than the sales. In the end, a happy customer who has her needs met is a long term customer, and the person who helps make that happen is a treasure to both the shop and the client.

    • Greetje
      4 November 2013 / 18:35

      I so agree with you. It keeps surprising me that not more companies do this. They should know by now this sell more than sales talk.
      The lady who helped me the second time (when I came to fit the purple coat) was also very nice and good.

  5. josep-maria
    4 November 2013 / 19:08

    Greetje, I love this look. I like the colors and patterns of the blouse and pants. I love this mix of turquoise and green, is lovely. Pants, as always, look beautiful on you. I love the shoes with wooden heel, are fantastic. And leave it to the end, the piece of coat, why I find really wonderful, by the color and design. With it, you are really pretty and attractive. The scenery of the photos is fantastic.

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 05:30

      I will do my utmost to deserve more of such compliments. I am very pleased with your praise. The coat is with the tailor now to take the sleeves up an inch.

  6. 4 November 2013 / 19:53

    Wow, I’m so glad you’re a “nutcase”! These pieces are spectacular. Your pattern mixing is perfect – the small pattern on the pants with the larger one on top are natural together. And going for the purple instead of black in the coat is another great idea. A totally winning look. Gorgeous. It’s so surprising to get good service like that these days. What a winning and profitable policy.

    • Greetje
      4 November 2013 / 21:49

      No, no, no… it is not “my” pattern mixing. The lady in the shop mixed them for me.
      OK the purple is my idea (learned at 40+Style).
      Glad you like it.

  7. 4 November 2013 / 20:15

    I think you look very beautiful and elegant in those photos! The combination of colours is “very you” and the pants really suit you. I love their pattern ( and I have to confess that me too have a similar pair in gray )…
    Also very beautiful shirt and coat! ( is there anything I don’t like of you today? )
    Very dangerous indeed going for presents! Too many temptation around!!
    Wonderful place and garden : a perfect location for your post and you really are an extraordinary lady of the manor…

    Your smile is catching and so cute! ( I found myself smiling while I was looking at your seventh photo )

    can you help my English? Is grAy a noun and grEy an adjective?? ( I think I have read something of the kind but I am not so sure…)

    • Greetje
      4 November 2013 / 21:55

      Honestly dear, you are asking a Dutch woman about the English language hahaha.
      We have a saying for that: “the lame is helping the blind” which means I know as much (or better said as little) as you do. But I think GRAY is used more often.
      As for the seventh photo: I put that in deliberately as I wanted you to smile.

      • 6 November 2013 / 21:56

        😉 Funny saying! I sometimes forget you aren’t a mother tongue!! ( your English is very good ) .
        You are very kind and always try to find an answer for me : thanks.
        The fact is that I am trying to improve my knowing of English ( in case I will ever come to Amsterdam!!! )

        • Greetje
          7 November 2013 / 09:18

          Oh your English is good enough, don’t you worry. I only know one sentence in Italian and that sentence can only bring me into trouble:

          Mio tessoro, sono molto felice que tu sei retornato. Abbracia me, forte. Subbito.
          Of course I have misspelled most thing. But I can say it with great drama haha.

          • 7 November 2013 / 19:32

            You always find the way to make me laught!!
            I am just trying to imagine you saying it!!
            ( in your sentence there are five mistakes and they sound very funny to me. . . )

  8. 4 November 2013 / 21:21

    I am so afraid of pattern play. This looks great! You are brave. And the purple coat is stunning. Today I went out looking for what I thought would be an easy to fin piece…an eggplant colored knit turtleneck. I went to every store imaginable with no luck. Purple would have been a new color for me. Seeing you in your purple makes me want to continue on in my search. It has to be out there somewhere.

    • Greetje
      4 November 2013 / 21:56

      Usually when you search you don’t find it. But you find so many other lovely things while searching haha. Dangerous road.

  9. 4 November 2013 / 22:31

    Lady of the Manor, indeed! you look gorgeous in these vivid colors, Greetje. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 05:31

      I will ignore my husbands’ remark that the outfit looks rather dark. Usually he is spot on with his clothes reviews but this time, no.

  10. 4 November 2013 / 22:44

    Wow Greetje!!!!!! What a gorgeous outfit!!!!
    Everything is perfect and your attitude is also great, we can see that you were feeling very good.
    As always a lovely smile 🙂
    May I say I feel some envy (in a good sense of course)…..

    Pity this time you didn’t link in my blog.


    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 05:32

      Thank you Nanda. And yes I am feeling very good. I will email you.

  11. 4 November 2013 / 22:45

    Awesome! Awesome! The purple jacket tied it up nicely. I love the green and purple together…..Would love to see you do some more…..xoxo

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 05:35

      Love to see me do some more … what?? Combinations? You know I am not very good at that. I managed to wear the blouse with black skinnies and a fuchsia top underneath it. With the pink sleeves turned up to book-end.

  12. Sheryl
    5 November 2013 / 04:23

    I am so hesitant when it comes to mixing patterns that I tend to avoid it. Your outfit shows how nicely two patterns can blend together. It is quite pretty, and your purple coat is beautiful!

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 05:37

      Thank you Sheryl. But I have to say that I never mix patterns either unless the shop assistent or a friend has shown me how to do it. Not something that comes natural to me.

  13. 5 November 2013 / 04:46

    Hey Greetje! You are now showing up in my bloglovin’ roll…yeah!

    Your story about buying the book for your colleague, and a new outfit for yourself, is funny but true for most of us! I love the purple coat. No, LOVE the purple coat. Nice to hear that service is not dead!

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 05:40

      Wow, thank you Sue. I was planning to show you in my blog roll as well, just have not had the time for it yet (hectic times, lnot much sleep). Will do so this week. Glad you like my outfit.

      • Greetje
        5 November 2013 / 14:21

        Sorry Sue. Must have confused you. I had already put your blog on my list of blogs I follow. And you were talking about Bloglovin. Something entirely different. Must have been a blanc in my brains.

  14. 5 November 2013 / 06:30

    Well, my friend, this can reassure you that we truly are alike in many many ways. I just shared this post with my husband and he said, Yep, the two of you would get along real well. He also said the two of us could get in a whole lot of trouble if we went shopping together. I hate to even think about the holiday season approaching and all the wonderful temptations.
    Now to the important message, I agree whole heartedly with Ann, this is hands down, the best ever of you posts. Even at my first glance of your outfit, I was giving you my own standing ovation, and saying Way To Go Greetje! You know how I love pattern mixing and this mixture is FABULOUS. I know you try giving credit to the great sales gal, but come on, you’re the one wearing this outfit and wearing it like you own it! (which you do). And that coat, oh that beautiful beautiful coat. You couldn’t have chosen a better color for yourself. Pairing it with the emerald just made both absolutely brilliant. This entire post is just stunning!

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 14:26

      Yes, we would do so much damage to our wallets if we went shopping together. For sure. Had to laugh over your husbands’ reaction.
      I had never thought that this post would give me such good reviews. Which is another sign I don’t know what I am doing. The only thing I did dare to do myself is wear the coat on the trousers. Which is indeed daring. I am learning from other bloggers.
      And holiday season is not a very expensive season for me as our family is very small and we don’t really celebrate Christmas with presents. Although lots of people in Holland do.
      We are a bit of a boring couple. Very much in love with eachother, but boring haha.

  15. Happiness at Mid Life
    5 November 2013 / 07:16

    Greetje – this is such a bold step for you – I LOVE the pattern mixing!! I am not sure I would’ve come up with this combo but she did an awesome job. And your new coat goes so well with the tones of this outfit. I am not a big fan of coat (I always feel so restricted) but if I was to buy a new one, it would not be black, navy or grey.


    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 14:26

      Yes, I get far with a little help of my friends (or shop assistents haha).

  16. Rosemary
    5 November 2013 / 13:41

    Oh Greetje, I think we must BOTH be nutcases. I simply cannot go too near lovely things without wanting to buy. (And being tempted, and then giving in!) How lovely the green and purple look on you. Stunning combination. I would look like an elephant in skinny jeans, which is why I don’t have any.

    Isn’t it great to have fun with clothes? And the service certainly was outstanding. I often find, the nicer you are, the nicer the service. It follows, doesn’t it?

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 14:33

      Oh this is nice of you. You put the lovelyness of the sales assistent on my account. Because I was nice, she was nice. Hahaha. Thank you dear.
      Yes that is true, you get what you give. But in this case it was really a matter of her being extemely nice and good. She initiated.

  17. Catia
    5 November 2013 / 15:00

    Outstanding colour mix & pattern. Beautiful green with monaco blue. Just splendid as your purple coat which changes amazingly depending on the light. Everything suits you very well and gives a very polished look!
    It’s so nice to enjoy life!

    • Greetje
      5 November 2013 / 20:00

      Hi Catia, welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment. I am very pleased with the outfit and the coat as well. But I never expected so many good reviews. Just goes to show I don’t really have a clue haha.

  18. 6 November 2013 / 03:34

    Those are completely perfect prints to mix … this woman who chose them is someone you need to know a lot better. If it were me, I’d take her to lunch. What a beautiful outfit on you … great surroundings as well. I’m in love with the coat, of course. Perfect with the green … not a combination you see every day, but we all should. Lovely!
    Great shopping story!

    • Greetje
      6 November 2013 / 10:21

      The raving reviews this post gets, really surprise me. Of course I think it is nice otherwise I would not have bought it. Just goes to show I am not a stylist. I know squat about styling. But hey… I do get by quite well hahaha.

  19. popcosmo
    6 November 2013 / 04:21

    Ahhh, I’ve always said you can’t go wrong at Max Mara!!! Thank you for totally proving me 100% right – you look stunning and I think you found your go-to salesperson! This outfit fits you perfectly and the colors suit you so well. She did a fabulous job helping you. And I think you need a few more going-away parties for friends so you can buy yourself departure gifts!! I do hope she liked her book 🙂
    Thanks for putting a big smile on my face!!
    xo ~kim

    • Greetje
      6 November 2013 / 10:27

      My go-to-salesperson has moved to Max Mara in another town. Too bad.
      I also have a great sales person in a shop in my own town (see this post:) http://www.nofearoffashion.com/2013/07/black-white-striped-skirt-with-several-tops

      My colleague liked the book (about giving birth safely as she is pregnant). But believe me, I don’t need excuses to buy clothes haha. I have lots of friends with whom I drink coffee in shopping areas. Which means too many temptation anyway. LOL
      And thanks for saying I put a big smile on your face. That is my main goal in life.

  20. 6 November 2013 / 15:32

    I love the pattern mixing, the color combination and how you wear this ensemble with total abandon and panache. The length of the purple coat is perfection.

    Thank you so much Greetje, for mentioning Hat Attack. Very generous of you.

    • Greetje
      6 November 2013 / 16:47

      No Judith, it is not generosity. I just like your Hat Attack. We all wear too little of them and they are such a statement piece. You don’t see many of them in The Netherlands. So it is nice for everybody to see many of them togethe at your blog.

  21. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    6 November 2013 / 15:45

    Yay to Greet’s print mixing…..it’s fab & it’s not a bad idea to step out of our comfort zones once in a while!!!


    • Greetje
      6 November 2013 / 16:50

      Blogging gives me more ideas and I get used to things faster. Evolution my dear.
      Getting better and better, one step at the time.

  22. 6 November 2013 / 18:39

    You look Great in those colors and I like it all – the coat, the pants and top. You will get a lot of wear from these items. A good store clerk is really worth the time and when we get comfortable. . .Yes! they could sell us the store. I’m visiting from 40+Style.

    • Greetje
      6 November 2013 / 21:04

      How nice of you Neti*. Thanks for visiting and leaving (such a nice) comment.
      I have to pick up my coat tomorrow (sleeves are taken up). Hope I can get away without buying something else. I can hear my bank manager at the door haha.

  23. Marie S
    6 November 2013 / 18:52

    Gorgeous! Love the purple coat especially!

    • Greetje
      6 November 2013 / 21:06

      Thanks Marie. Once I had a red coat. Extremely expensive but I bought it for 25% of the normal price (and still pricy). But boy did I get a wear out of that one. I wore it for 6 winters. Never got tired of it and it stayed as lovely as the first day. Sometimes you have a winner.

    • Greetje
      7 November 2013 / 05:50

      Thank for leaving this nice comment Alicia and Sofia. Although I like the outfit myself (of course) I never thought it would get such good reviews.

  24. 7 November 2013 / 00:40

    I am not a fan of pattern mixing but this looks like an ensemble – the blouse and the trousers are made for each other! Also the dark green is great for this season.

    The scenery and the photos are beautiful and your smile is the best 🙂

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Greetje
      7 November 2013 / 05:52

      Thanks Annette. I am not big on pattern mixing either. Mainly because I have no clue how to do it right. Being from the same brand and year/season, helps a lot.

  25. 7 November 2013 / 01:59

    Love the blues and greens together in this outfit

    • Greetje
      7 November 2013 / 05:52

      Thank you Brett.

  26. 8 November 2013 / 22:48

    What is better than teal and purple? Not much.

    That coat is stunning. I just bought one very similar but in cranberry. I think we both purchased a classic piece. I’m all for having colour.

    I’m with you. If I don’t go out to the shops I’m not tempted. Once I’m there I’m a crack addict.


    • Greetje
      9 November 2013 / 09:08

      Like a crack addict…. So very true. Fortunately I am not a big online buyer. I have my moments but not many.

    • Greetje
      9 November 2013 / 09:10

      Don’t hold your breath Elle… it might take a while before you see more pattern mixing in my posts. It is a difficult area for me.

  27. 10 November 2013 / 03:27

    Wow, what a gorgeous coat. I love the color!

    And the rest of the outfit totally works too – the colors and patterns are subtle enough that they work well together!

    • Greetje
      10 November 2013 / 08:23

      You have taught me a thing or two about pattern mixing. Although I cannot take the credits for creating this outfit, I at least recognized it was good. In the past I would have dismissed it.

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