Sequins in Le Marais Paris

Sequins in Le Marais When Ron and I were in Paris, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time shopping as I knew he doesn’t like that. Not anymore, I should add. When we met, he would happily shop with me for four hours on a stretch. One sad day that ended.

As Ron found lots of fun places to visit in Paris, I didn’t mind not shopping. Especially not as I had already spent quite a few pennies in Turin and in The Netherlands. So what’s with this sweater in the above photo? Found that on Friday in Le Marais, an area of Paris which is full of lovely shops, cafés and well dressed women. But that was not my fault. Ron wanted to go to the museum of arts and crafts (Musée des Arts et Métiers) and that happened to be very near Le Marais. I didn’t suggest the museum. Please take note of that.

Let’s start the day in chronological order. More about that sequined top later.

Below: passing a window in the early morning which displayed this… what is it? Ron thought it would make a nice hat. Beautiful but no.


We started with coffee on a terrace. Of course. By this time I had unlearned to ask for cappuccino. I just ordered espresso.

Below: looking serious.


Below: our view from the terrace


Below: sitting on the terrace I spotted this well dressed woman

Woman in Paris

Below: I had to run to stop this woman, who is a good example of a Paris woman with that “je ne sais quois”. We had a chat and exchanged cards.

Woman in Paris

Below: high up on a wall across a road, we saw this mozaic. Apparently there was a ledge up there, where smart people had put chairs.


Below: Paris lady passing by. Or a tourist?

Woman in Paris

Below: the weather was more unpredictable that day. Clouded. Behind this building is a large building with a round window. That is the museum of arts and crafts. Pretty terrific area buildingwise.


I was so mesmerized by everything I saw in the museum, that I hardly took any pictures. They had so much good stuff. You could spend days there: working models of about everything that moves, trains, bicycles, cross sections of so much, glass, carpentry work, cars, computers (from the early days with floppy disk to now), industrial production machines. And plains. Honestly, they had three or four real planes (very old ones) hanging in the main building and in the adjacent church. It was awesome.

Below: see the first (or almost the first) plane that was ever built to get off the ground. (That ceiling!) The opening just left from the rear wheel, was where the “pilot” was seated.


Below: here is view from below. Spitting image of a bat.


It was really too much to take in. I can recommend it though.

Time for lunch.

Below: spotted this stunningly dressed lady. I am not really up to date with all the designers and fashion, but I reckon this is Fendi or MSGM? She didn’t mind posing at all; probably used to being asked to have her photograph taken.

Woman in Paris

Below: we walked further into Le Marais and passed Kesslord at 65 Rue Beaubourg. My French is well enough to understand they can make you shoes to mesure. EVEN offer the possibility of having a different shoe for your left and your right foot. Brilliant! Price between € 126 and € 290.


I have a larger right foot, so I thought this was the answer to my prayers. Only, I didn’t want to stay in a shoe shop for a couple of hours, knowing Ron would be bored to death.

Below: therefore I bought none of these babies…


Below: neither these. My brain must have been temporarily switched off as I love them. They were ready-made. I could have tried them on, couldn’t I? That didn’t have to take hours. Fifteen minutes utmost.


Below: not looking very hot. I think this dress/tunic, looks so much better with my skinny jeans plus high heels. As you can clearly see here. It might have been better if I hadn’t closed the buttons or if I had put a tight belt around my waist. Oh well, little mistake. The bag which I am holding in my left hand is a present Ron bought for himself in the museum shop. Just in case you were wondering.


Below: strange phenomenon. A street hair dresser. I think the dog is trying to warn the girl not to go ahead.

Hairdresser in the street

Below: Ron spotted this shop: Addicted. He was besotted with the black, flashy jacket on the right. It really took me a while to convince him the jacket wasn’t me. He still disagrees.

Addicted in Le Marais

Below: the sales assistant of Addicted was wearing sequins

Sequins in Le Marais

Below: so why not me? I like sequins but haven’t got a single sequined thing. High time to change this.

Sequins in Le Marais

As we walked on, we met a few women worth photographing. You will see four of them.

Below: not really for a 40plus blog but so interesting. She had two long black pins stuck in her hair.

Woman in Paris

Below: also young, very Paris style: black and white, nonchalant but with a very good bag

Woman in Paris

Below: with this lady, an artist from Brazil, I got chatty. She now lives in Italy and was visiting Paris. Her name is Andrea de Carvalho. I loved the dress/tunic she was wearing.

Andrea de Carvalho

Below: three examples of the art she creates

Art by Andrea de Carvalho

Art by Andrea de Carvalho

Art by Andrea de Carvalho

Below: and last but certainly not least, the fourth lady. I asked whether I could take her picture for my blog as an example of a Paris woman. She laughed and said she had just come off a 20 hour flight. She looks remarkably fit for somebody who travelled so long. And yes she was a Parisian.

Woman in Paris

The last day we went to the sewers of Paris. I thought it would be just tunnels made all nice and clean. Hell no, WE WERE ACTUALLY IN THE SEWERS OF PARIS !  EW!  I so wanted to get OUT! The smell.

Below: leaving Saturday with a good impression of Paris, We had a nice lunch near the Notre Dame at Café St. Regis, Ile St Louis.

Café St Regis

Two last photos to show you how I styled the sequined top with skirts. As I find this top to be too short for jeans/skinnies, but the perfect length for skirts. (Ron hates taking such -boring- pictures.)

Below: this red skirt was a bargain at a thrift shop in Vancouver, living its former life as a strapless dress. Worn here before. Perhaps dark tights and short booties?

Sequined top with red pencil skirt

Below: this skirt was a score at the Max Mara outlet last year. Wore it with my “eye shirt” here. The shoes were a find when out with my Shopping Saturday friends in Rotterdam.

Sequined top with cream A-line skirt

Next week a report on my visit to Eindhoven (Dutch Design Week) with my Shopping Saturday friends Anke and Sabine.











  1. 30 October 2016 / 18:30

    Seeing your post of Paris, makes me want to come along with you Greetje!! You have such a fun eye for discovering other women out and about. And that’s one of my favorite things ever—people watching. It’s such eye candy!!
    I am going to admonish you though—you really must stop putting yourself down. You are a beautiful woman with such a great personality—even though I’ve never met you, I love your writings and interactions! When I say things as such, my husband always says, “don’t be putting down my wife like that.” So i will say it to you, “don’t be putting down my blogging friend like that!!” 🙂
    I love that you got a sequined top—I don’t have much in that department either, but I have found my love of these fun pieces has skyrocketed since the start of this blogging venture!
    Hugs & love,

    • Greetje
      30 October 2016 / 20:48

      Thank you very much Jodie, for this heart-felt and honest advice. I have the same feelings when my friend does the same. So I went back to this post and edited the self-doubt remarks. You are so right. When people like you (and I suppose my readers do, because they come back for more), they don’t want anyone saying bad things about you, not even yourself. I promise I will do better in future.
      As for the sequins, I think Lisa (The Sequinist) inspired me.

  2. 30 October 2016 / 18:37

    I cannot believe you didn’t own one piece of sequinned clothing. I’m so glad you were quick to remedy that. You chose a great piece.

    I loved the photos of the other women on the streets of Paris.

    I’ve heard that the Paris sewers is a great tour. Maybe that was just a bunch of hype?


    • Greetje
      30 October 2016 / 20:50

      I know. You own so many sequined pieces and didn’t have any. This might be the first of many? And I had also heard that the Paris sewers is a great tour. Perhaps there are more tours? Ron chose this one.

  3. Bar
    30 October 2016 / 18:42

    Fab! New to your blog and loving it. Thanks for the trip to Paris.
    ps-The ruffled sweater is from MSGM. I purchased it in black & white and when I can wrest it from my daughter I enjoy wearing it.

    • Greetje
      30 October 2016 / 21:09

      Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated. I hope I can keep you entertained for many more posts to come. Every Sunday at 17.15 Dutch time there is a new one.
      if you both wear the ruffled sweater, it will get worn out much quicker, so you might have to buy two to avoid that (I am such an enabler haha).

  4. 30 October 2016 / 20:35

    I’m amazed that a woman of any age doesn’t own something sequinned! What do you wear at Christmas/New Year/party-time? I find it mind boggling. But hey, you’re on your way now – don’t they sparkle, don’t they shine, don’t these fabulous little twinkling circles of joy make you feel divine? I really like the top worn with jeans, I think it works so well with that.
    And oh my goodness, I must say how gorgeous that (Fendi) woman looks! Those trousers! Those boots! Oh golly, I would wear those in a heartbeat.
    Paris is definitely worth a visit, but I may not bother with a tour of the sewers.
    Anna x

    • Greetje
      30 October 2016 / 21:17

      Suzanne (Carillo) had also heard that a Paris sewer tour was so great. Perhaps there are two? One through many dry and lovely tunnels and one real one (the one we did)?
      The Fendi woman is looking gorgeous but it is not only the clothes and indeed those boots (!!), she is really so beautiful.
      The sequined top on jeans doesn’t work so well for me. Being rather thin around hips and bum, I need either a longer top or a different shape. On skirts this is better. Besides I own loads of things to wear with jeans, and this season I am concentrating on skirts. Any tips you can give me with the sequined top and those two skirts? I think the bare legs (well “summer tights”) are wrong. With the red skirt I can imagine any black pair with or without print will do. But with the cream skirt and especially the red shoes I am at a loss. I tried vaguely black but I don’t like that with red patent shoes. Is that just me?

  5. 30 October 2016 / 21:07

    🙂 Thanks for sharing your impressions from Paris.
    Love your sequinned top and all the ladies you snapped-up.
    Have a very HAPPY week. 🙂

    • Greetje
      30 October 2016 / 21:18

      Thank you very much and I will do my utmost to have a happy week. Usually I succeed. Same to you dear.

  6. 30 October 2016 / 21:23

    That sequin sweater is awesome!

    • Greetje
      30 October 2016 / 21:36

      I saw it, tried it on immediately and it was mine! Not too expensive either. I was tempted to ask the girl for her sweater as well (“could you please take that sweater off young lady? I like to buy it…” haha). But I am not much into this cold shoulder business. Because it is exactly what I get: cold shoulders.

  7. 30 October 2016 / 22:18

    So many well-dressed people, and of course, YOU! I adore this sequined top – it is just fabulous! L cannot shop with me for me, only if we are shopping for him – he gets very impatient at my “browse” mentality vs. his “target/I know what I want” shopping. I guess it is the hunter/gatherer instincts, eh, Greetje? I think Ron would agree.

    I think you look beautiful, BTW.

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 12:45

      Sweet Sheila. Thank you. Yes Ron (and I) can relate to this. But he was the one who sent me into the shop. It wasn’t me this time haha.

  8. 30 October 2016 / 22:37

    I’m just in awe at your ability to approach and photograph people in Paris! You’ll have to give me lessons. 😉

    Love the sequin top! I think it would also look good with a trouser type pant (not skinny). But it does look great here with the skirts.

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 12:48

      I “need” the top to go with skirts as I have more than enough tops for trousers. And I don’t think I have any trousers besides skinnies.
      The ability to approach people is a simple character flaw: no shame. And if you start with a compliment (which is sincere, otherwise I wouldn’t want to photograph the woman) and tilt your head to one side and say pretty please.. most women are flattered and say yes. Of course you have to be able to deal with getting turned down as well.

  9. 30 October 2016 / 23:30

    I am glad you bought that sequinned top, it is so cool and on pint and looks fabulous on you! I do know what is is like traveling and spending the day with a husband.
    I also like the tunic better with heels, but this look chic and appropriate for walking and shopping and enjoying museums.
    My fav, of all the ladies, was Andrea ( followed closely by the Fendi gal). I love the black and white and pleating, and her general ” take me as I am” vibe. Love the fingerless gloves, too; she had every detail down to science, or art. Art, yes.
    I also enjoyed seeing her art.

    I do love that top, and saw something similar recently, now I am thinking I should go back and see if it is still there!
    Great fun, reading this post!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 12:50

      Glad I have been able to inspire you to buy sequins haha. It was a great four days in Paris. Andrea’s black and white top/jacket/dress would get much love in my wardrobe too.

  10. 30 October 2016 / 23:31

    Wheeeeee! I am so happy to see this top on your blog! I love it (and want it) as you know. I also adore the shop assistant’s sequinned top, cold shoulders or not.

    I personally think the top looks great with jeans on you (first photo) and could work with slouchy boyfriend jeans, cuffed, and with a heel (red). In winter, maybe with a skirt and boots? You look great, and as always, I enjoyed your anecdotes in the post. I can’t believe we missed each other by one week in Paris 🙁 xxx

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 12:53

      Perhaps with slouchy boyfriend jeans. Haven’t tried that yet. I gather you are more a fan of boots with the skirts than these pumps. You might be jolly right.
      Missing each other by one week was indeed a sad thing to happen. I will be in Paris December 10/11 to meet Susan (Une femme d’une certain age).

      • 1 November 2016 / 11:43

        Yes, I think it is nice with the pumps, but the boots may be a little less ‘pretty’ with it, more edgy. OH! I’ll let you know if I’m there then as well. We can break into the sequin store together since they seem to be shut 😀 xx

        • Greetje
          1 November 2016 / 21:08

          Well.. I bet you are welcome to join us. The more the merrier. But I have arranged to meet Susan, so I cannot wander off with you. Just thought I’d say this. Managing expectations.

  11. 31 October 2016 / 02:34

    Ahh Paris! I’m going next year, and this post got me daydreaming … hope you had as much fun as you looked to be having in this post!

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 12:58

      Usually these social media photos paint you a happy picture and are not always true. In this case, I am happy to say, they are true. We had a fab time together. What you see is what you get (which is usually the case with me – grin).

  12. Marilee Gramith
    31 October 2016 / 03:15

    I really love the way you bring us along on your adventures Greetje. The sights, the people, the fashions, the food! It’s so much fun being with you and enjoying the easy pleasures of the moment!
    You and Ron seem to relish your interactions with other people and make them part of the story of your journey in such a lovely way!! I love the way that you share Ron’s opinions and your own because it helps me know you both better!
    You look wonderful Greetje and your sense of style and color is admirable. Your pictures of stylish European, urban, women are informative. Clearly the women of Paris can be a daunting bunch in terms of setting a high bar of fashion expectations. Keep in mind that you chose to photograph only some of the women on the streets. I’m assuming there are a good many not so fashionable average looking looking people as well(?).
    I can see myself becoming overly critical of my style savvy under similar circumstances. Paris and New York are “fashion capitals” but I think a good deal of fashion happens in spite of their influence.
    Thanks for showing us Paris Greetje, (and Ron) . You’re my fashion forward friend of Amsterdam!

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 13:02

      Oh yes there were a lot of average or aweful looking women as well haha. And no I didn’t photograph them. But in general women are better dressed than for instance in The Netherlands. As The Netherlands is all about jeans. And sometimes I want to see something else. Of course this is only “in general”, as for instance in Maastricht (a beautiful town in the south of The Netherlands) women are certainly much better dressed.
      And don’t compare yourself Marilee. As my friend Melanie once quoted: comparison killes creativity (I got this mixed up, it was something else with comparison.. have to check it with her).

      • 1 November 2016 / 04:05

        Hahaha – I don’t even remember myself, Greetje. I remember I said something but, poof, it’s gone. This is close enough.

        OH – I suddenly remember, I think it was “comparison is the thief of creativity.” ???

  13. Wendy
    31 October 2016 / 03:32

    I also enjoy joining you on ‘your adventures’ …… Love ‘people watchin’ too (something I inherited from my Mother). The sequin top looks great on you!

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 13:04

      Thanks Wendy. People watching on a terrace is such a relaxing way to spend time. Fortunately Ron likes this as well. But if we aren’t away, he is not really inclined to come to town with me to do just that. And thanks for the compliments.

  14. Margot Priest
    31 October 2016 / 04:13

    It looks like a wonderful trip and I enjoyed your photos of the stylish women on the street. The sequins are great but what I really LOVE are your black shoes with the thick white soles. Comfortable (I hope) but with a great edge.

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 13:05

      Those “sneakers” with the thick white soles are very, very comfortable. They are by Essentiel, a Belgian brand. I am so glad I bought them.

  15. 31 October 2016 / 05:49

    Although sequins aren’t really my ‘thing’, I absolutely loved the top and how nicely it suited you! (I liked it best with the denim, but that is just me). Psst, although I understand not wearing clothes that you do not feel are suited to you, I agree with Ron that you would probably look great in it.

    I enjoyed the pictures so much. I really felt like I was there, and also had to smile about the query regarding the woman wearing “sneakers”.

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 13:10

      With that black coat I felt so much as if I was trying too hard to stay young. I know other women, even older than me, who would get away with it. And it did suit me. But if I feel it isn’t me, I will ooze lack of confidence. The top with jeans is not good for my figure as the top is too short. And I have so many tops to go with jeans. I much prefer to have a top to go with skirts. Skirts and dresses are my focuspoints this winter.

  16. 31 October 2016 / 12:24

    Thanks for taking us on another tour of Paris! I enjoyed it tremendously!

    I don’t have anything sequins either; may have to change that! Your top looks great with the red skirt! You’ll have so much fun with it!

    I can’t believe you didn’t buy more…

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 13:12

      Oh Andrea… I had already bought so much, it was time to slow down. But I have also bought a jacket in that Addicted shop. You will see it next week. When I take you on a tour through Eindhoven, a town in the south of The Netherlands.

  17. Marianne van den Berg
    31 October 2016 / 15:37

    Love your sweater, especially with the red skirt. I am so glad sequins are in fashion again. Now I can glitter again without feeling out of style. The mannequins in the Addicted shop are certainly addicted to dieting. There is nothing left but bones.
    You visited a lot of nice places in Paris. I cannot remember ever seeing this part of Paris. The last lady from Paris who travelled so long, it shows on her ankles, they are swollen. A thing I can relate to, she is sitting in a wheelchair as well. I think you are a hero visiting the sewers. You don’t have to take going underground so literally.

    • Greetje
      31 October 2016 / 21:56

      Hahaha, yes those sewers were something. And no, the ankles of the woman in the wheelchair weren’t swollen (or perhaps they were). She was wearing Uggs. It is just the angle I took the picture.
      Have you got any sequins in your closet?

  18. Sabine
    31 October 2016 / 22:04

    What a grande story and pics Greetje!

    • Greetje
      1 November 2016 / 19:43

      Thank you my dear friend. Hope I made you smile.

  19. 31 October 2016 / 22:23

    MY HUSBAND IS 100% ITALIAN………….maybe that would HELP?
    YOUR FUN, FASHIONABLE and a GO GETTER………NOT many women would STOP A PARISIAN Or FIVE(?) in the streets of PARIS!

    • Greetje
      1 November 2016 / 08:10

      I just have no shame Elizabeth ??. Besides, what is the worst thing that can happen? That they say no? It is a combination of character and upbringing. My father taught me that all men and women are equal.
      I would love to meet you, either in Europe or San Francisco. Although my husband doesn’t travel very far anymore (long story). But I stil do. And so do you. So who knows.

  20. 1 November 2016 / 04:04

    Greetje, you clearly took the wrong entrance to the sewers – you’re supposed to go to the one where they sell TICKETS, not pull up the round steel covers on the street. Hahaha. What a shock that must have been. Like you, I would have imagined something museum-like. But now you have a good story.

    That sequin top – WOW. I ADORE it. It looks fantastic in both ways you styled it. I love its unashamed boldness. There is a pop feeling with how you styled it too, a kind of colour blocking, so if you’re looking for ideas maybe yellow or blue shoes with the white skirt and yellow accessories with the red skirt…? Just ideas. Have you ever worn palazzo pants? I can’t picture them but they might be fun to try in black. Or not!

    I also loved your photo journalling – so many incredibly interesting women. It’s great when you focus on what’s around you with such a studied eye. It makes remembering a trip so much clearer – at least for me it does. And of course I enjoy stories with Ron in them too.

    • Greetje
      1 November 2016 / 08:44

      I would so love you to come over to Amsterdam and show you around. Wouldn’t that be fun? When are you going to win the lottery?
      Yellow shoes I only have in summer version. Blue ones I have (navy/marine not bright blue). It is the tights I am worried about. Yellow accessories with the red skirt is something I would never think about but you are usually right, so why argue? But again, the tights are my worry.
      And thank you for the laugh this morning…”pull up the round steel covers”.. whahaha. I can just picture us doing that.

  21. 1 November 2016 / 19:52

    My god you crack me up woman!
    Such a brilliant sense of humour that comes out through your wonderful writing. The photographs are pretty cool too!
    Love your new sequins, think Lisa wants it now that the shop has closed down. You better watch out 😉

    • Greetje
      1 November 2016 / 21:15

      Thank you Michelle. Such compliments always warm my heart as that is the goal of my blog: entertaining people and making them laugh. As I have a huge disadvantage (not being a native speaker), I am so pleased when I manage to reach my goal.
      I laugh a lot myself as well, especially over unexpected, quick or absurd humor.
      As for the sequined top.. if Lisa really wants it, she can have it. She is more into sequins than I am.

  22. Marianne
    1 November 2016 / 22:06

    Greetje – Love the quirky things you get up to on your travels.

    I’d like to see red skirt, sequin top, black opaque tights (apparently they are not in this year, but I know plenty will be worn through winter) and black ankle boots.

    • Greetje
      2 November 2016 / 11:55

      Thank you Marianne. I will try the tights and ankle boots. I think it works as I did that last time I wore the red skirt (with another sweater). And in my humble opinion black opaque tights are always in.

  23. 2 November 2016 / 12:07

    It is not a hard job to take photos of elegant women in Paris as proves your post ! And of course that includes you … beautiful feminine outfit with both skirts!

    • Greetje
      2 November 2016 / 15:25

      I did have to run for those women though. My.. they are fast on their high heels haha.
      And thank you for the compliment. Trying to get back into skirts and dresses. As you advised.

  24. 2 November 2016 / 19:56

    I like the sequinned top very much, and I agree that it works well with skirts. I have one vintage sleeveless top from the 60’s that has thick stripes of sequins on it, but that’s all the sequins I own, and I rarely wear it.

    You captured some great street style in Paris. I really like the contrast of the white hair and dark browns on the one woman, and the shoes on the “Fendi” woman. It’s interesting the things that Ron picks out that he thinks would look great on you. I like the graphic print coat but I can understand that it isn’t the kind of thing you like (I do think that with a solid colour top and skirt underneath you could make it work). Perhaps he secretly wishes he could wear clothing that is a bit bolder?

    I like the shiny crown thing that Ron thought would make a good hat. It’s fabulous, whatever it is!

    • Greetje
      3 November 2016 / 21:09

      Funny you should say that about the jacket ?. As it was a jacket which could be worn by a man and a woman. When he saw I really didn’t want it, he tried it on himself. It didn’t fit him (thank God) otherwise he would have bought it. And yes you pegged him right, he does like bold clothes.

  25. 4 November 2016 / 19:25

    Hey Greetje! I’m still catching up with blogs…I knew your post would be newsy and interesting and so I’ve saved you for a moment when I knew I could really savor the post. Of course, you did not disappoint!

    Up first….I really, really like your polka dot coat with jeans with creeper shoes!!! I think it’s perfect for walking and sightseeing etc. And, by the way…every time I saw an OG bag {is that what they’re called?} I thought of you and Dan, 😉

    I also think your sequinned top is great fun! I have a couple of sequinned tops but they aren’t lined and the stitching kind of makes me itchy after wearing them awhile. I can’t bear to part with them though…um, something like suffering for beauty, hahahaha. OH…and the red skirt is my favourite look with the top. I wonder if you could layer a t-shirt underneath the top and then you could wear it with boyfriend jeans? And high top runners?

    And, in general, I love the bits about Paris….the women, the cafe culture, the museums. It’s all so inspiring…even if I’m not there. That is something about Italy that I cherish. There was just so much inspiration every where I looked. Maybe too much….I’ve been doing nothing creative since I’ve returned home, LOL.

    • Greetje
      5 November 2016 / 20:30

      You like the “polka dot coat”? I thought “polka dot coat”? I haven’t got a polka dot coat. Then I realized you meant the Kenzo tunic dress. Funny you like that ensemble. As I don’t. I like it much better in other ways. Oh well, we are all different. I am glad I didn’t disappoint you ???.
      And nearly verybody likes the sequined top with the red skirt. Which for me is too straight. I prefer it with the A-line skirt. Perhaps the angle of photographing wasn’t quite right. I have to examine this closely again and think of some black tights and boots.
      And you got creatively paralyzed since you saw Italy? How long were you there for? How did you get the idea to go to Italy? It is indeed a very creative, sophisticated, elegant and inspiring country.

  26. 6 November 2016 / 02:52

    Travel post at its finest! I felt as if I were right back on the streets of Paris (truly wish I were). Sorry to hear Ron has lost his spunk and drive for hours of Greetje shopping, haha. But I do like how the two of you compromise with one another. I absolutely love that museum, it was one of my favorite spots. And your travel outfit with your tunic and sneakers, well I think its fabulous! Truly, it’s a perfect and stylish outfit for Paris and sightseeing, its casual yet stylish and practical. Those sneaker . . . I need some of those (which brand are they?) And your new sequin top, you were right, it was high time you bought one for your wardrobe. I love how you styled it with your skirts but I also like styling it with boyfriend jeans and red heels. Thanks for a wonderful trip through Paris.

    • Greetje
      6 November 2016 / 07:59

      Hmmm. the sequined top with boyfriend jeans and heels might work, as the G-Star boyfriend jeans give me some hips and bum. I have bought some grey tights and I have very modern charcoal grey shooties (which I hate but hey, they seem the be the rage). Perhaps that can lift the skirt outfits to another level.
      The sneakers are by Essentiel Antwerp. They come in white and in black. Here is the link:
      I don’t think they ship to America, but who knows? They are true to your normal size, even a bit spacious. I normally have a 38 but sometimes that is too tight for my right foot, which is slightly larger. These 38 are fine for both feet and 39 was really too big.

  27. 6 November 2016 / 14:19

    Greetje, I think you sell yourself short. All of the time. You have such an effortless style, more than chic, that so many crave yet never quite achieve, and I’ve yet to think of a single occasion wherein I felt whatever you were wearing was ill-chosen. Pinkie swear. The same with your coat and jeans and sneakers (those are very cool, incidentally, with the tassel trim), and likewise the sequin newcomer to your wardrobe. You’ve no idea what a source of inspiration you’ve been and are for me, and countless others, I’m very certain, be in terms of how you share your thoughts, right down to (yes) what you wear 🙂 xoxo

    • Greetje
      6 November 2016 / 17:55

      What did I do? I thought I had removed all the downputting remarks about myself. As Jodie explained to me (and you as well so many times), it is not nice to hear somebody putting herself down. It feels as if somebody is attacking a friend. So I want to stop that. As it has become sort of a habit, I might need some reminders. With the blue Kenzo tunic dress I just know I can do better.
      It is a great honour for me to get these compliments from you. As I think you are so creative. So thank you.

  28. Melissa
    29 November 2016 / 17:27

    Hoi Greetje,

    I was clicking through and saw this sequined shirt in a photo and read the post. I adore this on you, and while you may have a lot of stuff with jeans already this would rock with one of those transparent black shirts under it left untucked so the bum area is discreetly covered. Then black skinny pants and some black booties with a heel. That would rock cause seriously you look great in skinny pants.

    As for putting yourself down, I think maybe it is because you are really funny and like to crack jokes and entertain but yet have a good heart so wouldn’t use someone else in your jokes but instead yourself, so it does come off as you putting yourself down. I did notice that in some of your posts. But I get it, if you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at?

    I had an ex that said he enjoyed watching me in a room full of people, was entertainment. I, like you have no shame, I am not shy, and what is the worst that could happen when you approach someone in a nice way, they say no…. but if they communicate back it can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship:)

    I love reading about your shopping adventures. I went to Amsterdam, determined to shop and really didn’t find anything different than my area, but I think because I wasn’t from there I didn’t know all the secret great places to shop. I used to live in Maastricht, and it can be quite addictive the shopping. You are right some of the women dress a bit chic, but when you live here and go as often as I did to the center, you will notice that chic lady wears the same outfit all the time, and will sit on the terrace for 2 hours with the one glass of wine she ordered, hehehe…

    Oh I am awful, yes my favorite pastime is sitting on the terraces watching people (terrasje pikken). What they are wearing, “oh wasn’t that one brave to put that on this morning….”
    I still am in the south, I always say I am a Limburgse meisje born and raised. (at least from the time I moved here 11 years ago) Anyway if you are ever in the south I would be more than happy to give away all my local secret spots I have discovered over the years, or just gossip on the terrace. (where I originally come from we call it coffee talk “cauwfee tauwk.”)

    • Greetje
      30 November 2016 / 08:12

      Everything you said is exactly how I see it. Funny! So I can agree with it all. Maastricht is a lovely place. Better fashion shops there too. Often more expensive (which is probably why they only can afford one drink …) but beautiful stuff. I have all my shopping sprees listed under the tab Amsterdam at the top of my navigation if you ever want to browse. Of course if the post is old I cannot vouch for the shops still being there. The Nine Streets area is still the best.

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