Blue Kenzo jacket dressFriend Misja asked me whether I wanted to model for a spring fashion shoot she had to do for a German magazine. Haha.. of course I wanted to. Vain as I am. She had to photograph 14 different women, all over 40, in spring clothes. With Amsterdam as the background because the title of the magazine article is: “What do women wear in ……” …..Amsterdam this time. Oh and no coats and no black clothes. Not such an easy task as spring was still very young two weeks ago. We chose my blue Kenzo jacket dress. Fortunately the sun shone lovely and away we went.

The photos Misja (see her Street Style blog here) took for the magazine are her’s of course. But she gracefully offered to take pictures of me for my blog too.

This Kenzo jacket dress can be worn as I do in this post. As a jacket, but it can also be worn as a dress in two ways: with a wide belt of the same material as the dress, hanging pretty loose only at the front (or the back). Or with a belt emphasizing the waist. I would wear a blue pencil skirt underneath it, as it would otherwise be too short to my taste. Two years ago I saw this beauty in the sale while I was shopping with Sylvia of 40+Style. In her size only. When Sylvia showed me all the different options of this dress/jacket (it would have taken me years to find out all these options; I am thick when it comes to this), I wanted it as well. My husband agreed and started to search the internet (he is such an enabler…). Finally I found it at… for the same sale price. Luckily it fit as well, something I wasn’t so sure of.

I call this happy copying  😆

Below: see the loose belt at the back? Blue Kenzo jacket dressBelow: when we weren’t taking pictures I wore my blue spring coat as the wind interfered with the temperature the sun provided.Long blue spring coatBelow: after shooting the necessary pictures for the magazine we went into a very popular area of Amsterdam, called the Jordaan. In the 17th century this area was built for poor work people. And for immigrants such as the Huguenots (12.000 of them) who fled France as they were forced to become catholic. (More info about the Jordaan.) blue Kenzo jacket dress and houses in the Jordaan AmsterdamBelow: the houses in the Jordaan have been renovated and it is now a very popular part of town to live in.Photographing in Amsterdam (18)Below: Misja photographing me while I was photographing the houses.. Good shot.Photographing in Amsterdam Below: most of the houses are small and narrow, but there are lovely big ones too. Gosh, I would love to live here. Only one downside (apart from not being able to afford it…): there is very, very little parking space.Photographing in Amsterdam (22)Below: strange, colourful house.Photographing in Amsterdam (12)Below: this house was fun. On the left you see the whole house. The left downstairs window with the flowers had a cat sitting in the window; you can see the cat in the bottom right picture. And the window next to it, had a sign saying “gevaarlijke poes” which means: “dangerous cat” haha. He looked like a tea-cosy.Dangerous catBelow: I love that picture in the window of this hairdresser. Photographing in Amsterdam (23)Below: a cosy café at the Noordermarkt (Northern market).Photographing in Amsterdam (8)Below: and a typical Amsterdam street organ. The guy didn’t mind at all posing for me. Big grin. We were at Lindengracht where there is a market every Saturday.Street organ in AmsterdamBelow: Misja and I went into a big shop with design and furniture called Moooi. Honestly… the things you see here… soooo beautiful. Have a look for yourself. It is really worth it.

I wanted that little black and white table below, but our house is finished, I cannot add anything.Photographing in Amsterdam (37)Below: the staff was really helpful and friendly. One of the ladies was dressed so well that she was ideal to be photographed by Misja for the magazine assignment and for Misja’s blog. Therefore I will not show her on my blog. Just her red shoes….by United Nude. A very unusual shoe brand (Dutch) which makes shoes in high, mid and low/flat. Have a look. (No, I am not being paid for this. At all.). The black shoes are Misja’s. The writing on the pavement “hond in de goot” means: “let your dog do his number two in the gutter”….Colourful shoes by United NudeBelow: Misja at work.Misja photographing in AmsterdamBelow: a fun shot on the little steps of one of the houses. My eyebrows look a bit like a clown. Actually my whole face does  🙄 Blue Kenzo jacket dressBelow: last picture is a close up of the bag and the fabric of the tunic dress. Bag is by Marina Rinaldi and featured on my blog often. It is a staple piece.Blue Kenzo tunic dress and blue Marina Rinaldi bagGreetje

Linking to Sylvia’s 40+Style who is showing lots of women in dresses.

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